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What To Wear- Family Sessions

I have found that outfits selections are often times the most stressful part of planning your family session, and I totally get it! It can feel like an overwhelming and daunting task! I am here to help and am available for consultation and styling for all of my family sessions. This year I have added Honeytree Style and Select as a great option in helping you choose outfits based on your style and location. Once you book with me, I will send you an access code to log on and start selecting outfits! 

  I really do believe that your outfit choices can really add such a clean and polished look to your final images.

I have assembled this style guide to help you get started and hopefully make this whole process a whole lot less stressful!


Top Style Tips:

– Simple tones and clean color palettes are always best. Muted tones look really beautiful in our desert landscape- creams, blues, greys, and muted golds are my current favorites. Start with one outfit first and then build around that. For example find your outfit first, something that you feel comfortable and confident in and then build the rest of the family around that.

-Keep in mind your location when choosing outfits. You don’t want to blend into your background, and want the mood of your outfit choices to match your setting.

– Avoid bold logos and neon colors. They do not translate well in images and end up being distracting and take away from the connections we are trying to capture!

-Avoid solid blacks or whites, they tend to lose detail in your images. Often times I have families who want to wear solid black because it is slimming and I really discourage that. As a top and bottom it looks good, but as a solid outfit, it just ends up being too dark with no detail. 

– Make sure any button up shirts for dads and children aren’t too stiff or tight. If you are uncomfortable in your clothing choices, it will make it harder for you to relax.

-Hands are very present in your images as I tend to focus in on them to show connections, for example you hugging your children, wrapped around your spouse’s neck, and hand holding.

– I love, love, love dresses on moms. They add so much movement and motion to images and are so easy to build the rest of the family’s outfit choices around.

My Pintrest Board:

I am always on my Pintrest board for family session styling, trying to stay current on trends and color palettes. Hopefully you find it helpful in choosing your outfits!


Shopping Suggestions:

Wren and Ivory

Milk and Choco

J Crew


Free People


Ele Story




What to Wear

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

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