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daughter kissing her mother as she holds her new baby brother at home

A Super Fast Homebirth: Delivered by Dad

The Birth of Jaxson

This super fast homebirth is such a beautiful birth story and a great example of the wide range of important and beautiful moments there are to capture around birth, even when I’m not with your for a long period of time. 

I had been following this beautiful mama on Instagram for quite some time (you should follow her now; she is amazing). I was drawn to her outlook, love for her family, and sense of humor. I ended up reaching out to her when I had a gap in my birth schedule. I was so happy it worked out! 

Her biggest concern was whether I would make it in time. We live on the opposite sides of town, and there isn’t a quick route to get to her house. Her first baby was crazy fast, with the midwife just missing their birth. She described that birth as going from “maybe I’m in labor” to “the baby is coming” in a very short amount of time. So, we came up with the plan to communicate often, and I would come out on the earlier end and even hang out in their area if needed when things started moving along. 

One night, she texted to let me know she was having some labor signs but nothing consistent, and she wasn’t sure it was the real deal. I offered to come hang out in their area in my car (I’ve had lots of car naps and sleep breaks during births), but she didn’t want me to drive that far if it ended up dying down. The following day, I woke up surprised there was no texts or calls, but got ready just in case. Sure enough, I got the call at 7:30 am that things were moving fast and to come now. I jumped right in my car and headed out. Of course, traffic could have been better this time of day, but luckily, it was not too horrid. 

As I was pulling up to their community the midwife called to see how close I was. She was right behind me and not sure she would make it either. When I pulled up out front her dad was out there waiting for me, to let me know things were happening fast and she had the urge to push.

This is where having my cameras on and ready to go is vital. I’ve learned that lesson along the way, and always walk in ready to start shooting immediately, if needed. As I walked in dad was calmly delivering his son, and their doula right by her side offering such calm support. Their midwife’s operator was also on speaker with them ready to give any guidance they might need. Their birth space was incredibly calm and quiet. This mom is a serious rock star!!

The funny thing is she delivered even faster than last time and in the exact same position she had her first baby in.

Delivered by Dad

a mother giving birth in her Henderson home with husband and doula at side

The best part of this story is that this baby was delivered by his father.

doula holding baby after a fast home birth in Henderson, NV
black and white image of a mother breastfeeding her new baby as her husband looks on

What a cool birth story, right? This dad will always get to hold and cherish the moment of delivering his son. You could see the pride all over him!

a beautiful fast home birth in Henderson
midwife checking the soft palette of a newborn after delivery
midwife performing a newborn exam after a fast homebirth in Henderson
A midwife performing a newborn exam by examining baby's spine after delivery

They make the most beautiful babies. I mean look at that gorgeous head of hair and beautiful skin!

midwife preparing a cloth scale for weighing a newborn after delivery at home
father weighing his son after a home birth

Their midwife Sarah from Serenity walked in right after he was born. I just love Sarah, she has such a beautiful heart and is such a gift to our community.

a father changing his son's diaper for the first time at home

Their doula, Melissa was the same as their last baby as well, and their connection and the trust there was beautiful to see.

a father holding his new son on his chest skin-to-skin
introducing a big sister to her new baby brother after a homebirth in Henderson

The cutest little moments unfolded as they brought in big sister to meet her new baby brother. She was a little unsure at first, and was a bit confused to wake up to a house full of strangers. Sibling meetings are some of my favorite moments to capture.

big sister meeting her new baby brother for the first time after a home birth
daughter kissing her mother as she holds her new baby brother at home
helping a big sister navigate the introduction to her baby at home with mom holding baby and dad holding toddler
a beautiful black family together on the bed after a fast homebirth in Henderson
midwife checking mom's vital signs after a homebirth in Henderson
a mother holding her swaddled son after she delivered at home
a mother taking all of her newborn baby's details as she holds him in her arms.
a mother breastfeeding with the assistance of her midwife
checking oxygen saturation on a baby after a homebirth

This is a great example of how unique each birth story is! Feel free to peruse other birth stories I have shared!


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