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A Las Vegas Home Birth Story

I am so excited to finally share this beautiful Las Vegas home birth story.

Once again, I am behind on my blog posts, but I am committed to getting each birth story up, not only because they are beautiful and full of emotion but also because each is unique and special.

What I love about this birth story is that there are so many beautiful elements and layers of support woven in from her husband who never left her side, to her sweet pups that were nearby at all times patiently waiting, and her midwives who held and supported her when she began to doubt she could.

Be sure to follow along to the end to see their beautiful and powerful birth story in film.

mother laboring in bedroom on birthing ball

Deanna called me on a Saturday morning to let me know that she had been contracting since before sunrise and that they were staying consistent as well as increasing in intensity. The funny thing is that she had a feeling that this particular day would be her son’s delivery date, and she was right! She told me she would call me back when she was ready for me, and I got that call just a few hours later. So mid-morning, I joined them.

She was doing so well moving around to whatever position she felt most comfortable, and that changed from standing, to the birthing ball, to rocking on the bed. You could feel the anticipation in the room. She was able to talk through her contractions, and we had some sweet conversations about how they met and their history together; I love hearing families stories about how it all began.

using an exercise ball during labor at home
laboring in bedroom at home
leaning on bed during labor at home in Las Vegas
standing during contractions

Her midwife team arrived early afternoon and got right to making sure she was hydrated and had some healthy nutrition on board, as well as checking on baby and mom’s vital signs. It was such a beautiful early summer day, so they decided to try and get things moving and went for a walk.

midwife checking baby's heartbeat during labor at home
walking during the early stages of labor
eating during early labor for energy and calories
midwife listening to fetal heart tones as mom walks around the house
supportive husband holding his wife in labor

Her contractions did increase in intensity with the physical activity, and she began to turn inward more, and we all gave her the space to labor. You can feel that shift when moms have a strong birth team; it is a very sacred feeling when the room begins to ground itself, and the chatter fades to quiet support.

mother laboring in her tub at home in Las Vegas
husband rubbing his wife's back as she labors in the tub
mother turning inward during a contraction in her birthing tub
midwives checking fetal heart tones in water
midwife supporting her patient as she labors in the tub in Las Vegas
midwife providing emotional support in labor
working together as a team in labor at home.

She spent some time in the water and tried to find the most comfortable position for her. After some time in the water, she decided to get out and spend some time on the birthing ball she had found comfort on earlier. By this point, it was getting a bit harder to rest between her contractions, but she continued to stay focused and grounded through each wave.

husband and midwife supporting mother as she labors on birthing ball
home birth Las Vegas summer 2021
home birth supplies midwife brings
las vegas birth photographer
husband applying sacral pressure for wife while she labors
the importance of physical support in labor
las vegas home birth options

By now it was early evening and she was moving into the transition stage of labor. Her contractions were coming closer together, and she leaned into her support team. I have seen mothers begin to doubt themselves during this stage of labor; there is often so much going on physically between intense contractions, nausea, shaking, and pressure. She began to doubt herself and her husband, and midwives were there to physically and verbally support her with position changes and encouraging periods of rest. This stage lasted late into the night, and this mama was so exhausted.

midwife encouraging a mother in labor as she transitions
husband's support during the transition stage of labor
mother surrounded by midwife and husband as she labors at home
signs you are in the transition stage of labor
laboring in your bathroom for fetal rotation
hands and knees position while in labor for fetal rotation
including your pets in your birth story
hands and knees position during the transition stage of labor
pushing stage of labor with home birth
toilet use for fetal rotation in labor

By now, she was feeling pressure and the urge to push and spent some time in this stage of labor, and finding a comfortable position was increasingly difficult. There is a reason they call the toilet ‘the dilation station’; it is often where women instinctually go with that intense pelvic pressure, and sitting on the toilet helps to open the pelvis and allow the baby to come down. When her sweet babe decided to come, it happened so quickly that she only had time to get to the space directly outside her bathroom.

las vegas home birth
moments following birth at home in Las Vegas
midwife helping mom as she delivers in bathroom
Las Vegas birth story
parents with newborn son after a homebirth
sweet parents with their newborn son
the relief following the birth of your child
mother holding her son after delivery at home
parents cutting the cord after a home birth in las vegas
ammonia salts after delivery for dizziness

Because of the baby’s position and he was delivered, there was some perineal tearing and quite a bit of blood loss. Poor Deanna was not feeling well at this point and was trying hard to enjoy and savor every moment. Because of the difficulty keeping her vital signs stable, they decided to transfer to the hospital.

Luckily, I was able to come and document a sweet Fresh session for them when they were all home safe and sound.

parents at home with their newborn son
proud dad with his newborn son during home session
in home fresh 48 session in Las Vegas
mother holding her new son during in home fresh session
in home fresh session in Las Vegas
documenting your baby's first days
las vegas in home fresh session
sweet newborn yawn in home session
in home newborn
using your bedroom for a fresh session after delivery
dogs with their new baby human

The Birth of Orion

Thursday, October 27th, 2022

hiring an experienced birth photographer


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Love Never Fails

I am so excited to finally share this beautiful Las Vegas home birth story!

This mama found me in her online search for a birth photographer. Keline had not documented her first birth, and as with so many moms realized after that experience how much meaning having those memories captured can hold. She also had a hospital birth with her first and planned a home birth this time around, so this would be a new experience on multiple levels. She also booked ‘The Whole Story’ package with me, including maternity, birth, and newborn sessions. These are by far my favorite because I get to witness so much more than the birth of your baby, I get a deeper peek into the dynamics, love, and unique characteristics of each family. There are so many beautiful layers to birth, and I love capturing more of each family’s stories through this package.

Keline had pretty quick labor with her first so we knew when active labor kicked in it had the potential to progress quickly. Four days after her due date and after an exam in the office things really started picking up with her contractions. She had been experiencing some labor signs in the days leading up to her labor, but nothing consistent. She was great at updating me on progress and what was happening with her body. We texted back and forth as she updated me and within minutes of telling me things weren’t progressing too much yet, I got another text asking me to come now. So, I grabbed my bags and headed out.

laboring on the toilet during home birth

When I arrived, things were moving really quickly. She was already feeling intense pressure and the urge to push, and her tub was still being set up even as she was getting in. Luckily, the birth team was all present including her midwife Sarah, her husband, sister, and daughter, all there to support and hold her.

including family in home birth including children
husband and midwife supporting a mother as she labors at home in the water
physical support in labor from midwife and husband
midwife providing oral hydration in labor

The plan was for dad to catch the baby, so he got right in the tub with her coaching her through contractions with encouraging words and supporting pressure.

husband delivering baby at home with support of midwife
sister and children present at home birth in las vegas

I have seen so often that period when moms question whether they can really do it. In fact, it is quite common in the transition stage of labor and the baby makes its way down to doubt yourself. Keline stayed so strong and committed even through the intensity of it all.

moral support in labor from midwife at home birth
father delivering baby at home with support from midwife

When little Angelo finally came down, he did so quickly! Both Keline and Ashton delivered him up into Keline’s arms. Their birth is one of the most beautiful and emotional births I’ve documented. Their faces totally say it all. Big sister moved in and out of the area and didn’t stay for too long each time, but when sweet Angelo made his appearance, she was right there. It was the sweetest thing ever.

mother at home with support from family
family centered birth at home
mother emotional after delivery of baby at home
mother's joy after home birth
little loo photography las vegas
skin to skin dad and baby after birth
one on one time with older siblings after birth
family together on bed after home birth
father holding son at home after birth
newborn exam by Sarah Slobody in Las Vegas

One of my favorite things about homebirths is the family-centered care and vibe. It has such a natural feel and provides so much space for families to hold, bond with, and get to know their babies. Those first hours are honored and supported, which is so beautiful to witness.

newborn exam after home birth
midwife evaluating tongue tie after birth
 a supportive birth team after home birth
mother holding her new son after home birth
father and son at home after beautiful home birth

It is always so fun to come back for newborn sessions, especially for my birth clients. It is also a bit bittersweet. I get to see so much of the story come full circle and get to bear witness to so much strength and beauty, and then to see families thriving after it all and so smitten by their new babies. It is seriously the best!

mother holding her son in rocker newborn session
in-home newborn session Las Vegas
mother with her children on bed during newborn session
including siblings in newborn session
big sister with her new baby brother
sister snuggling her new baby brother

Be sure to follow along to the end to see their beautiful birth film. You’ll need some tissues especially with the tender moments between this big sister and her new baby brother.

mother and her son nose to nose
father with his daughter and son newborn session
father holding his son newborn session
in home newborn session green wrap
sweet baby expressions newborn session
beautiful image of mom and newborn
alert newborn during newborn session
las vegas in home newborn
mom and dad with newborn in home session

A Beautiful Las Vegas Home Birth

Thursday, May 26th, 2022

las vegas birth photographer


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A Summerlin Hospital Birth Story

The birth of Rubie Karen is a birth story I am so excited to share. After struggling through years of infertility, this family welcomed their sweet baby into their arms at Summerlin Hospital here in Las Vegas.

This beautiful mama sought me out as soon as she reached her second trimester and was able to take a breath after months of infertility treatments. After so many months and years of hoping and praying for a baby, they finally could plan and dream of that day of holding their baby in their arms. After so much planning and anticipation, she knew she wanted it documented. I love when parents see the value in documenting their birth, particularly with their first. I often have parents decide on birth photography and birth story films after they regretted not doing it with their first. I really get those trepidations and fears in allowing someone into such a private time in your life; nothing is more vulnerable and intimate than birth!

We talked off and on in the months and weeks leading up to their due date, and finally, in their last trimester, we set up our face-to-face meeting. I offer this at any point during your pregnancy, but often waiting until closer to your due date gives time for more questions to come up, and parents have a better idea of what their birth plans will look like. Ashlie had planned a homebirth with one of our beautiful local midwives Sherry Hopkins of Well Rounded Mama, so we planned to meet in her home to talk about the areas she planned on using, her birth plan and hopes and expectations. I loved meeting her in person; her home was beautifully decorated. You could feel her excitement above everything, and as we talked through scenarios, I discussed options if she were to be transferred to the hospital during her care as COVID precautions here in Las Vegas were still in place, with most places allowing only one support person and just a small number of hospitals allowing doula support outside the one support persons. At the time, I was actively working on my doula certificate, and having solid connections at Summerlin (I retired after 19 years as a labor nurse there in 2019) would be the only place that her backup doctor went that I would be allowed into. Of course, this scenario would not be ideal, but I like to discuss scenarios to help prepare clients in case things change.

Wouldn’t you know it, less than a week later, I got a call from her midwife and Ashlie informing me that her water had broken prematurely at 35 weeks, and she was headed to Summerlin Hospital because of her preterm gestation. She had chosen to go to Summerlin Hospital to give birth because documenting her birth was so important to her, and luckily my being present as her doulaTog (yes, that is a real thing) was approved. Because she was early, it would be a long process, and so we talked on the phone, and the decision was to call me when things started progressing, and I would head up.

hospital delivery with preterm premature rupture of membranes

Just after midnight, I heard that things were moving and changing and had begun to do so quickly. She had gotten an epidural and was ready for me to come. When I arrived, she was resting quietly with dimmed lights and her husband Greg at her side. They were exhausted from their long day of excitement, rapid changes, and discomfort before the epidural. Ashlie told me that she had almost wavered on calling me because she was so uncomfortable and wasn’t sure there would be much to capture now that she had the epidural. I have had more than one client share these feelings with me, and let me tell you, there is always SO much story to each birth, no matter how quick, long, medicated, unmedicated, surgical, or any of a million ways it can go. I promise you that!

nausea during labor
culmination of many years of infertility
tender moments between husband and wife in hospital while wife labors

Another pearl I’ve learned while working with birthing families is that reading the room is vital. Not every moment is meant to be documented, and often stepping back and allowing that space for rest and quiet is so important. Because of COVID, I couldn’t come in and out of the room as I tend to do to give that physical space, so I tucked myself in a corner and patiently waited until they were ready. After some rest, Ashlie’s body began to experience labor signs, even with the epidural. She began to feel nauseous and discomforted, so the nurse was called.

discomfort during contractions
breathing through contractions while in labor at Summerlin hospital
husband breathing through contractions with wife

Things were moving pretty quickly by this point, with cervical change happening. The nurse called the on-call physical when Ashlie was complete, and pushing was initiated.

pushing with contractions while waiting for the doctor
pushing with your first baby

Ashlie pushed so well with the support of her husband but had some pushing to do before her doctor arrived, so she got to work trusting the process and her body.

las vegas birth photographer
mother crying after baby taken to the warmer

Because her baby was early, she was quickly taken to the radiant warmer for assessment. Mama had worked so hard to bring her baby earthside finally, and there was so much emotion in the room waiting to hear everything was alright.

assessing preterm infant at the radiant warmer
newborn assessment at the radiant warmer
father cutting the cord after delivery at summerlin hospital

This is a period of time I try to capture as much as I can because moms often are busy with repairs and assessments and would otherwise have missed these precious moments between dads and their babies.

baby holding father's finger after birth
father at radiant warmer with new baby girl.
father checking every little detail on his newborn
baby being weighed in scale after delivery
mother holding her baby for the first time summerlin hospital

Finally, Ashlie could hold her baby in her arms, skin-to-skin. You could feel that release and love.

little loo photography
little loo photography
beautiful of holding baby for the first time
alert newborn during golden hour
beautiful newborn details after delivery at summerlin hospital
holding baby before transfer to NICU

Because she was early, she needed to be transferred to the newborn nursery for further observation. It was an emotional goodbye for Mama and the baby.

infant swaddled in bedside crib at the hospital

Greg was able to stay with Rubie in her transfer to the nursery, and so after hanging back a bit with Mama, it was time for me to go since I wasn’t allowed in the nursery. We stayed in touch over the next few days and with their transfer to the NICU unit. Because our time was cut short with the nursery transfer (I typically stay 1-2 hours after birth to capture those first moments of skin-to-skin and breastfeeding), I told her that we would bump that time back to whenever we could, even if that were after they got home. Their time in the NICU ended much longer than anticipated, so I was happy I had offered this.

rubie karen at home

So, once they were home and settled, we planned a date for me to come to their home and capture more details of their sweet baby girl and them together as a family.

parents together with baby on the bed
parents with their new baby girl in pink swaddle
parents at home for in home newborn session las vegas
sweet mama and her baby
newborn session at home in Las vegas
using window light during in home session
incorporating personal items into newborn session
homemade quilt during in home newborn session
newborn details

I love that each item they incorporated into their session held sentimental meaning, from homemade quilts to items from her namesake.

sentimental items during newborn session

And of course, their beautiful birth story film. The most beautiful way to tell birth stories well.

Thank you so much, Cowper family, for trusting me with such a life-changing moment from your family and for sharing your beautiful birth story with me.

The Birth of Rubie Karen

Saturday, August 7th, 2021

tender moments as a family after delivery


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A Summerlin Hospital Birth Story

This beautiful pandemic birth story took place at Summerlin Hospital.

One of my 2020 highlights while in the COVID-19 pandemic was documenting this beautiful family’s second birth story.

To say that the restrictions accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic have affected my ability to document life’s most important moments for families is a major understatement.

Having documented this family’s first birth, the idea of missing the opportunity with their second was stressful for all of us, and we waited on pins and needles in the weeks and months leading up to their due date, completely unsure of how things would look and whether it would even be an option. Luckily, by the time their due date came along, our cases and hospital capacity here in Nevada were looking much better and because I was certifying as a doula, I had the privilege of being able to attend while doula privileges were allowed. I will forever be grateful for that opportunity.

Be sure to read end to end to see their beautiful birth story in video!

husband holding his wife's hand while he stands by the bed
mother sitting on a birthing ball next to the bed for support while in labor

Hannah and Christian are one of my favorite couples. They have a unique bond and a relationship that draws you in and makes you want to be in their presence. They naturally love each other and wear their emotions beautifully on the outside. They are also reserved and very private in many senses; being in their birth space both times felt almost reverent. Hannah was strong enough to set healthy boundaries and expectations around both birth experiences and voice her wishes; in both of their births, I worked my hardest to honor that space.

giving birth during the pandemic
husband using shake the apples method with a towel while wife is in labor
spinning babies techniques to use while in labor
husband applying counter pressure while his wife is in hands and knees position during labor.

So many elements of Hannah’s labor were so similar to her first, from the time of day she labored to the way her labor progressed. She was fortunate enough to have the same room as her first delivery and her dear friend and fellow nurse as her labor nurse.

With both labors, they used many of the methods they had learned from the Spinning Babies techniques, and Christian was right in tune with knowing which one to help her with as she labored.

supportive husband  holding his wife's hand before an exam in the hospital.
standing while in labor with support of partner to lean on
using the peanut ball to help your baby rotate while in labor
capturing the details of a labor room while documenting a birth story.
mother using the birthing ball on her hospital bed for support.
unique positions to rotate baby in labor las vegas
contractions increasing in strength and duration during labor.
using gravity to sit up in the bed while laboring in the hospital
side lying position in labor for fetal rotation
husband staying by his wife's bedside as she labors in the hospital
beautiful pandemic birth story
increasing pain with contractions while in labor
beautiful angles and perspectives in documenting birth
beautiful Las Vegas birth story
a husband and wife connect during labor by holding hands
husband at his wife's bedside as she labors during the pandemic
contractions increasing in pain and intensity hospital birth
mother focusing during contractions during a hospital birth in Las Vegas

Their sweet girl did not want to rotate and come down, which prolonged her labor, even with all her dedication to position changes. Finally, she came down, and it was time!

preparing to push in a hospital in las vegas during the pandemic
time to push in labor
the atmosphere in the labor room when preparing to push.

Just like their previous birth, once she decided to come, it unraveled quickly, and they weren’t sure her doctor would make it in time, but also, just like last time, she did! And just like that- their sweet baby girl was here!

beautiful pandemic birth story
a mother holding her baby for the first time at Summerlin hospital in Las Vegas
pure elation after the birth of your child
first moments with your baby after a hospital birth
a mother taking in every little detail of her newborn daughter
newborn details in the hospital
mother relieved after delivery with her daughter in her arms
skin to skin right after a vaginal delivery in a hospital in las vegas
pure joy after a vaginal delivery
the pure joy after a delivery in the hospital in las vegas
cutting the cord after a vaginal delivery in Las Vegas
tender moment between mom and baby after vaginal delivery

After cutting the cord and skin-to-skin, their sweet baby girl went to the radiant warmer for assessment and her newborn exam.

newborn exam at the radiant warmer with dad at bedside.
newborn measurements at the radiant warmer
the precious moments at the radiant warmer during the newborn exam
the period following delivery in the hopsital
capturing the first moments with your baby
cutest little newborn girl

Quickly she was right back in her mama’s arms for more skin-to-skin and initial breastfeeding. Because their last delivery was preterm and their son transferred to the NICU, this period was both special and incredibly emotional for them.

pure joy at relief to hold your baby in your arms
the golden hour after a hospital birth
sweet newborn moments in the hospital
skin to skin and the importance in the first hours
tender moments as a family after delivery
pulse oximeter on mother's finger after delivery
beautiful ending to a pandemic birth story

And finally, their beautiful birth story film!

A Pandemic Birth Story

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

best birth photographer in Las Vegas


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A Las Vegas Birth Story

I have had the pleasure of documenting a few home births here in Las Vegas during 2020, and with each one I document, I see more and more of their beauty and value. As I have tried to navigate this season of COVID, being able to attend home births has been such a blessing. With restrictions in the hospital setting, it just hasn’t been possible for so many families to have me present, and my heart breaks for them. Not being able to capture their birth stories has been devastating.

This beautiful family booked me for their birth months before the pandemic hit and had always planned on a home birth. This was their second birth at home with Marvelys Lopez of Sweet Beginnings Midwifery.

Be sure to follow through to the end to see this family’s beautiful birth film. It is so full of love and sweet and tender squeals of excitement and love from big sister.

husband holdings his wife's hands while she labors in the birth tub

I had the opportunity to interact with this family in the months and weeks leading up to their birth through our face-to-face meeting and documenting their maternity session. I love that by the time I am there to document births; it is much more comfortable having had conversations and seen each other.

doula applying counter pressure to a laboring mother in the water

Ana contacted me on a Sunday morning to let me know that her contractions had awoken her in the early morning hours and that they had continued to stay regular after getting up and moving around. She wasn’t ready for me yet but would let me know when she felt they were close enough and strong enough to call me over. By late afternoon she was ready for me to come on over! Her doula was present, and the atmosphere in their birth space was one of joy and peace.

applying counter pressure to the lower back during contractions
what to drink while laboring
beautiful perspective of husband supporting his wife during a tub birth
position changes during labor, standing leaning on husband

Ana was great at changing positions often and kept moving even when uncomfortable. Her doula support, paired with her family’s physical and emotional support, was beautiful to witness.

side lying position for rotation of baby in labor
labor positions side lying in bed
how to support your wife with touch during labor
dimmed lights in the bedroom while mother labors on her side
using the downtime in labor for your family to rest
walking up and down the stairs to help your baby rotate
kim trower checking fetal heart tones in labor
standing in labor with husband holding her

After alternating positions between the tub, standing, the stairs, and side-lying in a nice quiet room, things quickly progressed as Ana moved into the transition phase of labor. Her midwife was called, and additional family support arrived. My favorite parts of documenting birth are the beauty and connections between family. This sweet big sister was so supportive and present for her mama.

mother in law present at birth for support

This was the first birth I attended with midwives Marvelys Lopez and Kim Trower of Sweet Beginnings Midwifery Care. I was so impressed with their professionalism, capable care, and compassionate and intimate touch they provided.

marvelys lopez supporting her patient in labor
kim trower making a perineal pack for her patient
midwife support in las vegas
marv lopez braiding her patients hair while in labor
active labor
mother experiencing the transition phase of labor
support of midwife from Sweet Beginnings MIdwifery
the urge to push while laboring in the water
using cool washcloths for comfort in labor
physical touch in labor
do pets sense labor while at home

And then she did it! Her beautiful baby girl was here, in her arms, surrounded by those that love her the most!

home birth las vegas
daughter present at the birth of her baby sister
sweet beginnings midwife care in Las Vegas
daughter present at a home birth
the emotions of birth at home
the emotional release when your baby is finally in your arms
breastfeeding after the birth of your baby while still in the water

Big sister’s reactions could not have been sweeter. She was completely smitten by her new baby sister and just stared and gushed over her. It was the cutest! I am so glad I captured her reactions on video because it is just priceless.

best angles in birth photography
newborn details at a home birth
best birth photographer in Las Vegas
the first hour after your baby is born
newborn exam by midwife after home birth
Las Vegas midwife performing newborn exam
newborn vital signs after birth at home
unique way they weigh baby after home birth
newborn still attached to placenta
cutting the cord after a home birth
checking mother's vital signs after home birth
skin to skin with dad after delivery

The Beauty of Birth at Home

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

powerful birth photography image by Little Loo Photography


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My Annual Session Favorites

I can’t believe we are finally here, at the end of 2020. This has most definitely, for sure, absolutely, been the strangest year of my lifetime.

Looking back, I would not have believed it if someone had told me that this is how our year would have unfolded, and in many respects, I am glad that I didn’t. The only way I made it through with any sort of sanity was by realizing that I had zero control over this past year’s circumstances. My best plan of action was to love people and do my best by being flexible. As someone who has struggled with control, this has been a trial. The whole year felt like a trial of waiting and unknowns.

Now, I am only left with feelings of gratitude. Gratitude that I was able to keep on working for the most part. Although I missed out on many births because of the hospital restrictions and financial burdens the pandemic has placed on families, I have also had more opportunities to give back to my community. I accommodated high school seniors who had their year hijacked and photographed those sweet babies and their families when it was safe to do so, as well as more space for families this past fall.

One of my favorite ways of putting things in perspective is by going back through my year in images both professionally and personally. Each year I pick one favorite image from each session (it is pretty hard, trust me) and put them together in a collection. It’s so funny because often my favorites change throughout the year.

So, without further ado, here are my 2020 client favorites. There are a small number of clients who preferred their images not to be posted online, and I always honor that!

Be sure to stay up to date on my plans for 2021, I will be sharing them at the end of this post. There will be some changes, and I am excited about it all!

In 2020, I was able to document 6 births.

That is less than half the number of births I was able to document in 2019. This was by far, the biggest challenge in my business and the most difficult obstacle to overcome. As a photographer specializing in birth, this was incredibly tough to navigate. The most difficult and heart-wrenching part was really for my clients. Most of the year was spent hoping and praying that things would look better and restrictions would lift. I was able to document a small percentage of my hospital clients during the downward trends in the dual photographer/doula role, as I am currently working on my doula certification.

I am a birth photographer because I believe that documenting your birth is so important on many levels. It is a moment in time that cannot be redone. It is the reason I have been in the birth industry for over 20 years (19 of them as an L&D nurse). It is, in my opinion, the most life-changing and emotional time of our lives. You are able to finally see your baby for the first time, hear those first cries, and experience those tender and powerful moments of birth, they are all so important. I also happen to believe that documenting your birth can be emotionally healing and help in the processing of your birth whether it is a traumatic or easy one.

I will be a part of the birth industry as long as that passion continues, and I can’t see it ever fading. As I mentioned above, I am currently working on certification as a doula as another option for my birth clients. I will take a select few clients in this role in the upcoming year.

a hospital birth at Nellis Air Force base February 2020
Beautiful perspective of the many hands involved in birth
brianne hidalgo holding her son after her home birth in Las Vegas
The power of women and their birth stories as told by a Las Vegas birth photographer
Hannah Neilsen holding her new baby after her delivery in Las Vegas
powerful birth photography image by Little Loo Photography

I captured two Fresh 48 sessions

fresh 48 session at home incorporating siblings
sweet fresh 48 session 24 hours after birth

8 Maternity Sessions

maternity session at Valley of Fire in the outskirts of Las Vegas
beautiful couple maternity image by Lisa Weingardt of Little Loo Photography
family maternity session in Las Vegas
beautiful maternity session in Las Vegas wearing a red dress
Las Vegas maternity photographer and sessions in 2020
fall maternity session with aspen trees outside of Las Vegas
beautiful connection between a pregnant wife and her husband during a maternity session

19 Newborn Sessions

Many of my newborn sessions were birth clients that we ended up having to roll into newborn sessions because I was unable to attend their births. I still captured so much sweetness!

in home newborn session in Las Vegas using your nursery
beautiful black and white image of in home newborn session using window light
in home newborn session using props
lifestyle in home newborn session in Las Vegas for surrogates
sweet sister holding her new baby and giving her a little kiss
outdoor newborn session during covid
mother holding her new baby at home after giving birth during covid
mother holding her daughter after a long nicu stay during covid
an in home session with social distancing
adorable expression by a baby during his newborn session
beautiful in home session using a newborn nursery
parents holding their identical twin daughters
purple wrap and set up during an in home newborn session
young parents holding their son at home after delivering in a Las Vegas hospital during covid
two year old brother touching his sister during an in home session
the Nielsen family holding their new daughter
sweet in home newborn session after a hospital delivery
mother and father holding their new son in the living room in Las Vegas
sweet newborn session with creams on a baby girl

I photographed 13 families

fun and relaxed family session in Las Vegas
high school senior boy ideas
sweet hug from a daughter around her dad's neck
mom holding her two year old daughter during golden hour session
a baby brother laughing at his older brother during a family session
2020 session favorites by Little Loo Photography
urban family session in Las Vegas downtown
siblings hugging during an outdoor session in Las Vegas
mom holding her one year old son with beautiful sun flare
couple hugging at their family session before deployment
sisters hugging during a family session

6 first year milestone sessions.

These sessions are reserved only for my birth and newborn clients within the first year of life. I just love watching babies grow and change that first year and love seeing how much the family as a whole evolves and changes and settles into their own unique family personality!

3 month milestone session in client's home
5 month milestone session outdoors
baptism milestone session
6 month milestone session outdoors
mother and baby together during a milestone session
7 month milestone session using baby's room

5 high school senior sessions.

I don’t photograph high school senior sessions too often anymore, although I do love them. Specializing in birth leaves little room for scheduling other types of sessions. It was fun to shoot a few more this year, and was a fun way of giving back to seniors!

Logan Ohl and her dog during her senior session
Olivia LaBruzzo during her senior session downtown
Rylee Morse graduating from college
high school senior session at the pink corral sand dunes

I documented 6 passion projects.

These types of sessions are a way of me giving back to the community and telling the stories of individuals, families, and causes. I typically shoot two of these a year, this year I added just a few more.

documenting adoptions
senior prom covid style
the story giveaway on postpartum depression
diversity project for serenity birth center
Celia Valdez tells her story of her journey through postpartum depression
military deployment

2 head shot sessions

Serenity Birth Center team Las Vegas
Madison Weingardt in Las Vegas, NV

2 creative sessions

creative anniversary session
grandmother spending time with her granddaughter at the park

And, lastly, 1 branding session

Aisha Fanning Vegas Family doulas

If you’ve stayed with me this long, thank you so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with your memories, being flexible, and for supporting my small business. I am still here because of you!

Moving forward in 2021

For 2021 I am back to my birth clients holding the large majority of my sessions. Because of the periods of time, it requires to be on call for my birth clients 24/7 (oftentimes up to 4 weeks at a time), I need to once again scale down on all other types of sessions in order to manage my schedule and give my clients the best custom experience I can.

My schedule is already full from January through May with 1 or 2 spots for birth clients. I have availability for one birth client in March, and 1 in late May.

I will be blocking off September for fall family sessions and will fill first with returning clients. Please reach out to me in advance if you would like to reserve your spot for September.

Here is looking forward with anticipation of what 2021 will bring! Have a blessed New Year!

2020 ~ Oh What a Year!

Friday, January 1st, 2021

mother holding her new baby after a beautiful home birth


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By Her Side

‘By Her Side’ were the first words that came to mind thinking back on their birth story. There was not a moment that Brianne was not surrounded with love and support as she brought her precious Emerson earthside. You’ll see it all through her birth images and birth story film (be sure to check it out at the end of this post). I am excited to finally share this beautiful and special birth story.

This birth story is extra special because Brianne is my sweet friend and fellow birth photographer and artist behind Brianne Hidalgo Photos + Films here in Las Vegas. We have been backups for each other for the past year and have changed, and have had so many wonderful conversations and meetings of the minds on how to best serve our community and support each other. She has such a smart business sense and is community-minded, not to mention incredibly talented. I was so happy to have found her. So, when she asked me to document her own birth, I was ecstatic!

Las Vegas birth photographer for home births
home birth with family by her side in Las Vegas

Brianne had delivered in the hospital with her daughter. She was excited about the opportunity to deliver at home with one of our local midwives Sherry Hopkins of Well Rounded Mama. Emily Espinosa a certified doula with Well Rounded Mama was her certified doula and was so in tune with Brianne and was so attentive and professional.

Emily Escinosa certified doula in Las Vegas
husband and daughter holding mother's hands during a contraction
view of doula care during water birth
daughter holding mother's hands during a contraction in birth tub

As it seems to happen most often, Brianne went into labor during nighttime. Right before she let me know that her water had broken and her contractions were irregular but becoming more and more consistent and would call when they became more regular and intense. Just a few hours later she called me to come on over! Since I live on the completely opposite side of town, I got ready and headed out immediately, arriving just after midnight.

controlled during home birth with intense contractions
support team at home birth of midwife, doula, and family
mother turning inward during a contraction during a home birth in Las Vegas
sweet daughter supporting her mother during a water birth at home.
mother connecting with her daughter while in labor at home
surrounding yourself with love and support while in labor at home
midwife checking fetal heart tones during home birth
husband supporting his wife during labor at home.

Once I arrived, Brianne’s contractions intensified pretty quickly, yet she remained so focused and determined. Her husband and daughter stayed by her side, providing physical support and words of encouragement. It was so cute when her daughter even directed her to breathe through her contractions.

daughter touching her moth's arms during a contraction
using breathing techniques during labor at home

Brianne was so close, and to assist in the rotation of her baby, her birth team assisted her out of the tub and to her bed and side-lying. The lights were dimmed for rest.

side lying in labor to help in rotation of your baby
birth team checking fetal heart tones during a Las Vegas home birth
intense contractions in the birth tub at home
laboring in the birth tub during a Las Vegas homebirth

The movement and position change was just what she needed and pretty quickly she had the urge to push. Things moved pretty quickly at this point and after just a few pushes, her sweet baby was in her arms.

mother holding her new baby after a beautiful home birth

At 0318 with her family by her side, Brianne delivered this sweet boy.

daughter and husband observing their new baby after delivery.
sherry hopkins checking a baby's heart rate after a Las Vegas homebirth.
proud dad and daughter seeing their new baby brother
beautiful Las Vegas homebirth
sister admiring her new baby brother in a birth tub
dad taking picture of new baby after delivery
dad holding new son for the first time after a home birth

One of the things I love most about home births is the postpartum period after delivery. I love seeing how comfortable moms are at home in their beds, with their family members by their sides, with no rushed bonding or timelines. It feels so relaxed and natural.

moments at home with baby immediately after delivery
daughter feeding mother while she breastfeeds after delivery
that first hour of skin to skin at home
those beautiful newborn details
comfortable at home after a home birth
mother admiring her new baby while breastfeeding
sherry hopkins performing a newborn exam
newborn exam after home birth in Las Vegas
newborn measurements including head, chest, and abdomen
measuring a newborns head circumfrence
dad holding the scale while weighting a baby during a home birth
sweet newborn details at home
baby holding his dads fingers after birth
family together after a home birth on the bed

And, finally, their birth story film. I love seeing birth stories through video; it adds such a beautiful element and shows emotion and moments that can’t be as fully captured in still images.

Thank you so much, Hidalgo family, for trusting me with your birth story!

The Birth of Emerson Rey

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

the beauty of birth in the hospital setting in Las Vegas

fresh 48

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The Birth of Sloan Michael

I have had the pleasure of documenting this family from their first maternity session with their oldest right on through the birth of sweet little Sloan. Year after year, they returned to me and trusted me to document their maternity, newborn, birth, and family sessions.

It is an understatement to say I get a little emotional working on their images. In fact, their daughter’s birth was the first birth I documented as I made the brave and bold move in rebranding from posed newborn into specializing in birth photography here in Las Vegas.

las vegas birth story incorporating details

There have been so many surprises during this season of their life. They thought they were done having children, and this little one came along unexpectedly. When they surprised me with the news during their family session last fall, I just about died! Of course, documenting this birth was just as important, or maybe even more so, knowing it was their last. So, we began planning right away. Then surprise… COVID.

images of the radiant warmer in a labor room in Las Vegas, NV
applying fetal monitors during induction of labor in Las Vegas

There was so much anticipation leading up to their birth, and this strong mama worked right up to the days preceding their delivery. They wanted to revel, soak up, and enjoy every moment. This was the first time they waited to find out the gender until birth. It made it so much more fun!

standing while in labor to change positions
fetal monitoring while in labor
eating a clear liquid diet in labor
birth during covid in Las Vegas
use of oxytocin in labor
staying in contact with family members while laboring in the hospital
position changes while laboring in the hospital
breathing through contractions during a hospital birth

Nicole went into labor with the plan of listening to her body and deciding on an epidural, depending on how things went and how well she tolerated her contractions. She was so incredibly strong and maintained her composure throughout. I was completely in awe of her strength and determination.

physical support from husband during labor
beautiful birth images
mother breathing through contractions while laboring in the hospital
nurse adjusting external monitors on laboring mother in the hospital
support from husband and nurse in labor
husband hugging wife while in labor
patient supported by husband and nursing staff
nurse watching fetal monitoring while patient is laboring in her bed
the intensity of labor
a mother surrounded by love and support while laboring
standing and leaning on bed while laboring
beautiful birth images Las Vegas
preparations for delivery in the hospital
pushing with contractions while in the stirrups
first look at gender of their baby at a hospital birth
dad calling out the gender of his son at delivery in the hospital
the beauty of birth in the hospital setting in Las Vegas
dad cutting the cord after delivery in the hospital
parents meeting their baby for the first time after delivery
eye contact with baby after delivery
birth details in the hospital setting
staying connected with family while giving birth during COVID
newborn details as a birth photographer
newborn exam and measurements in the hospital setting
dad holding baby in the hospital after the newborn exam
dad holding his son near the radiant warmer after a hospital birth in Las Vegas
proud dad FaceTiming while in the hospital
dad holding his son after birth while mother rests
alert newborn less than two hours after birth
proud dad showing off his baby in the hospital

Nicole and Shawn are such amazing parents, and being away from the older two while they were in the hospital was hard. Thank goodness for FaceTime and family! It was important to them to capture as much as they could of siblings’ meetings for the first time, and since a Fresh 48 session was not an option because of restrictions, we did the next best thing and documented it as they came home!

big sister meeting her new brother for the first time at home

The meeting went even better than expected. Big sister was convinced she had a baby sister, so we expected some disappointment, and there was zero! They were both completely smitten by their new baby brother and wanted to check out every little detail.

introducing siblings to their new baby
brother and sister excited to meet their new baby brother at home
siblings holding their new baby brother for the first time.
fresh 48 session at home in Las Vegas
sister preparing to hold her new baby brother
sister holding her new baby brother for the first time at home.
sweet sibling moment after birth
sweet newborn at home 24 hours after delivery

And lastly, we were able to document their newborn session two weeks later in the comfort of their own home, where everyone felt at home and comfortable. Big brother and sister were still as smitten with their new baby brother, and it was so fun to see how they had all just fallen deeply and madly in love with this little guy.

whole family together on the parents bed during in home newborn session
in home newborn session in Las Vegas
sweet newborn session at home in Las Vegas
newborn close ups at home
dad and newborn on bed during in home newborn session
tender moment between dad and newborn son at home
mom dad and baby on bed at home during newborn session
newborn in mint wrap during in home newborn session
newborn session at home in Las Vegas
siblings during in home newborn session
sibling poses during newborn session

And finally, their beautiful birth story is told even more beautifully in film. Oh, what I would give to have my births captured forever in a complete birth story. I love that I can give this to the families that trust me with such an intimate and important time in their lives. Enjoy!

Unexpected Joy

Friday, October 2nd, 2020

beautiful Las Vegas birth story in hospital


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A Las Vegas Birth Story

There are so many fears and doubts that can hold people back from documenting their birth. I understand so many of those fears and doubts.

Birth is one of life’s most intimate and life-changing moments we experience. You are vulnerable and at your rawest. I would argue that this is why you should document your birth story.

Birth is made up of moments that change us at our very core, moments that cannot be relived or redone. It is also one of the most emotional times in our lives. It can become hazy and fade quickly amidst the loss of sleep, physical changes, and fleeting memories.

Emily found me after seeing a birth story shared on social media and was immediately interested! She says that she hadn’t really considered documenting her birth until she saw this post, and then saw my name mentioned in the thread as a local birth photographer and videographer. She reached out to me, and I am so glad that she did!

One of Emily’s main drives in wanting to document her birth was the fact that her family lives out of the country. Emily and Daniel met while he was serving in the Air Force in Europe. Her family is all still overseas, and wanting to have a way to share their birth with her family was important to her. (Be sure to see their beautiful birth film at the end of the post!)

There was much anticipation and excitement in the months and weeks approaching their birth, and they were so happy to have a way to share that with family and friends who could not be by their sides.

As Daniel is still on active duty, their birth would take place at Mike O’Callaghan Hospital at Nellis Air Force Base here in Las Vegas. Because it is a military hospital, it was necessary for them to arrange clearance for me onto the base. This was the perfect opportunity for us to meet in person and have a nice coffee date (I meet all my birth clients before their birth either in person or via FaceTime). We talked about what was most important to her and Daniel, the types of images and footage they were most interested in, what her biggest fears and concerns were, and I got to see exactly where I needed to go when the big day came.

Mike O'Callaghan Medical Hospital at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas

As Emily passed her due date, an induction of labor was set up.

ultrasound before staring induction

One of Emily’s wishes was to tell the whole story of their birth experience to share with her family and friends. So, we decided that I would come as she was being admitted to the unit and capture some of the early details of checking in and getting settled, and then would head home and wait for active labor before returning. That way, they could get the rest they needed, all the while adding additional details to their birth story.

ultrasound performed by OB prior to induction of labor in Las Vegas
husband holding his wife's hand as she labors in a Las Vegas hospital

This was my first experience at our military hospital, and I was so impressed by their staff and the beautiful experience they gave Emily and Daniel. As a retired labor nurse of 19 years at another local hospital, I am always curious about how different care might be in other facilities. I do have to say each hospital has its own vibe and subtle differences. I think Nellis often gets a bad rap because it is a military hospital, but I have to say I walked away from this experience in awe of the care they provided this family.

clear liquid served in a Las Vegas hospital while in labor
husband and wife enjoying moments of peace during the beginning of their induction of labor
induction of labor at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas
woman laughing in the early stages of labor at Nellis Air Force Base
warmer awaiting delivery at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas
nurse caring for her labor patient at Nellis Air Fore base in Las Vegas

After they were all settled in and the plan of care discussed and initiated, I stepped out and went home to get some rest and await their call for my return. In the early morning hours, Emily let me know that she had progressed and had an epidural placed for pain relief. It was the perfect time for me to head back, be close by, and be ready to document more of their story.

parents resting in the in between moments of labor at the military base in Las Vegas
husband comforting his wife while she labors at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas
patient eating clear liquid diet in early labor in hospital
playing games while in the early stages of labor at a local Las Vegas hospital

It had been almost 12 hours since their induction began, and Emily hadn’t really gotten much sleep but had received pain relief with her epidural placement, so she was able to finally squeeze in a small nap and some games with Daniel. It was a fun way to pass the time.

peanut ball used in labor at Las Vegas hospital in rotating the baby
details kept at bedside while a woman labors who had lost her mother

I love when clients bring personal items to keep at their bedside. It adds such a personal element and something beautiful to focus on. Emily kept a picture of her mother, who is no longer with her, at her bedside.

breathing through contractions with husband supporting his wife through touch
husband and wife holding hands while she breaths through contractions
pain during labor with relief of physical touch

As the morning wore on, Emily became more and more uncomfortable and the staff did their best to keep her comfortable between position changes and adjustments to her epidural.

beautiful Las Vegas birth story in hospital
storytelling in documenting birth
holding hands to help with the pain of childbirth

Even with the return of discomfort and the hours passed with no cervical change, Emily and Daniel remained positive and patient, trusting the process. I was really in awe of how strong Emily was. She kept such a beautiful attitude through it all.

father at the bedside during the long process of labor induction
husband stroking his wife's hair during labor at a hospital in Las Vegas
nursing care during induction of labor
changing angles during labor at Nellis Hospital
woman breathing through contractions while laboring at Nellis hospital
supportive husband at laboring wife's bedside in a Las Vegas hospital
using the birthing ball for fetal rotation.
patient using the birthing ball in the last stages of labor

As Emily labored through another shift change with still not much cervical change, her night shift nurse came in and advocated for Emily, trying everything she could to help her baby rotate. Her advocacy and interventions were just what Emily needed at this stage, and she quickly progressed to complete dilation and was soon ready to push.

fevers during the last stages of labor
use of oxygen while in labor in the hospital setting.
how to be supportive during the pushing stage of labor
delivery moments in the hospital setting in Las Vegas

Emily was a rock star who worked hard to deliver baby Daniel. Thank goodness this last stage was relatively quick after all those hours of laboring. There was some distress upon delivery, so baby Daniel was quickly taken to the radiant warmer for assessment and stabilization.

when your baby goes to the warmer after delivery
supporting mother after delivery
coordinated care by birth team

Daniel and Emily’s birth team were so coordinated and capable and worked seamlessly to assess and stabilize Daniel so that he could quickly return to his mama’s chest for skin-to-skin.

dad cutting the cord after delivery
dad interacting with his baby at the radiant warmer
baby at the radiant warmer after delivery
dad with his new baby after delivery at Nellis Air Force base
the joy and love the radiated from mother and father holding their baby

Finally, Emily had in her arms the baby she had worked so hard for, waited so patiently for, and anticipated for so long.

skin to skin with your baby right after delivery
parents bonding with their baby after delivery
checking the suck reflex on baby
the hour after delivery in bonding with your baby
documenting the important baby details after delivery
baby details after delivery
baby care after delivery and bonding with mother
first diaper change by dad in the hospital
baby footprints in the hospital
baby measurements in the hospital

There was so much story, emotion, and intimate details throughout Emily and Daniel’s birth story, it is one of my favorites to date. So grateful to have been trusted in capturing it.

Nothing captures the emotions and beauty in birth better than video, and I love how beautiful their birth story is in film.

This Is The Why

Sunday, June 7th, 2020

As long as I can remember I have been drawn to stories and the people, like you, that make them worthwhile.

It’s an honor that you let me capture yours.

let's capture the beginning of it all. 

Big feelings, big changes, and big experiences are on the horizon