I have known Sheeva for quite some time as we used to work labor and delivery together here in Las Vegas. She moved on to another facility and I have since retired, but was so excited when she reached out to me early in her pregnancy to book her birth session with me. I truly am honored that she chose me to document such a huge moment in her life for her.

Her last baby was taken whisked away and taken to the NICU right after delivery and she just felt like she missed so many of those first moments and really wanted me to capture as many of those as I could, for fear of missing them again.

She chose photography only for her birth story, and we were sure to meet ahead of time for coffee to talk about her wishes and hopes in documenting her story. She had so much on her plate emotionally, and I was really inspired by her desire to move forward just as we had planned. I learned this long ago about Sheeva; she is an incredibly beautiful, strong, and hardworking woman. I hope that through her birth images she sees that. That is what I hope for all of the families that I document, for them to see the beauty from another vantage point, for them to be able to look back on their birth images and see the beauty and strength that I see.

It is really hard to choose just a few favorites, but here are some of my favorites from Isaiah’s Birth Story.

Because she is such a genuine person, Sheeva just has such a welcoming nature about her. It was beautiful to see her friends surrounding throughout her labor and birth with love and support. Her friends all took turns being at her side.

Big sister came at just the right time to love on her mama a bit. She was so adorable and patient. It had been such a long process for everyone at this point and I could just see mama’s eyes light up when she came in the room.

Sheeva was so tired by the time delivery time finally arrived, but she somehow still maintained her composure and looked so beautiful.

I really love coming back the next day or two for a Fresh 48 session. I typically stay around for the first hour to two following delivery to capture some of those first moments, and then like to step away to give you the space and time to bond with your baby and just rest in the quiet. Parents feel less rushed to capture images of family holding the baby, or feeling rushed in their time with their new baby.

Big sister was just so cute with her new baby brother. She hovered over him the entire time and was just enamored with him!



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