FOR 24 years I’ve been able to bear witness to the  strength of women.

First as a labor and delivery nurse, now as a birth photographer.

about lisa

It’s an incredible feat to grow and bring life into this world. Surrendering your body’s natural instinct from the moment you find out you’re pregnant to that final push. From being an active participant in childbirth as a nurse to a quiet observer as a photographer, I can say that no two stories will ever be the same. And I want you to be able to relive the beauty of yours fully. 

Your story will have its own unique struggles, triumphs, and love.

And you deserve to see the beautiful uniqueness of your birth experience. Through these documentary style photos and videos you will be able to revisit the day your lives were forever altered, through an entirely new lens. Enjoy every moment from your partner whispering in your ear, to your baby’s first cries. 

In all these years I’ve learned some truths around childbirth...

The vibe in the birth space can be deeply altered by anyone present in it. 

Which is why I promise to work as gently and discreetly as possible in this intimate space. 

Women will always be shocked by how beautiful they look throughout the process. 

The energy, the serenity, the fierceness- it is uniquely beautiful for every woman. 

No two births are the same.

Because each birth space is a culmination of life experiences intersecting with our bodies as you begin a new chapter in your life story. 

This time is a thief. 

These moments fade and grow fuzzy, and I believe that is why we love to tell our birth stories, to hang on to these life-altering moments. 

You are stronger than you know. 

You may not feel it in the moment, or realize you carried it inside you, that’s what I’m here for…. To show you the strength and beauty you possess. 

There is beauty in every single birth story. 

Whether your birth was medicated, unmedicated, at home, a birth center, hospital, or even operating room, there is unique beauty and strength in each. 


I grew up in southern Utah where a love for nature and exploration were fostered and encouraged. I have always been creative with a love for writing and art.

With the birth of my own children my desire to document their lives became a passion for me, and I have albums and boxes full of images to prove it (I was also an avid scrapbooker). After the stillborn loss of my third child, that passion for holding and cherishing every moment that I could, grew even more intense and important in my life. I discovered just how fleeting life is. 

Now my children are all grown and out of the home, leaving me even more freedom for my passions of running, traveling, and exploring the world. It has also opened up the opportunity to be available for birth clients and the time commitment it takes to specialize in them.

let's capture the beginning of it all. 

Big feelings, big changes, and big experiences are on the horizon