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daughter hugging her dad around the neck

Las Vegas Family Film Session

With You I Can Be Myself

This Las Vegas family film session shows how easily this family loves each other and how much fun they have together. They chose things that they love to do together in this season of life, and it is always in these moments that guards come down and fun unfolds.

I adore this family and look forward to documenting them every year. I have been fortunate enough to have watched them grow from a family of 3 to a family of 4 over the last seven years. They deeply appreciate the time they have together and cherish each day. Having to deal with the unknowns that cancer brings, they hold every moment together tightly. I love their infectious joy and playfulness; I love their generosity and love for others. I love their selflessness and faith and so much more!

playing nerf wars during a documentary family session in Las Vegas

One of my favorite parts of preparing for family sessions is going through the questionnaires. I ask parents what things they love and never want to forget about this particular stage of their family and children’s lives, and the answers always get me. It is a reminder of how quickly seasons of life pass and how much we change and grow as families. It helps me to look for those moments and capture them.

documenting children playing during a documentary family session
dad and son in nerf gun battle
fun activities as a family during an in-home documentary session
family coloring together during in home family session

I love that the little things are the things that mean the most to this family and that they love capturing their life as it is. These are the moments that speak to my mother’s heart as well. I prefer to remember the memories made together and the mannerisms vs. posed images.

brother and sister coloring together at kitchen table
mom and dad coloring with their children as an activity
coloring together as a family in Las Vegas
son twirling his mother's hair

I loved seeing how independent Ellie and Max have gotten and how much they had grown over the past year, but I loved that they still loved to connect and cuddle with mom and dad.

son spending time with mom
Jon and Jess Ludtke in 2020
teaching your son to mow the lawn
teaching children responsibility through household chores
daughter reading to her parents at home
reading books at home

We got to capture them reading books, their favorite chores and activities as a family, and one of their favorite summertime activities of swimming at Grandmas.

underwater GoPro image during family session
mom and daughter painting nails
painting toe nails during family session
mom and daughter getting ready for their family session
mom and daughter in front of mirror
capturing special mother daughter moments at home
fun family session in Las Vegas

I love that they try and book a family film every few years to capture their memories in both still images and video footage. Be sure to check out their family film at the end of the post; it will melt your heart for sure!

the Luedtke family 2020
family sitting together on a blanket with close up of their son
mom and son poses during family session
brother hugging his little sister
brother and sister moments during a family session
sister whispering in her brother's ear
daughter during family session
daughter hugging her dad around the neck
mom and dad alone together during their family session
mom and daughter kneeling down together on the ground
special mom and daughter image
dad and son kneeling down together on the ground
fun and relaxed family sessions

Thank you, Luedtke family, for always trusting me and for being the incredible human beings you are!


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