Birth Photography & Videography

Celebrate the victories, see the love surrounding you, and appreciate the incredible strength of your birth story.

Memories become fuzzy and fade around birth.

It’s exhausting, exhilarating, and emotional- so those moments may look different than you how remember them. Your birth photos and video give you a chance to relive and process the beauty of this day. How your partner looked at you with utter compassion and amazement. How the room was filled with support. And your expression when your baby is placed in your arms for the very first time. 

See and feel it all!

Whether its a beacon of light during hard postpartum days or a video replayed again and again at the request of your little children one day– this day is yours to keep forever. 

“Lisa's care and concern for each one of her mothers, fathers and families is like no other.”

We will, hands down, invest in Lisa's work for all of our children's birth and family photography. Thank you, Lisa. The gift you gave us is priceless.

Courtney Forgey

“ I can't thank Lisa enough for being there, having so much patience, and capturing these moments.”

She is the best at what she does, and the best photographer I have worked with. I am so glad to have her as my birth photographer and as a friend!


“Birth has always amazed me. To have Lisa there to capture two of mine is a gift I’ll cherish forever.”

Her attention to detail and emotion is absolute perfection and I’m forever grateful for her!



“If there is any advice I could give to anyone about to give birth is that no matter what type of birth you want make sure that the people in the room with you believe in you. It makes all the difference to have people in there with you that have your back.”

The birth of Cormac Seth



Photography Only


Photography + Video


The Whole Story

Photography + Video


Maternity, Birth, & Newborn

Birth coverage from 38 weeks.

Photography gallery with 100+ hand-edited images in color and B&W as a digital download and on USB.

Custom 8x8 album of your favorite images. 

$500 Deposit required to hold session dates. 

A photography birth story packages include:

Photography Only


Birth coverage from 38 weeks. 

Photography gallery with  a miniumum of 75 hand-edited images in color and B&W as digital download and on USB. 

Birth story video creatively edited to licensed music (3-6 min. in length). 
Custom 8x8 album of your favorite images.
$500 Deposit required to secure session dates, remaining balance due at 38 wks. 

A photography & videography birth story packages include:

Photography + VIDEO


Maternity Session 

Birth coverage from 38 weeks

Unlimited coverage from active labor (5-6 cms) through 1-2 hours post delivery 

Birth story video creatively edited to licensed music (5-8 min. in length) 

The whole story birth package include:



Newborn Session

Custom 10x10 album of your favorite images.

$500 Deposit required with remaining balance due at 38 wks. 

One-hour session 

40+ hand-edited images as digital downloads.

Use of any of my maternity dresses/gowns.

Assistance with styling.

All maternity packages include:

(normal value: $700)


1 hour session in hospital or at home 24-48 hours after delivery. 

40+ hand-edited images as digital downloads.

All fresh packages include:

(normal value: $700)


1-2 hour in-home lifestyle session. 

40+ hand-edited images as digital downloads. 

Use of any of my small collection of newborn wraps, and small props. 

Studio sessions available for an additional fee. 

All newborn packages include:

(normal value: $700)


Let’s document your story.

ashlie c

“THANK YOU for being with us from the very beginning and capturing all of our miracle babes so we can treasure forever! You’re the best of the best. We love you so very much!! We only prayed for 1 babe and here we are now, 3 babes in and invested”

The birth of NEllie kay


It is in the looking back and holding that we see the beauty and strength in the paths we’ve walked.

Being fully present in your birth space means leaving my own experiences and biases behind to be fully present to capture your unique story through a quiet presence and storytelling lens.

There is beauty in everything, even when we don’t see it at the moment, even in the hurts, the struggles, and the chaos, because it becomes interwoven in our lives and creates who we become. 


By hiring a photographer to document your birth, your husband or significant other can step back and live in that birth space with you without worrying about finding the camera or documenting those first moments instead of being IN them. 

Working in the birth industry for 22 years (19 as an L&D nurse and 6 of my 14 years in business as a birth photographer), I can anticipate the moments coming that you will want to remember and will focus on capturing those for you forever in beautiful and tasteful images and video footage. I have spent years perfecting my craft and know how to use light in all types of situations

I will arrive when you are in active labor (usually 5-6 cm). I am prepared to arrive in your birth space at any time day or night. If you have a history of fast labor or have had previous deliveries, I will arrive earlier.

I will stay through your delivery and then 1-2 hours after to document those first moments such as skin-to-skin, newborn exam, feedings, bath, weight, etc. If I cannot capture those first moments following birth because of your baby being transferred to the NICU or newborn nursery, I will come back to document those moments when you are ready for me.

I only schedule two to three birth stories a month. When I book a birth, I am 'on call' for you from your 38th through your 42nd-week gestation, meaning I am available for you 24/7 and am always within an hour of you. It is a huge commitment, but I am happy to make it for you!

I also utilize a backup photographer in case something out of my control prevents me from attending your birth.

Most hospitals only allow one person in the operating room with you and often do not allow photographers into the OR. On rare occasions, exceptions can be made by the anesthesiologist and/or doctor. I will do my best to be able to be allowed back with you and your support person, but in the case, I am not allowed in, I will be waiting in your recovery room as soon as you arrive back from surgery, and there are still so many beautiful moments that we can capture.

By positioning myself in the most pleasing and modest angles during your delivery, I can capture tasteful and beautiful images while still capturing those first emotions. In addition, your birth gallery will allow you to mark any of your images as private before sharing them with friends or family so that you have complete control over what others see.

I suggest discussing your choice of hiring a birth photographer with your doctor and making sure your facility allows them. Some doctors and staff do not allow video footage of your actual delivery. Discussing options with your team ahead of time often resolves any issues before they come up. I can capture beautiful images while respecting the staff and delivery team. Often, merely having a conversation with staff is appreciated making them more welcoming of me. Giving your nurses a heads-up that I will be coming is also very helpful. I will also provide you with handouts for your doctor and nursing staff.

Most of my clients find me through my website and social media sites, and showing beautiful images of what birth photography looks like helps families find and trust me in documenting their births beautifully. I ask my clients to sign model releases to allow me to do this. All images I post are always approved by you first, and I would never post an image you are uncomfortable showing. If you are uncomfortable with this, please discuss it with me, and we will devise a plan. Your concerns and privacy are always important to me.

Birth is unpredictable! I rarely miss a delivery, but it is always possible if things are moving very quickly. In this circumstance, I would start documenting as soon as I arrive; there are still so many beautiful moments to capture. We can also discuss scheduling a Fresh 48 or newborn session to ensure the delivery of a full gallery of images. 

I also work closely with reliable backup photographers who will capture images and video footage comparable to mine. Fortunately, needing my backup photographer to fill in for me has also been a rare occurrence. 

Lisa is a great addition to any birth team! And she is definitely a part of the birth team, much more than just a photographer. Her experience means she understands the space, the energy, the vibe of the laboring mother. It felt like having an extra doula in the room! Lisa will do all our family photography needs as long as we can do it!!

Becca Holmes

let's capture the beginning of it all. 

Big feelings, big changes, and big experiences are on the horizon