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The Beauty of Birth at Home

A Las Vegas Birth Story

I have had the pleasure of documenting a few home births here in Las Vegas during 2020, and with each one I document, I see more and more of their beauty and value. As I have tried to navigate this season of COVID, being able to attend home births has been such a blessing. With restrictions in the hospital setting, it just hasn’t been possible for so many families to have me present, and my heart breaks for them. Not being able to capture their birth stories has been devastating.

This beautiful family booked me for their birth months before the pandemic hit and had always planned on a home birth. This was their second birth at home with Marvelys Lopez of Sweet Beginnings Midwifery.

Be sure to follow through to the end to see this family’s beautiful birth film. It is so full of love and sweet and tender squeals of excitement and love from big sister.

husband holdings his wife's hands while she labors in the birth tub

I had the opportunity to interact with this family in the months and weeks leading up to their birth through our face-to-face meeting and documenting their maternity session. I love that by the time I am there to document births; it is much more comfortable having had conversations and seen each other.

doula applying counter pressure to a laboring mother in the water

Ana contacted me on a Sunday morning to let me know that her contractions had awoken her in the early morning hours and that they had continued to stay regular after getting up and moving around. She wasn’t ready for me yet but would let me know when she felt they were close enough and strong enough to call me over. By late afternoon she was ready for me to come on over! Her doula was present, and the atmosphere in their birth space was one of joy and peace.

applying counter pressure to the lower back during contractions
what to drink while laboring
beautiful perspective of husband supporting his wife during a tub birth
position changes during labor, standing leaning on husband

Ana was great at changing positions often and kept moving even when uncomfortable. Her doula support, paired with her family’s physical and emotional support, was beautiful to witness.

side lying position for rotation of baby in labor
labor positions side lying in bed
how to support your wife with touch during labor
dimmed lights in the bedroom while mother labors on her side
using the downtime in labor for your family to rest
walking up and down the stairs to help your baby rotate
kim trower checking fetal heart tones in labor
standing in labor with husband holding her

After alternating positions between the tub, standing, the stairs, and side-lying in a nice quiet room, things quickly progressed as Ana moved into the transition phase of labor. Her midwife was called, and additional family support arrived. My favorite parts of documenting birth are the beauty and connections between family. This sweet big sister was so supportive and present for her mama.

mother in law present at birth for support

This was the first birth I attended with midwives Marvelys Lopez and Kim Trower of Sweet Beginnings Midwifery Care. I was so impressed with their professionalism, capable care, and compassionate and intimate touch they provided.

marvelys lopez supporting her patient in labor
kim trower making a perineal pack for her patient
midwife support in las vegas
marv lopez braiding her patients hair while in labor
active labor
mother experiencing the transition phase of labor
support of midwife from Sweet Beginnings MIdwifery
the urge to push while laboring in the water
using cool washcloths for comfort in labor
physical touch in labor
do pets sense labor while at home

And then she did it! Her beautiful baby girl was here, in her arms, surrounded by those that love her the most!

home birth las vegas
daughter present at the birth of her baby sister
sweet beginnings midwife care in Las Vegas
daughter present at a home birth
the emotions of birth at home
the emotional release when your baby is finally in your arms
breastfeeding after the birth of your baby while still in the water

Big sister’s reactions could not have been sweeter. She was completely smitten by her new baby sister and just stared and gushed over her. It was the cutest! I am so glad I captured her reactions on video because it is just priceless.

best angles in birth photography
newborn details at a home birth
best birth photographer in Las Vegas
the first hour after your baby is born
newborn exam by midwife after home birth
Las Vegas midwife performing newborn exam
newborn vital signs after birth at home
unique way they weigh baby after home birth
newborn still attached to placenta
cutting the cord after a home birth
checking mother's vital signs after home birth
skin to skin with dad after delivery


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