A Las Vegas Home Birth Story

This beautiful mama found me after they moved to Las Vegas as she began her search for a midwife and birth photographer. I am so happy she found me! They had so much to do while searching for care after moving mid-pregnancy, finding care they felt confident in, and organizing their new home.

I was even more excited that she also wanted to document their pregnancy.

I really love being able to document not only your birth (my true passion), but also more of your journey through maternity, Fresh 48, and newborn sessions. It really tells more of your story, and the story always has my heart.

I have loved having more and more clients this year request in-home maternity and family sessions! I think they have such an intimate feel to them, and I love including the elements of your own home. After all, your home is where your memories together will be made!

mom using her bedroom for a natural in-home maternity session in Las Vegas
mom and daughter during in-home maternity session in Las Vegas
using your bedroom for in-home maternity session in Las Vegas

Shooting their maternity session in their home was also great because Nicole planned on giving birth at home, so we could have our consult and an opportunity for me to take a look at the areas she would be using for her birth. It really helps me to be visually prepared as far as setting and light. It also makes your birth experience more comfortable because we have already met, and I have more of a feel of your personalities and wishes.

beautiful mother during in home maternity session in Las Vegas using her baby's nursery
mother in beautiful lace gown inside her baby's nursery during in home maternity session in Las Vegas
beautiful newborn nursery in Las Vegas

Very rarely do I prefer black and white images over color, but both of their maternity and birth sessions converted so beautifully to black and white, and I adore them.

mom and dad holding toddler during in home maternity session in Las Vegas
Las Vegas couple during maternity session at home
couple together during maternity session in their home in Las Vegas

We also incorporated their Christmas tree into the session since it timed out perfectly with the holidays.

Maternity session incorporating Christmas tree
pregnant mother standing in front of her Christmas tree at home in Las Vegas
mother in front of Christmas tree during her in home maternity session

Nicole delivered 3 weeks early with their older daughter and had experienced quite a lot of preterm contractions with this pregnancy. She also had a history of fast delivery with her last baby, so we talked about this quite a bit. Because of her history, I started call for her birth at the 37-week mark, and we talked often to check in with each other so that I would be on high alert when the time came.

She had quite a few moments in the week leading up to the birth that she thought could really be it. She experienced quite a few sleepless nights and uncomfortable cramping, but they always spaced back out and became irregular. It was a bit tricky, but as always, when on call I checked in often and kept my phone right by my head at night. Finally, after her last office appointment, her cervical check did show some cervical change, and her baby was sitting so low, so we amped up our communications. She really wanted to be sure they stayed regular before calling everyone over, and as they became more and more uncomfortable, we finally decided to just be safe and have me head over. Luckily, I live just 20 min away from her.

mother in birth tub with husband at her side after delivery of their baby girl

When I arrived, the door was ajar for me, so I just knew I better book it up the stairs, and sure enough, by the time I got up there, Nicole was in the tub and quite calmly looked over at me and said, “I’m pushing”. The room was dark and calm; her husband, Anthony, was cool as a cucumber. I had beaten the midwife there. As I frantically ran around trying to add enough light to capture some images without being too disruptive and altering the room’s mood, she calmly delivered her baby girl into her arms. Neither one of them got worked up, and it happened so quickly! I could grab one image of her baby emerging and then just started shooting everything as it unfolded.

mother holding baby after delivery in her birth tub in Las Vegas
mother holding baby after delivering rapidly in her birth tub before the midwife arrived.
mother calmly holding baby after a precipitous delivery at home
using creative perspectives in documenting birth at home
delayed cord clamping after home birth in Las Vegas
dad cutting the cord after delivery in birth tub at home

Her midwives arrived shortly after I did. I always love seeing the Serenity Birth Center birth team, they are such a capable group of midwives.

dad holding new baby as his wife gets out of their birthing tub at home
Anthony Prince holding his daughter after their birth at home

I was impressed by how well they handled the stress of such a precipitous delivery. They just did what they needed to do, and it unfolded beautifully.

Sarah Slobody assisting a mother after delivery in Las Vegas
dad holding new baby while midwives assist mom out of the birth tub at home
little baby feet in dad's arms after a home birth in Las Vegas
storytelling in birth photography capturing the scene
mom breastfeeding her baby after a home birth
newborn exam after home birth by Serenity Birth Center midwives
measuring the baby after a home birth
weighing the baby after a home birth in Las Vegas
newborn exam after delivery in Las Vegas home
breastfeeding moments after birth
the little details of birth at home
grandpa meeting his new granddaughter after home birth

Nicole had really hoped her dad would be in town when she delivered, and he was scheduled to fly out the night she went into labor. It timed out so perfectly. I just love capturing family members meeting their new baby, you could just see the pride all over his face.

proud grandfather holding his new granddaughter after home birth in Las Vegas
postpartum teaching at home by midwives
postpartum care at home after delivery

Big sister slept through the whole birth, and mom and dad were pretty exhausted, so we decided I would come back the next day to capture more images of them together once everyone rested.

sister meeting her new baby after birth at home

Their daughters are just under a year apart and big sister was so good with her! Documenting siblings meeting is one of my favorite things!

family together for Fresh 48 after home birth
adorable sisters meeting the day after delivery in Las Vegas home
capturing siblings meeting for the first time after birth
fresh 48 after home birth
Prince family at home after home birth
mom and her two baby girls during Fresh 48 session in Las Vegas home
fresh 48 newborn details of legs during Fresh 48 session
fresh 48 session after home birth in Las Vegas
using bedroom for fresh 48 session
cute family at home after home birth in Las Vegas
mom and dad kissing in group images with both of their daughters
mother holding her new baby girl swaddled at home
mom and baby together using the elements of their own home during in home session

Oh, how I wish I could have captured more of their birth, but I am so happy for them that it was a quick one! And this just goes to show you that there is still so much story surrounding the actual moment of birth. I love the story and the love we were able to capture around it!



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