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daughter kissing her mother as she holds her new baby brother at home


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The Birth of Jaxson

This super fast homebirth is such a beautiful birth story and a great example of the wide range of important and beautiful moments there are to capture around birth, even when I’m not with your for a long period of time. 

I had been following this beautiful mama on Instagram for quite some time (you should follow her now; she is amazing). I was drawn to her outlook, love for her family, and sense of humor. I ended up reaching out to her when I had a gap in my birth schedule. I was so happy it worked out! 

Her biggest concern was whether I would make it in time. We live on the opposite sides of town, and there isn’t a quick route to get to her house. Her first baby was crazy fast, with the midwife just missing their birth. She described that birth as going from “maybe I’m in labor” to “the baby is coming” in a very short amount of time. So, we came up with the plan to communicate often, and I would come out on the earlier end and even hang out in their area if needed when things started moving along. 

One night, she texted to let me know she was having some labor signs but nothing consistent, and she wasn’t sure it was the real deal. I offered to come hang out in their area in my car (I’ve had lots of car naps and sleep breaks during births), but she didn’t want me to drive that far if it ended up dying down. The following day, I woke up surprised there was no texts or calls, but got ready just in case. Sure enough, I got the call at 7:30 am that things were moving fast and to come now. I jumped right in my car and headed out. Of course, traffic could have been better this time of day, but luckily, it was not too horrid. 

As I was pulling up to their community the midwife called to see how close I was. She was right behind me and not sure she would make it either. When I pulled up out front her dad was out there waiting for me, to let me know things were happening fast and she had the urge to push.

This is where having my cameras on and ready to go is vital. I’ve learned that lesson along the way, and always walk in ready to start shooting immediately, if needed. As I walked in dad was calmly delivering his son, and their doula right by her side offering such calm support. Their midwife’s operator was also on speaker with them ready to give any guidance they might need. Their birth space was incredibly calm and quiet. This mom is a serious rock star!!

The funny thing is she delivered even faster than last time and in the exact same position she had her first baby in.

Delivered by Dad

a mother giving birth in her Henderson home with husband and doula at side

The best part of this story is that this baby was delivered by his father.

doula holding baby after a fast home birth in Henderson, NV
black and white image of a mother breastfeeding her new baby as her husband looks on

What a cool birth story, right? This dad will always get to hold and cherish the moment of delivering his son. You could see the pride all over him!

a beautiful fast home birth in Henderson
midwife checking the soft palette of a newborn after delivery
midwife performing a newborn exam after a fast homebirth in Henderson
A midwife performing a newborn exam by examining baby's spine after delivery

They make the most beautiful babies. I mean look at that gorgeous head of hair and beautiful skin!

midwife preparing a cloth scale for weighing a newborn after delivery at home
father weighing his son after a home birth

Their midwife Sarah from Serenity walked in right after he was born. I just love Sarah, she has such a beautiful heart and is such a gift to our community.

a father changing his son's diaper for the first time at home

Their doula, Melissa was the same as their last baby as well, and their connection and the trust there was beautiful to see.

a father holding his new son on his chest skin-to-skin
introducing a big sister to her new baby brother after a homebirth in Henderson

The cutest little moments unfolded as they brought in big sister to meet her new baby brother. She was a little unsure at first, and was a bit confused to wake up to a house full of strangers. Sibling meetings are some of my favorite moments to capture.

big sister meeting her new baby brother for the first time after a home birth
daughter kissing her mother as she holds her new baby brother at home
helping a big sister navigate the introduction to her baby at home with mom holding baby and dad holding toddler
a beautiful black family together on the bed after a fast homebirth in Henderson
midwife checking mom's vital signs after a homebirth in Henderson
a mother holding her swaddled son after she delivered at home
a mother taking all of her newborn baby's details as she holds him in her arms.
a mother breastfeeding with the assistance of her midwife
checking oxygen saturation on a baby after a homebirth

This is a great example of how unique each birth story is! Feel free to peruse other birth stories I have shared!

A Super Fast Homebirth: Delivered by Dad

Thursday, May 9th, 2024

An image of a new mom holding her son while her midwife looks on


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The Birth of Cormac Seth

This is the second birth I’ve documented for this family, and both times, I was so inspired and blown away by the intentional space this mother created to welcome her children. As I tried to think of a title and ways to describe just how beautiful their birth was, I kept coming back to Beauty, Light, and Love. It is the perfect way to describe the physical space she had created, the dynamics of their family, and their love for each other.

Jessica is incredibly talented and spent weeks preparing her master bath for her son’s delivery, and as she shared bits and pieces of it through the process, I got more and more excited to see it in person. The biggest fear was that she would go incredibly fast like she had with her third baby, which brings the risk of me either running in at the end or missing it entirely (always a major fear for me and my clients). Her last baby came so fast I arrived just 20 minutes before she delivered!

Birth Full of Beauty

Although her birth space was gorgeous, as you can see, what made their whole birth story even more beautiful was that her girls happened to be on spring break and all home as she labored, and so besides being surrounded by this lovely space, she was surrounded by her children, her husband, fantastic midwife (that has now delivered all four of her children), and her friend and doula, Lori(also present for all her deliveries). Their birth film is full of all the beautiful details, so be sure to check it out.

black and white images of mother holding her daughter in her arms at home

Jessica’s labor is the perfect example of just how unpredictable birth can be. Although moms tend to follow the patterns of their previous pregnancies, there are always surprises and unknowns. After all the worry about it going so fast and making it in time, her son’s labor proved to be long and steady. In fact it stalled out a bit right after everyone arrived (not uncommon), so she laid down and took a little nap and reset with her youngest, then got up and moved around with the girls; dancing, cuddling, and just loving on each other. That worked on bringing more oxytocin into play, and soon things were moving along again.

mother holding her daughter as she labors at home in her bathroom
daughters interacting with their mom as she labors at home in a beautiful birth space
daughter fanning her mother as they dance at home while she is in early laobr
husband rubbing his wife's lower back as she leans over tub while in labor
daughters filling tub with flower petals as their mother labors at home
birth space decorated with white flowers and lights
black and white image of a woman laboring in a tub full of petals surrounded by white flowers and beautiful light.
husband and doula physically supporting mother as she labors in tub wiht flower petals

Full of Light

Not only was her birth space filled with beautiful twinkle lights and gorgeous candles, but she was also lucky enough to have a daytime birth, so light-filled all the spaces she was in.

midwife Dixie Story of Las Vegas supports a mother as she labors at home.
daughters holding their mother's hand as she labors in a tub at home
wife being supported by her husband and two daughters as she labors at home in her tub
tender moment as a daughter lays her head on her mother's arm

She had hoped her daughters would be interested and engaged when she delivered but kept the option always open to them to come in and out as they felt comfortable and only when ready. They came in at different stages, sometimes individually, sometimes together, but always sweet and tender.

image of husband and doulas hands holding a mother as she breaths through a contraction
a mother resting between contractions as she labors in a tub full of flower petals
mother breathing through intense contractions as her doula rubs her lower back in the tub

Finally, after some intense pressure and surges, she held her sweet boy in her arms.

mother holds her son in her arms right after delivering him at home surrounded by her family
mother holding her new baby in a blue blanket in the water as the father looks on
excited sister as they meet their new baby brother while their mom holds him
newborn in his mother's arms covered in vernix right after delivery
mother looking at her new son as she takes in his details

Full of Love

I am so impressed by so many things about Jessica and her beautiful family, but one thing that is so obvious from the time you meet her is how much her family means to her. Her love for all of them permeates everything. After three girls, welcoming her first son added an additional layer of excitement and joy for them all.

mother in bed looking at her new son just moments after delivery
black and white image of a mother holding her son right after delivery at her home in Las Vegas
dad cutting the cord after a home birth in Las Vegas
An image of a new mom holding her son while her midwife looks on
newborn making eye contact with his mom right after delivery
mother holding her son in her arms as she lays down in bed
mother holding her son tight as she lays down in her bed after a home birth in Las Vegas
mother breastfeeding her new baby as big sister tenderly touches head
sister tendering holding her new baby brother after a Las Vegas home birth

Big sisters are big enough to always remember just how special this day was, and how they were a part of it all.

Dixie Story a Las Vegas midwife performing a newborn exam
newborn measurements after a home birth
midwife weighing the baby after a home birth in Las Vegas
midwife checking baby's heart rate after a home birth
a mother kissing her son's head as she snuggles him in bed after delivery

Birth is so full of beauty and story, no matter how it unfolds. I love that this family was able to create their own beautiful birth space, and hopefully, it inspires you as much as it did me!

A Birth Full of Beauty, Light, and Love

Friday, March 1st, 2024

parents reacting to the birth of their son in a Las Vegas birth center


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A Birth Story of Strength and Determination

I am excited to finally share the birth of Malakhai! There is no reason I haven’t shared it yet other than being behind on blog posts. The good side about sharing this powerful birth story, full of strength and determination a year later, is that often, the beauty present in each birth story becomes even more evident over time as families process and revisit not only the joyous moments but the struggles and obstacles they experienced in these transformative moments.

I was so happy when this family found me and asked if we could arrange a face-to-face meeting to see if we were a good match. (I highly recommend this when hiring anyone for your birth, whether it be your OB, midwife, doula, or photographer). From the moment they sat down, their excitement was so evident, and their connection with each other was so beautiful. We had a great conversation and were so excited when they shared they were ready to move forward.

They planned on delivering at Serenity Birth Center here in Las Vegas. It is a beautiful option for families and the only free-standing birth center in Las Vegas.

As her due date came and went, this mom stayed patient and committed to letting their sweet boy arrive in his own time. Finally, just a day shy of 42 weeks, her labor started. They labored at home with their doula in the early phase of labor, and at 0230 in the morning, I got a text from Dad saying they were heading to the birth center. I made my way there as soon as she was admitted and settled. She was in the active stage of labor and approaching transition (7-10 cms). From the beginning, their birth space was quiet and peaceful.

Serenity Birth Center Las Vegas

I was excited to finally work alongside their doula, Ednalyna of The Birth Tribe. I had heard such great things about her, and it was evident in watching her hold and support this family why she is so loved.

Midwifery care at Serenity Birth Center
birth team with doula and husband at birth center in Las Vegas
midwife checking fetal heart tones in the water
Las Vegas doula Edna supporting her client
Birth tubs at Serenity Birth Center in Las Vegas, NV.
Doula holding her client as she breathes through a contraction in the birthing tub

First babies are often longer labors, and although she had made so much progress before being admitted, the last phases of labor proved to be long for this mama. She moved from the water to bed to standing positions. She stayed committed to whatever positions would help bring her baby down.

laboring in the bed at Serenity Birth Center in Las Vegas
husband holding his wife's hand during labor in Las Vegas
being a good support person during labor
hands and knees position for laboring
husband applying lower back pressure in the standing position during labor

It can be challenging for husbands and partners to see the struggle because it can feel helpless and hard to stay patient. The energy of every person in your birth space can feed into your experience, and an anxious person can feed into your energy. This dad stayed so calm, supportive, and encouraging.

doula and husband both supporting mother as she labors in the standing position
mother smiling as she labors standing using Spinning Babies movements
mother hugging her husband while she labors in the standing position
laboring with support of doula in Las Vegas
husband giving his wife encouragement as she labors in a Las Vegas birth center
husband holding his wife in the birth tub at Serenity Birth Center in Las Vegas

The challenging part of this labor was that even though she was finally 10 cms and had the urge to push, her baby stayed high for quite some time. It was hard for mom to rest between the pressure and urge to push.

side-lying position in labor for fetal rotation
nitrous oxide during labor at Las Vegas birth center
the importance of including partner in labor support alongside your doula
using the peanut ball during pushing
staying hydrated and fueled during labor with honey sticks and peanut butter
pushing on the toilet to aid in fetal descent in Las Vegas birth center.
laboring on the toilet for fetal rotation

Between pushing, they tried just about every position imaginable. One of the most useful positions for bringing baby down as they make their final rotations is the toilet; in fact, in the birth community, it is often called ‘the dilation station’.

using a pull sheet to aid in pushing during birth

Finally, almost 18 hours after being admitted, her sweet boy was in her arms. I am still in awe of them both for staying committed and focused and determined to bring their sweet boy earthside in the setting they wanted.

side-lying position for pushing in labor
parents reacting to the birth of their son in a Las Vegas birth center
mother holding her new baby right after birth in a Las Vegas birth center
father holding his son skin-to-skin after delivery at Serenity Birth Center in Las Vegas

This birth story will always stay with me and will forever inspire me because of their strength and determination. I am honored to have had the opportunity to share their story.

The Birth of Malakhai

Friday, February 9th, 2024

Henderson birth photographer


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As we close out 2023, it’s the perfect time to review the year!

One of my favorite ways to end the year in gratitude is to revisit all the sessions I’ve had the honor of documenting throughout the year, picking a favorite from each. Favorites change throughout the year, but in this exercise of revisiting images, I am almost always drawn to joy, love, connection, and sometimes the memory of what happened in the moments surrounding that image.

This is also the time of year I set or adjust my annual goals for business and personal growth, always with the desire for balance to ensure I can be fully present in both. My word of intention for 2024 is Present.

I believe it’s essential to evaluate each year as far as what has worked, areas I feel worked for my clients and schedule, and ways to improve and grow (because I believe we never stop growing!)

2023 was a big year for me, business-wise as well as personally. After coming out of a creative rut that lasted two years, I finally felt my creativity re-ignited. I believe it was more burnout than a creative rut, but either way, I felt somewhat zapped and often struggled to pick up my camera. In this reset, I found that when I make time for myself and feed my soul spiritually and creatively as well as my body physically, I come to you, my clients, refreshed and much more creative and passionate, hopefully providing you the best experience I can. I’ve built solo vacation times for myself for the last two years, and it has been an incredible way to reset. I will continue this into 2024 and am still working on how this year will look.

I’ll address things I will keep the same for 2024 and changes I will make in each of the services I provide in the appropriate sections below.


In 2023, I documented 13 births, each unique and special. Six of those births were repeat clients. This year, I documented two families that have now trusted me with three of their birth stories! What an honor!

This is my second year creating a compilation of the beauty of birth. Here is 2023:

Birth Stats

6 home births, 5 hospital births, and 2 birth center births. Two were transferred to the hospital from home and birth center, and one was delivered via cesarean.

room set with dim lights and calm scene for laboring in the water at Serenity Birth Center.

Achievements in birth for 2023 included being published in NAPCP‘s Inspired Magazine, being awarded first place in the birth category of Shoot and Share, and multiple placements in the birth category.

I also had a new website revamp, and I couldn’t be happier! Louise with The Autumn Rabbit has done it again (this is the second website she’s built for me). I wanted to emphasize my focus on birth photography and videography, as these are my specialties.

mother resting between. contractions in Las Vegas birth center.
Little Loo Photography
newborn exam after Las Vegas home birth

My 2024 goal is to continue to grow creatively and in filmmaking, focusing on continuing to develop my storytelling skills, applying to at least two competitions, and expanding mentoring other photographers in this incredible genre. I plan on adding at least five more birth clients in 2024.

If you plan to welcome a baby in 2024, please reach out! I tend to book out quickly and have openings in February, May, and August.

transition phase of labor
skin-to-skin contact with mother and baby right after birth
Dr Adashek assisting dad in catching his own baby
Las Vegas birth photographer
joy of mother finding out gender at birth
Las Vegas birth videographer
Henderson birth photographer
Little Loo Photography home birth
home birth options Las Vegas


I documented 12 maternity sessions.

Maternity sessions are tied with family sessions as my next favorite after births. It is a unique period filled with anticipation and the beauty of waiting to meet your new baby. Watching mothers open up and shine in front of the camera is the best.

In 2023, I added a few more beautiful dresses and gowns for client use.

In 2024, I will keep the number of maternity sessions pretty equal to this year; it was my happy place and ensured I had space on the calendar for birth clients. This year’s changes will be that my birth clients will get first dibs on maternity, fresh, and newborn spots on the calendar.

maternity session with beautiful skies and red dress
couples maternity session in Las Vegas for climbers
sunset couples maternity session valley of fire
2023 Little Loo Photography session favorites, maternity session
in-home maternity session with Danika Brysha
maternity session with warm hazy light and cream dress
maternity session with son hugging his mother's stomach
maternity session in the wetlands in Las Vegas with stormy skies
family maternity session downtown Las Vegas
creative maternity session with son and dog
Elegant maternity session Redrock canyon with plum dress

Fresh and Newborn

I photographed 5 Fresh sessions and 13 Newborn sessions.

I’ve transitioned into calling these sessions ‘Fresh’ sessions versus ‘Fresh 48’ because, as life goes, it isn’t always possible to get those Fresh sessions in those first couple of days whether it is a NICU transfer or families just needed an extra day or two to settle in. The purpose and goal of Fresh sessions is to capture all those sweet little newborn details and precious first days of getting to know each other. These days pass quickly, and those little details change so fast! They are more lifestyle in nature with minimal posing.

Fresh 48 Session at Henderson Hospital
First few days at home with your baby

For 2024, planning to focus on birth clients while managing the schedule well, I will keep the same number of fresh and newborn sessions, with birth clients having first choice on availability.

NICU session Southern Hills hospital
father holding his daughter during in-home newborn session
newborn session using Union Jack flag
lifestyle newborn session with white onsie in Las Vegas
military family during newborn session in Las Vegas
in-home newborn photographer Las Vegas
mother and her four children during in-home newborn session
newborn session using yellow wrap and yellow drop

I’ve added a studio option for newborn clients utilizing a shared studio space. This is great for families who don’t want to worry about their home’s appearance or the prep for an in-home session. Although it may seem like more work to have them in your home, these sessions are a great reminder of how this period of your life felt. Your home is where your memories will be made, and there is something so unique in that.

newborn in cream wrap holding small teddy bear
tender image of mother holding her newborn daughter closely
newborn session with air force uniform
casual newborn session in home with whole family
in-home twin newborn session Las Vegas
in-home newborn session with toddler sibling


I have had a dream and goal to teach and mentor, and in 2023, I finally saw that long-time goal come to fruition! I had the privilege of teaching my first course, Family Filmmaking, at Click Photo School. Their community was the first I found in my drive to become a better photographer and storyteller and where I have grown the most. Teaching a course in this beautiful community 13 years later has been the best!

In 2023, I documented 18 families, twice the number in 2022.

family sessions with sons

I loved that I could accommodate more families this year by spacing them out throughout the year. This year was definitely my favorite family season! I had so many returning clients and families who wanted to capture connections and personalities over posed images, and that right there is my language! My goal is always to remind you how this season of your life felt, and the best way to do that is to encourage connections and joy during sessions. Thank you to all the families who trusted me in these moments and with your precious families.

in-home session for three month old baby in Las Vegas

For 2024, I will take on fewer family clients to allow space on the calendar for increase in birth clients. I wish I could do it all, but with the weeks of ‘on-call’ time for clients and the unpredictable nature of birth, it just isn’t feasible.

Previous clients will have the first choice of available family session spots, and rather than having you choose months so far in advance, I will open the family calendar quarterly, with an email going out to regular clients first. Hopefully, this will help take the pressure off of you as well!

family session with young children in high desert
family session full of love and connection
2023 year in review little loo photography
Las Vegas family videographer
little loo photography families
Little Loo Photography 2023 favorites
Jean Story with her son
Adriana Carpenter and family
Krystal Leaver and her son
family session with four kids and sillyness
enjoying the season of life with small children
fall family photographs from 2023
family session with older children Las Vegas
family session in Calico Basin
fun family session Las Vegas, NV
family session with three year old girl

Thank you all for trusting me again and again with your most precious moments and most precious people! I am continually in awe that this is what I get to do. Here’s to an amazing year ahead!

2023 A Year in Review

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024

6 things to consider in a birth photographer


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Birth photography has become more popular over the last decades, and it is easy to see why. The birth of your child and the moments around it are some of the most emotional and life-altering moments we experience. Reflecting on such a momentous day’s emotions, strengths, and connections can carry beautiful memories and significant healing.

There are many things to consider when searching for the perfect birth photographer; I’ll share 6 factors for choosing a birth photographer and important questions to ask yourself and your prospective photographer.

6 Factors for Choosing a Birth Photographer

Hiring the right birth photographer for such a momentous time is essential. Not only is the birth of your child a moment that cannot be repeated or redone, but it is also incredibly emotional and intimate. Although hiring a birth photographer based on price alone may be tempting, there is much more to consider.

hiring an experienced birth photographer

1. Experience

In Various Lighting Situations

The first factor to consider is experience. It’s important to consider not only their years in business but also how much experience they have in the birth space.
Birth photography is a unique genre in that lighting settings and scenarios vary greatly. Mothers tend to labor in dimly lit spaces and various light settings, from home to birth centers, to hospital births. Your photographer must be prepared to walk into whatever space you’re delivering in, ready to use the available light, or be equipped with additional light sources such as an external flash.

Do they have a portfolio with strong and consistent work in various settings?

An experienced birth photographer will have invested in equipment that can handle low-light situations and be ready to use their equipment to the best of their abilities. Some birth photographers use an external flash in dimmer lighting situations and during face-paced moments, while others prefer to rely on natural light within the scene. Neither is wrong, but you may want to ask your prospective photographer which they prefer.

room set with dim lights and calm scene for laboring in the water at Serenity Birth Center.

Within a Variety of Birth Settings

An experienced birth photographer will have experience in various settings, better preparing them for what may come next. They will have learned the best angles and positions within birth spaces to capture the moments most important to you. They will have experience with the different stages and phases of labor, helping them anticipate moments. They become masterful storytellers, able to see storytelling elements within scenes while using the best compositions to tell your story beautifully.

They will have developed a reverence and respect for the birth space without becoming intrusive or disrespectful.

They will likely have developed the skill of working seamlessly with others on your birth team.

home birth in Las Vegas

How Many Births Have They Documented?

It is appropriate to ask how many births your prospective photographer has documented. Although we all have to start somewhere (and I am so thankful for the first families that trusted me in their birth spaces), experience does matter in this genre. You may know photographers with years of experience and consider them for your birth, but they may not have had experience in such varied and uncontrolled settings, which matters.

If you’re considering having family members or friends document your birth, there are many things to consider: where to stand, what to anticipate, best angles, use of light, and respect within the birth space. Hiring a birth photographer allows you to have family fully present in the birth experience without worrying about grabbing their camera or not being fully present in these emotional moments.

2. How Do They View Birth?

Another important factor to consider is how they view birth.

You may wonder why your photographer’s views on the birth matter and why they should align with yours.

It is essential that you feel respected and honored in your birth space. Every single person present within your space can have an impact on your birth experience. Are they aware of your wishes, requests, birth plans, and history? Are they willing to leave their experiences and biases outside your space? It can be tempting for others within your space to project their experiences onto yours, and although that may seem helpful, it can also take away from your own unique and personal experience.

Having a birth team that believes in your ability to bring your child into this world can make a huge impact, particularly when you may begin to doubt yourself or your own body’s capability.

For instance, a photographer who’s never photographed or witnessed a home birth may have some anxieties or hesitations, or a photographer who is only comfortable in a homebirth setting may give off confrontational vibes in a hospital setting. Everyone is entitled to their own experiences and emotions, but it is important on your special day to honor yours.

3. Professionalism

The third factor to consider is their professionalism in the birth setting and your community.

Whether you live in a small community or a big city, birth communities tend to be small and close-knit. Having a photographer who has worked hard to develop and foster community relationships will help ensure they are accepted and respected in birth spaces.

Do they maintain professional behaviors within different types of birth locations and situations and are aware of policies within the facilities in which they work?

In this genre, your photographer must have backup gear, just in case there is a malfunction in any equipment, from their camera body to lenses, microphones, and external flashes. Documenting moments that cannot be redone requires extra diligence in ensuring your photographer has all the necessary tools.

Do they have a code of ethics they work under? Do they maintain proper business licensure and carry liability insurance? Do they have contracts to protect you and cover any incidents that may arise? Do they present themselves professionally in all situations? Do they have strong connections with other birth photographers?

a professional birth photographer will be available for you whenever you deliver.

5. On-Call Experience

Another important factor to consider is their experience being on call.

Birth photographers are often on call for weeks (most start ‘call’ somewhere between 37 and 38 weeks gestation and remain on-call until you deliver). That means they need a schedule that allows them to be available and ready whenever your baby decides to come, whether at night or during a family function. They’ll abstain from alcohol to stay clear-headed and focused and understand the unpredictable nature of birth, ready to remain at your birth whether it’s 2 hours or 18 (or more). They won’t put time restraints on your time together and typically stay 1-2 hours after delivery to capture important firsts such as skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, newborn exams, family meetings, and tender moments. They won’t have a heavy schedule that may conflict with your birth.

Experienced birth photographers will maintain a strong network of other local birth photographers to ensure you’re always covered if they are at another birth or in extenuating circumstances.

A great question for your prospective birth photographer is whether they work with backup photographers.

5 things to consider in a birth photographer

6. Do You Connect with Them?

Birth is very intimate and vulnerable. Having someone you trust with such intimate moments is vital. Are their personality and mannerisms compatible with yours? For instance, if you anticipate wanting a quiet space, does the photographer’s presence and personality demonstrate that? Does their presence make you feel comfortable? Or, are you more outgoing and conversational and more comfortable with more extroverted personality types?

baby being delivered by c-section

6. Cost

Lastly, cost is a real factor in such a big decision. You’ll likely find a wide range of pricing from photographer to photographer in your community. Finding a birth photographer within your budget is important.

There can also be a variety of what photographers include in their packages. Do their packages include any products, such as prints or albums? Are there restrictions on time spent with you? How are your images delivered? How long is their turnaround time for providing images?

Birth photography is an investment just like wedding photography, and in my opinion, even more life-changing and important to document. Trust me; you’ll want to remember all those little details: how you looked at your baby for the first time, those first cries and tender words spoken as encouragement in the moments you needed them, the way your spouse or partner looked at you, and just how strong you are.

Most experienced birth photographers will have developed their price structure with many factors in mind, from the costs of maintaining a legitimate business to the quality gear they’ll need to capture beautiful images in whatever setting you deliver. Many birth photographers offer payment plans before your birth, which is another excellent question to ask.

6 Factors for Choosing a Birth Photographer

Saturday, December 23rd, 2023

room set with dim lights and calm scene for laboring in the water at Serenity Birth Center.


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A Powerful Belly to Home Birth Story

The birth of Adeline is a belly-to-home birth story that captures so much more than the birth of their sweet girl. It captures this family’s love for each other and this mom’s determination and strength.
Kaitlyn found me when searching for a birth photographer here in Las Vegas. Her goals were to capture everything about this stage of their lives, from the anticipation of awaiting their little girl to their birth at our local birth center, Serenity Birth Center, to bringing her home with an in-home newborn session. More and more families have chosen this birth package over the last few years. The Whole Story birth package includes maternity, birth, and newborn sessions. It captures so much more than just the day your baby arrives. After all, there is so much more to birth stories than the day you deliver!

Be sure also to check out their beautiful birth film at the end. It perfectly demonstrates the beauty and grace she brought their sweet baby into this world.

maternity session with spouse in Las Vegas desert
Little Loo Photography maternity session Las Vegas
sunset maternity session in the Las Vegas desert during the winter
a maternity session in the desert using sun flare with mother holding her belly.

Getting to know clients is vital in being prepared to capture the moments most important to you, so face-to-face meetings are always included in my birth packages. It is the perfect time to hear your wishes and hopes and get a feel for your personalities and family dynamics. It also helps to make the day of delivery more comfortable for everyone. Working alongside families during maternity sessions also helps as I get to see their dynamics in action, and it adds a layer of trust before delivery day. I left this maternity session even more excited to document their birth because their love for each other was tender and sweet. Their laid-back personalities and the way they interacted made it evident that their connection would be a highlight of their birth story.

maternity session in the Las Vegas desert with a long flowing floral gown.
pregnant mother standing in beautiful light in a long flowing gown in Las Vegas desert.

Kaitlyn had an estimated due date of December 29th, which added an exciting layer of anticipation of whether she would deliver in 2022 or 2023 or even on New Year’s Eve. She is a registered nurse who has not only worked as a travel nurse but now works for a travel nurse company. She worked hard both in a staff position on the floor and as a coordinator until the week before her due date and was ready to meet her baby girl. But, their sweet girl was nice and cozy on the inside and waited until 41 weeks and three days to make her grand appearance.

Kaitlyn labored for days before finally bringing their sweet girl earthside. Contractions began after an exam in the office with their midwife and were consistently off and on and uncomfortable, but not enough to be admitted into the birth center. Finally, two days later, they changed and became consistent and intense. She was admitted to the birth center, and I was called in the early morning hours to head their way.

Regina Roy providing labor support at Las Vegas birth center.

Their amazing doula Regina Roy, was with them, and I was so excited to finally meet her in person.

Kaitlyn was most comfortable in the water, and their birth space was quiet and serene, with Jason and Regina diligently by her side, very in tune with what she needed and when she needed it. She was tired after contracting as long as she had and rested as much as possible between contractions.

mother laboring in tub at Serenity Birth Center in Las Vegas with husband and doula at her side.
laboring in water at Serenity Birth Center in Las Vegas
husband spraying water on his wife's back as she labors in the water.

After a few hours, her contractions became a bit irregular again, and so an exam was done. She had made minimal change, and so the decision was made for her to go back home and hopefully get some rest while her body continued to work. They were, of course, disappointed.

There was little rest at home, and Kaitlyn remained uncomfortable but determined. Finally, two days later, things changed, and the intensity and frequency finally increased, and they returned to the birth center, this time with significant cervical change.

room set with dim lights and calm scene for laboring in the water at Serenity Birth Center.

Kaitlyn’s demeanor had also changed. Her determination was awe-inspiring. She remained turned inward where she needed to be to stay focused, and Regina was consistently by her side. Their trust was evident, which helped Kaitlyn’s trust in her direction and suggestions for labor positions. Although exhausted, Jason remained by her side and calm and grounded throughout the process. I was impressed with how calm and supportive he stayed throughout, always trusting Kaitlyn’s body and the process. This is a perfect case of how important it is that your birth team believes in you and supports you. That energy becomes palpable and, I believe, can sway outcomes.

husband connecting with wife while in labor through touching her hands.
supported mother as she labors on the bed at a Las Vegas birth center
Las Vegas doula Regina Roy offering hydration to a mother laboring.
Regina Roy a Las Vegas doula using the Rebozo techniques in labor.
doula fanning a labor client as she sits on a birthing ball
mother resting between contractions while on birthing ball
sacral pressure by doula while mother is standing in labor.
mother laboring in hands and knees position for fetal rotation
framing techniques in birth photography
birth center support staff Las Vegas

The last stages of labor required Kaitlyn to dig deep and allow her body the rest it needed between contractions. Although she was fully dilated for hours, the urge to push and fetal descent was a slow process, just like the rest of her labor, but she remained determined and committed. Finally, at one point, her amazing midwife, April Clyde, and student midwife, Alexyis Bonilla, encouraged her to sit on the toilet in hopes it would aid in fetal descent. There is a reason they call the toilet the “dilation station.” It is often the key to opening the pelvis up to allow for fetal rotation and descent, and it finally did the trick. Kaitlyn went from working so hard to her baby’s head right there! They quickly assisted her into the tub (where she wanted to deliver) just in time for her to deliver her sweet baby girl.

checking cervical dilation while laboring at a Las Vegas birth center
assisted pushing at birth center in Las Vegas.
water delivery at Serenity Birth Center in Las Vegas
mother holding her baby tightly right after delivery at Las Vegas birth center
proud husband after his wife delivered in the water at a birth center

The pride on pure joy on Jason’s face and the pure love and joy of Kaitlyn as she finally held her sweet girl in her arms pretty much had us all in tears.

immediately following a water birth at a birth center in Las Vegas
husband taking his wife's picture while holding her new baby right after delivery
mother holding her new baby girl after delivering in a birth center
support during a birth center birth from husband and midwifery student.
black and white image of a baby right after delivery in a birth tub.

As Kaitlyn was showered and assisted back to bed, dad had some precious skin-to-skin time with his new baby girl; it was so tender and beautiful. He just soaked it all up.

father enjoying skin to skin with his new baby while mother is cared for.
doula smiling at a new baby she assisted on.

And this beautiful soul, Regina. I had heard so many things about her, and I could 1000% see why her clients and the birth community love her. She is a blessing and holds such a special gift. She was so patient and connected with Kaitlyn, and so knowledgeable of the labor process.

skin to skin time with dad after delivery
sweet moments between mom, dad, and new baby right after delivery.
dad participating in newborn exam at Serenity Birth Center in Las Vegas.
April Clyde during a newborn exam at Serenity Birth Center in Las Vegas
April Clyde providing breastfeeding support after a birth center birth in Las Vegas.

Newborn sessions with The Whole Package clients are always a little bittersweet. We’ve communicated so often in the weeks leading up to their birth, and to be a part of such an intimate and important time in their lives always leaves a lasting connection. To see that sweet reward in their arms is the best. These two were utterly smitten with their sweet Adeline, and I loved that they included their fur babies.

in-home newborn session in Las Vegas using master bedroom.
mother holding her new baby in her bedroom during an in-home newborn session in Las Vegas.
Little Loo Photography in home newborn session.
mother and baby together on the bed during an in-home newborn session.
newborn girl in pink wrap on parents bed.
newborn details a week after birth.
dad holding his newborn girl in a rocking chair during in-home newborn session.
dad cradling his new baby girl at home during a newborn session.
newborn in gold and navy outfit during an in-home newborn session.
mother snuggling her new baby girl during a lifestyle newborn session in Las Vegas.

And finally, their birth story in motion. The emotions and beauty of this period always carry over much better in film.

The Birth of Adeline

Wednesday, November 8th, 2023

woman showing joy and emotion after delivering baby at home.


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Home Birth Edition

The benefits of family-centered birth care began to emerge over the last decades. Initially, this model of care started in the fields of pediatrics and geriatrics. The importance of keeping children with their family members and including families as a whole in their care plan positively impacted physical and emotional outcomes. However, over time it has grown into many other areas of medicine and brought much-needed changes to how we approach and view care and the active roles patients play in their care.

Patient- and family-centered care is working “with” patients and families, rather than just doing “to” or “for” them.

Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care

I’d love to share how this approach benefits birth experiences both at home and in the hospital setting. This post will focus on home births. This beautiful birth is a prime example of how it can look in the home setting.

Home birth provides the perfect setting for emphasizing family-centered birth care, after all, it is the birth of not just your baby, but your family as a whole, however it may look!

Of course, not everyone is a candidate for home birth, and delivering safely is always the best option. Always follow the advice of your care provider and be sure to explore and examine if home birth is a safe option for you.

mother labors in birth tub surrounded by family and birth team.

As a labor and delivery nurse from 2000-2019, I enjoyed seeing many benefits of family-centered birth care emerge in my field. Patients and their families were empowered to participate actively in their care. The evolving emphasis on keeping moms and babies together, especially in those vital first hours, changed over my career for the better. Birth spaces became more family-friendly and much more comfortable and relaxed spaces. I learned firsthand how vital including family is in helping patients feel supported physically and emotionally.

During the pandemic, when families were separated from each other, and birth spaces became more and more restrictive, it felt like we had taken ten steps backward. Mothers were away from their children at home for more extended periods. Mothers weren’t allowed to have more than one support person present. It felt like a big gap had formed in the model of family-centered birth care.

I have loved being present in more and more home births in my role as a birth photographer, and I would have to say that this is part of the home and birth center births that has had the most significant impact on me; the stress on the family as the center. Also, during the pandemic, I saw more and more women turn to options outside of the hospitals, and this type of care was often the driving force.

husband holding his wife through a contraction.

Patient Empowerment

As a labor and delivery nurse from 2000-2019, I enjoyed seeing many benefits of family-centered birth care emerge in my field. Patients and their families were empowered to participate actively in their care. The evolving emphasis on keeping moms and babies together, especially in those vital first hours, changed over my career for the better. Birth spaces became more family-friendly and much more comfortable and relaxed spaces. I learned firsthand how essential including family is in helping. One of the primary benefits of family-centered birth is the empowerment it gives families as they play an active role in their plan of care. With communication between patients and their midwives, a safe care plan can be arrived upon. It is a team approach, with families actively choosing who is present in their birth space between midwives, doulas, and ancillary staff versus being cared for by strangers. With active planning with their birth team, decisions can be made on spaces utilized, water birth versus land birth, and family members’ roles.

I have found in my experience that family members play a much more active role in this setting. It makes sense as these are the spaces they are most comfortable in, and family members and friends know you the best.

Patients can more easily change positions in this setting, often utilizing the comfortable spaces in their homes, such as showers and bathtubs, to living spaces, such as bedrooms. I’ve even followed some of my clients on walks in the neighborhood to keep things moving along. The patient’s birth team most often tends to follow the mom’s directions on what feels comfortable versus directing it.

This family is a perfect example of family-centered care at home. This mother had given birth to two of her children in the hospital setting, and although she had good experiences, the idea of not being able to have her family around her swayed her decisions. She delivered mid-Covid and wouldn’t have been able to have her husband, children, parents, and aunts present. Family is very important to her and affected her decision on where she believed it was best for her to give birth. Well-Rounded Mama helped this family create their perfect birth story.

mother laboring in tub at her home birth in Las Vegas.
water breaking while mother laboring in birth tub
woman laboring in birth tub while doula and midwife watch


Because families have actively chosen their birth team, their wishes and fears are well-known before the day they give birth. This adds layers of personalized care and adds dignity for families. Although I believe this type of care is achievable in all birth settings, a home birth adds the history of already knowing families and developing relationships with them. Their chances of everyone present in their birth space knowing them adds an extra layer of trust.

woman pushing on squat chair
doula supporting mother while she pushes on squat chair

Although her family wasn’t always in the space she labored in, they were continually close by. Her children were asleep just on the other side of this wall, and her aunts and mother spoke encouraging words over her from the same area.

woman laboring on the floor at home
family member sleeping while her aunt labors at home
doula supporting lower back of mother while she labors at home
woman laboring on her side while doula massages back
woman in transition stage of labor at home
woman pushing with contractions with family and midwives by her side
women showing intense emotions while pushing during home birth
family member providing cool cloth for woman while she pushes
woman pushing with contractions during a home birth in Las Vegas
woman showing joy and emotion after delivering baby at home.
family and birth team celebrate delivery of baby during Las Vegas homebirth

Health Benefits for Both Mom and Baby

One of the most significant changes I witnessed in my nursing career was the shift towards uninterrupted bonding between mom and baby during the first hour. Things that parents had long advocated for, like the baby remaining with mom that first hour, delayed cord clamping, waiting on medications, and measurements were done on mom’s chest, finally had come to fruition. But, of course, this has been standard in home births all along.

It is one of my favorite aspects to witness in home births. Midwives are hands-off (unless interventions are needed) and sit by for those first essential moments of skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, and bonding. Then, when the parents are ready, they step in for newborn assessments. It doesn’t feel rushed, and it is beautiful to see. Instead, they spend that time feeding and hydrating mom as needed, getting her to the shower (if she wants), and providing a pleasant environment for mom, baby, and the entire family.

family member cutting the cord after a home birth.

Because families are in a familiar environment, they feel comfortable in their beds, their children feel comfortable interacting and meeting their new baby, and all comfort items are close by.

woman holds new baby in her arms after a home birth in Las Vegas.

The Empowered Start names some of the many benefits to mom and baby for skin-to-skin including:

-Mothers are more likely to breastfeed during the first four months of life.

-Studies that followed moms and babies for one year found that mothers were also more likely to bond with their newborns.

-Mothers are less likely to have anxiety and experience more satisfaction with their birth experience as a whole.

-Newborns are more likely to have stable heart rates, breathing, blood sugars, and oxygen levels.

There are many resources and evidence-based studies to support this practice.

newborn infant looking at mother right after home birth.
proud father taking pictures of his new son after home birth.
older brother meeting his new baby brother after home birth.
image of dad taking picture with cellphone after home birth.

Her sons were able to come in and out of the space as they felt comfortable meeting their new baby brother. They were all immediately smitten, of course!

dad with his three sons after a Las Vegas home birth.
mother nursing baby in her own bed after home birth.
Emily with Well Rounded Mama performing newborn exam.
newborn measurements after a Las Vegas home birth.
dad observing newborn exam after home birth in Las Vegas.
dad weighing his son after a Las Vegas home birth.

Women have given birth with women present much of history. Having the wisdom and support of those that have gone before you is not only helpful, but also adds an additional layer of trust, and improved experience for mothers.

grandmother dressing her grandson after a home birth.

I hope you enjoy their beautiful birth film. It is full of support and care from her beautiful birth team and family.

Stay tuned for my post about how to have a family-centered birth experience in the hospital setting and how you can advocate for it.

The Benefits of Family-Centered Birth

Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

the birth of Iliana


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A St. Rose San Martin Hospital Birth

This birth of Iliana is a beautiful birth story from St. Rose San Martin Hospital here in Las Vegas.

This family has trusted me in one form or another with bringing each of their four children into this world.

It all began when Courtney inquired about maternity and newborn sessions for their oldest daughter. She has always valued images and their importance in preserving memories. With their first baby, I was able to document both their maternity and newborn sessions. Being a little uncomfortable in her post-pregnancy skin after their first, she was very hesitant about being in their newborn images. It took a little nudging on my part and she was so glad later that SHE was in them too!

By the time their third baby was on the way, she had come to see, hold, and cherish all these memories even the ones where she might not have been comfortable. I was so excited when she reached out to have me document their third birth. There is nothing more vulnerable than those moments surrounding the birth of your baby, and I loved that she was willing to embrace it all!

By the time they found out their fourth and last baby was on the way, she knew she wanted it all; maternity, birth, fresh 48, and newborn. There is something so special about those last babies. Of course, all babies are special but I remember with my last just wanting it all to move slower, to enjoy even the smallest of moments, and just wishing I could bottle it all up.

This was their second birth I documented for them at St. Rose San Martin, and the staff is always a pleasure.

nurse starting an IV on labor and delivery

being admitted into labor and delivery in active labor.

Courtney had gone super fast with her last delivery, and so we anticipated the same with this one. In fact, with baby number three we were in the hospital for less than an hour, and anesthesia didn’t even make it in time for her to get an epidural. Because I live a good distance away from St. Rose San Martin, I was on hyper-alert and just two days before she delivered we had a little false alarm. It is not uncommon at all, even with previous deliveries! I always tell my clients that I would rather have 10 false alarms than an “oh no! come now”! When it was finally time and they said they were on their way to the hospital, I booked it as quickly as I could to get there. As I was pulling into the parking lot, her husband updated me that she was 7 cms and moving fast. I had to get past the COVID protocols up front and rush up to the unit. When I arrived they were quickly admitting her and her doctor was notified. It was pretty intense at this point.

keep calm and labor on socksmother uncomfortable during transition phase of labor.Courtney was working so hard with her contractions and staying so calm in the midst of the chaos going on around her. There was COVID testing to be done, IVs to start, labs to draw, and the room to set up. Aaron stayed right by her side fanning her and maintaining a sense of calm with his reassuring words.

mother grasping side rail while in laborhusband fanning his wife while she is in labor in hospitalhusband kissing his wife before she delivers their babyWithin 20 minutes of my arrival, it was already time! I think we were all sweating at this point just so happy to have everyone made it, including her doctor. She brought their sweet girl into this world so quickly and so powerfully!

newborn making eye contact with mothermother making eye contact with her baby after delivery at San Martin hospitalmother taking in all her babys details after birthnew baby after delivery at San Martinmother bonding with new baby after a hospital deliveryproud parents with their new baby in the hospitalIliana’s birth happened so quickly it took a bit of time to take it all in! I love these sweet and tender moments in the hour or two following birth. It is so surreal to process that this tiny human that you carried for so many months is now in your arms. Aaron is such a great dad and so hands-on with his children, it is beautiful to witness.

dad holding his new daughter after deliveryhusband texting family after the birth of their babyBecause COVID hospital restrictions were still in place siblings were unable to come to meet their new baby sister for their fresh 48 session. Instead, we decided I would capture them meeting her for the first time at home. It was the sweetest. All three of Iliana’s siblings were completely enamored with her.

In-Home Fresh 48 Session

toddler excited to hold and meet her baby sister.mother introducing big sister to her new baby sister.sister taking in all her new baby sister's details.big brother holding his new baby sister together with their dad.newborn yawn while being held in her mother's arms.sister meeting her new baby sister for the first time.It is always a little bittersweet to come to newborn sessions with these families that book ‘The Whole Story’ with me. By this point, I have become so invested, and have communicated often with them.

In-Home Newborn Session

It is fun to see how everyone has settled and how much newborns have changed in those short days and weeks. There has been some rest and routines are starting to develop, but life still has that slower pace which is so nice.

newborn swaddled in yellow wrap on ivory fur.mother holding her newborn on her shoulder while swaddled.black and white image of two sisters during in home session.This sweet little one is already so loved and I don’t think between mom, dad, and her three siblings, she is loved on and held often.

proud parents with their new daughter during newborn session.dad holding his newborn nose to nose.newborn girl in pink swaddle and cream fur.mom, dad, and newborn during in-home newborn session.Their birth story wouldn’t be complete without their beautiful film. There is something special about seeing all these tender moments on film, even more so than a still image can capture.

The Birth of Iliana

Friday, February 3rd, 2023

mother and father emotional after birth at Southern Hills Hospital


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2022 has been a wonderful year for me personally and as a business! After two years of the pandemic, my heart and soul needed it. For me, 2021 was just about as disappointing and confusing as 2020.

After deciding to rebrand and specialize in births in 2018, I had just gotten my groove going and hit my happy place before the pandemic hit. I was blessed to have plenty of work throughout the pandemic, but I often took on more than I should have and ended 2021 completely exhausted.

After being unable to attend so many births for two years, I had come to question my future path. The frustration of not being allowed into hospital birth spaces and the often unwelcoming atmosphere when I was added stress for myself and my clients.

I’m still not back to the number of births I was booking pre-pandemic, but I have hope. Believing wholeheartedly in this work and its importance for families has kept me focused. Birth is the most life-changing moment we experience. Whether it is a joyous birth (which I hope and wish for all families) or a traumatic one documenting your birth is important. Documenting your birth can be incredibly healing for past and current traumas. In fact, studies show that families who document their births report better birth experiences.

Showing you how beautiful and strong you are, and how many beautiful layers there are to your birth story is what drives me. Many clients have shared how their images and films have helped them through postpartum depression and anxiety. They’ve shared how valuable their images and film footage are to them in being able to look back on those powerful moments.

I believe I have been called to birth work and have immensely enjoyed this new phase of that work; the role of documenting birth stories for families. I’ve been in it for 22 years (19 as a L&D nurse, and 5 of my 11 years in business as a birth photographer), and can’t imagine ever growing weary of it!

Being allowed into these sacred spaces and being trusted in them means so much to me. It is a responsibility I don’t take lightly!

Session Favorites

Without further ado, on to my favorites!

I pick a session favorite from each session I document each year. It is fun to look back on the year by picking an image from each session that has inspired or impacted me. My favorites even change throughout the year, and often choose one that reminds me of how that session and time felt. (Clients who have requested their images remain private are not included in this post).

In 2022 I was able to document 12 birth stories.

5 hospital births, 6 home births, and 1 birth center birth.

I donated two birth stories for families experiencing a loss.

mother and father emotional after birth at Southern Hills Hospital
A water birth at Serenity Birth Center in Las Vegas
dad holding new son after home birth in Las Vegas
mother holding her son after water birth with placenta in picture.
support of doula and midwife during a home birth in Las Vegas
husband supporting his wife during contractions at Nellis Air Force Base.
home birth in Las Vegas
birth at Centennial Hospital in Las Vegas
cesarean section image at Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas.
home birth in Henderson, NV.

I documented 12 maternity sessions.

This special time in the lives of my clients is one of my favorites. It is such a special phase of life, and the anticipation always feels palpable to me. I love showing mamas how beautiful they are carrying their babies. They will have these images to share with their children as they grow. I’ve also added to my client closet for maternity sessions.

maternity session in the Las Vegas desert.
maternity session at the Valley of Fire
maternity session in black flowy dress
documenting pregnancy when their is a loss
Las Vegas maternity photographer
in-home maternity session in Las Vegas
sunset maternity session Las Vegas
Little Loo Photography maternity session
Little Loo Photography
maternity session with husband and toddler
studio maternity session Las Vegas
Las Vegas maternity photography

5 Fresh 48 sessions.

Fresh 48 sessions were often the next best option for clients who could not have me attend their hospital births. I love these early days of the newborn period and all the special little details it holds. It is such a fleeting stage of life, and for that reason, I believe it is so important!

fresh 48 session Las Vegas in home
in-home Fresh 48 session in Las Vegas
dad holding daughter during in-home fresh 48 session.
documenting the first days of the newborn period
hospital fresh 48 after a cesarean
baby stretching during fresh 48 session
mother with baby daughter in home fresh 48

17 newborn sessions.

documentary newborn session las vegas
Las Vegas in-home newborn photographer
newborn smiles during a newborn session
sisters together during newborn session in Las Vegas
newborn session including dog in Las Vegas
brother involved in a newborn session at home.
Danika holding her daughter during newborn session
newborn boy with a lot of hair newborn session Las Vegas
newborn details during photo session
in-home newborn session with peach wrap
Las Vegas newborn photographer
sweet newborn yawn during session
newborn session with blue swaddle

I photographed 9 families.

This number of family clients worked well this year. It is much less than I normally take on, but one of the areas of my business I’ve had to restrict because of the call time for birth clients. Thank you so much to all the families that have continued to trust me with their families and this time in your lives. I am so grateful to you!

For 2023, I have again limited the number of family sessions in my schedule.

I have transitioned into more lifestyle-type work when photographing families over the years. My goal is always to capture how this time in your life feels. I want to capture those silly little laughs and personalities and your loving on each other! My clients showed up this year ready to play and be fully present in their sessions and images; it was so wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

dad and daughter during family session in Las Vegas
Las Vegas family photography
dad playing with son during family session in Las Vegas
sweet image of girl smelling flower
mother kissing her mom during a family session in Las Vegas
family photographer Las Vegas
mom and her two children family photographer
Dad holding daughter during family session
mother and daughter moment Las Vegas family session.

1 couples session.

Yes, that’s my beautiful daughter and her sweet and handsome boyfriend. I don’t photograph couples anymore, but it’s a special occasion when she asks!

couples mountain session in Colorado

I told one story as part of my annual ‘The Story’ giveaway.

For the last four years, I have done a giveaway telling the story of one individual, organization, or cause. I have loved offering this and have been able to tell the most amazing stories! This is an area I also had to pull in 2023 to allow the space to manage my schedule best for myself and my clients. Amazing stories seem to find me, so I will continue to tell them on a case-by-case basis. So, if you feel inspired to tell yours, please reach out! If my schedule allows, I would love to share it.

Ashley is an amazing and beautiful human being. I have known her for many years as we worked together in labor and delivery. Her transformation story is inspiring on so many levels, and she inspires me daily. Ashely’s story is important, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Ashley's Story Las Vegas

1 headshot session.

This is another type of session I’ve pulled from my offerings. This beautiful client is my sister, so special circumstances as well!

Angela Atherley-Hernandez

1 milestone session.

I adore this type of session but have had to pull from my offerings. With such limited time and space between births, I have felt referring them out has been best for both myself and my clients. I mean, look at this guy. He was a 2020 birth I could not attend because of hospital restrictions.

in-home one year milestone session

I’ve also created a year-in-review birth film reel, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Thank you so much for trusting me with life’s most important moments and your most valuable and important people-your families! I am grateful for every one of you, and so grateful for this life and career. Thank you for believing in me and supporting my small business; there aren’t enough words!

2022 A Year in Review and Session Favorites

Sunday, January 1st, 2023

As long as I can remember I have been drawn to stories and the people, like you, that make them worthwhile.

It’s an honor that you let me capture yours.

let's capture the beginning of it all. 

Big feelings, big changes, and big experiences are on the horizon