Documenting your story.

All the connection, love, and emotion behind your most life-changing moments.


The Story…

Everyone has one.

And the emotions and memories behind the story grow richer and deeper over time. We’re here to document today’s story- so you relive it in your tomorrows. 

LIFE’S MOST beautiful STORIES...

are born through the anticipation and longing we experience as we await the arrival of our children.

But it isn’t until we hold them in our arms for the first time that we truly realize it.  You will realize too. And your birth story leading up to that moment will be it’s own unique masterpiece. 

“It is a sacred gift to allow someone into your birth space, and I can't imagine ours without Lisa's quiet, loving presence.”

We will, hands down, invest in Lisa's work for all of our children's birth and family photography. Thank you, Lisa. The gift you gave us is priceless.

Danika Brysha

“ I can't thank Lisa enough for being there, having so much patience, and capturing these moments.”

She is the best at what she does, and the best photographer I have worked with. I am so glad to have her as my birth photographer and as a friend!


“Birth has always amazed me. To have Lisa there to capture two of mine is a gift I’ll cherish forever.”

Her attention to detail and emotion is absolute perfection and I’m forever grateful for her!


As long as I can remember I have been drawn to stories and the people, like you, that make them worthwhile.

It’s an honor that you let me capture yours.

- Hannah & Gav

“Lisa was a calming presence in the birth space, and her support, patience and professionalism added to a truly amazing birthing experience. We are forever grateful to have such beautiful images to remind us of such a transformative moment in our lives.

The birth of HAllie rae


Birth is the most life-changing moment we experience.

By documenting it you can keep that moment. 

How can something so monumental go by so quickly? And fade so easily? There’s so much emotion and commotion- and then you’re overcome by them entering the world.

It’s a precious time that you’re so busy living that it’s hard to stop and savor it. 
I want you to be able to revisit the seconds before everything changed, to show you how strong you are, and just how many beautiful layers there are in your birth story.