The Barker Family

This beautiful fall family session was the perfect way to start the busy fall season. The Barker family are some of my favorite people. Since their pregnancy with their oldest child, they have been loyal clients, returning to me yearly. It is always fun to see how much the kids have grown and how much their little personalities have changed.

I was fortunate to see them multiple times in 2020 with their third and last child’s birth. I documented their maternity, birth, Fresh 48, and newborn sessions with COVID precautions. What a perfect way to wrap up 2020 by documenting them together as a family!

family sitting together on blanket during family session in Las Vegas
big brother making his little baby brother laugh during family session
family session in the Las Vegas desert

Their children have the best little personalities, and their newest little guy was so smiley and happy the whole session. He is seriously the most expressive baby! Big sister has gone from being shy and leery of me to her personality just bursting out. It has been so fun to see.

letting children play during family sessions.
individual portraits during family session in Las Vegas
boy running as fast as he can during family session
capturing personality of children during family sessions
mom holding her daughter in beautiful golden light

Each year we try and utilize a different location to give them a different look and because we have photographed them each year, the options have narrowed down. I love this little pocket I found. It had the most magical light!

mom and daughter playing together
mom holding her four year old daughter during family session.
girl playing in the dirt
letting children be themselves during family sessions
mom interacting with her baby during a family session
smiley babies are so fun during family sessions
brother and sister playing during golden hour
capturing children during family sessions interacting with each other
using beautiful light during sessions
kids running and playing during family session
playful family session moments
dad holding his youngest child during family session
sweet expressive baby brother
dad and his children during a Las Vegas family session
beautiful relationship between brothers during family session
dad and his children
mom and her oldest son during a Las Vegas family session
silly moments captured during family session
mom holding hands with her son
mom and her two oldest children during beautiful family session
bringing mom down to child's level during family session
playful moments between mom and daughter during family session
precious moments between dad and daughter during family session
dad holding his daughter during beautiful fall family session
beautiful fall family session
Las vegas family photographer

This is my new favorite session because of all the personality, connection, and love. I always strive to capture it during my sessions, and I love that they let go and just love each other. It adds so much beauty to their sessions. I mean, look at them!

I tend to book up six months in advance, so be sure to reach out to me early if you want to book a beautiful fall family session in 2021!



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