What I really love about documenting birth is that each and every birth story is so unique and different. Even within the same family, you just never know how things are going to go. There is so much story to tell, and so many details to each birth story that make it unique and special. Sometimes when we are in the midst of birth we are so focused on being in that moment that we don’t see just how strong we are nor do we have the privilege of seeing all that is going on around us, and that is part of what I strive document. I want you to remember the moments from your birth that will transport you back to that flood of love, those first moments with your baby, and to see the strength and love present around you!

Crystal came to me through a referral from another local photographer that I adore- Essie Rose Photography. Essie photographs their family regularly and is an incredibly talented artist, but does not specialize in birth. I am so grateful and thankful that she sent them my way! I have admired Crystal from afar through her images and her community involvement as the local small business Lovebug Baby, a local children’s boutique. Be sure to check out her two locations here in Henderson and Summerlin!

We met ahead of time just as I do with all my birth clients to talk about what was most important to them in documenting their birth. Crystal had a really long and exhausting labor with her first born, and really wanted something different this time around, so had chose to give birth at home with a midwife. She had really hoped that this labor would be a better experience for them all. They really wanted to include their son in their birth story and had hoped it would happen when he was awake and able to be present.

We also talked about the fact that we are on complete opposite sides of town and had decided I would just err on the safe side and come as soon as things started moving along. We communicated in the weeks and days leading up to their due date and she updated often and after each appointment, which was awesome. After her last appointment we texted back and forth a bit and nothing too exciting was going on. But things changed quickly, really quickly. I got a call from Anthony telling me to come now, that it was time. So I packed the car and headed out. When I arrived her doula Cherish opened the door for me, and informed me that she had already delivered. Crystal labored so quickly her doula and her husband were the only ones attending when she delivered! Luckily, her husband is a firefighter so was capable of handling the situation and staying calm, and everyone was okay.

I am so sad that I didn’t get to document her entire birth, but was so happy for them at the same time that they didn’t have the experience they did last time! Her whole labor was less than an hour and a half!

So, I just grabbed my camera and just started shooting it all and I believe we still captured so much story, so much love, and so many beautiful details. Birth sure is anything but predictable!


Big brother was so interested in his new baby sister, he couldn’t have been more adorable with her! He was just genuinely so curious and wanted to be by her side at all times.

Crystal’s midwife, April Clyde of Serenity Birth Center and Sarah Slobody got to right to work as soon as they arrived checking Crystal’s bleeding, vital signs, and completing Arden’s newborn assessment while they assisted her in showering and getting settled in bed. Big brother was finally able to get up close to his new baby sister and just love on her a bit.

Her birth team stayed about 2 hours after to delivery to make sure mama was stable and baby was latched well..

I came back a few days after delivery once everyone was rested and settled and followed up with a Fresh 48 (okay, past the 48 hours but we follow baby’s lead on this).

I really wanted to do something special with Crystal since we missed so much of her birth, so we decided a herbal/milk bath would be perfect. It turned out even more beautiful than I imaged!



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