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Newborn Session Client Guide

First of all, I would like to thank you for choosing me as your newborn photographer. I know there are lots of options out there, and I am always honored when families choose me! When I photographed my first newborn session in 2011, I was immediately hooked and knew that this is the field I wanted to specialize in, it really is no surprise since I have been working as a labor and delivery nurse here in the Las Vegas valley for the past 19 years. I am still continually amazed that I get to be a part of such an intimate and life-altering moment in the lives of families, and that just carries over to my passion for documenting them as well.

Those first few minutes, days, weeks, and months do just pass in the blink of an eye amidst the sleepless nights, feedings, diaper changes, and adjusting to your new little human. I remember holding my own children and just thinking that there is no greater love this side of heaven like it! It really is the beginning of one of life’s greatest love stories, and one that I am so passionate about documenting!

In 2018 I transitioned away from my studio into family’s homes, this came about because of the story. I believe capturing families in their homes, focusing on connections, details, and the love that you each have for each other and your newest family member is captured more authentically and naturally in your own home. My sessions are lifestyle in nature, meaning that we don’t spend a whole lot of time posing and don’t use props, but rather me directing you and your family into interactions and moments to draw out your connections.

I also believe there is no greater storytelling medium than video. Capturing those little baby noises, those expressions, and moments between your family are timeless in family films. For this reason I do offer video options for most types of sessions I document.

Below you will find tips in preparing for your session, as well as what to expect during and after your session.

What To Expect

I have penciled you in on your actual due date, and will adjust forwards or backwards as needed once you deliver. We will also communicate more frequently as your due date approaches, and keeping me updated on induction dates and changes really helps. I only schedule a select number of sessions a month to ensure that I am available for  my newborn clients when they deliver.

My cell phone number is 702-303-0106. The best ways to communicate with me are by text first, then email, and lastly by phone (I am not able to pick up calls when on shift at the hospital). Scheduling  your newborn session is best between 3 days of life and up through the first three weeks. During that time newborns are much sleepier and settled and love being swaddled.

I believe many clients shy away from in home sessions for a couple of reasons- they are not confident in how they look in the postpartum period, and the idea of having their house put together enough for an in-home session feels overwhelming. I will address both of those very real fears here in your prep-guide!

Using our own home for your newborn session is a great way to incorporate your own style and details into your session, it really adds depth and dimension to the story we will be capturing through images and/or film footage. What better way to remember this moment than to add your personality, style, and real life elements into your session. Your home is where your memories are made!

Those are the images and videos that will transport you back to this moment in time. Trust me, you will want to remember it!

 Preparing For Your Session

-Start thinking about what types of moments you would like photographed and/or filmed during our session and be sure to include those in your questionnaire. Moments like feeding your baby, the children interacting with the baby either on the couch or your bed, rocking your baby, etc. 

-Outfit choices really add a clean and polished look to your session. I do suggest simple and muted tones, and clothes that you will feel comfortable in. I don’t suggest stiff button up shirts for dads as they do tend to bunch up around the neck. Avoid shirts or clothing with bold or bright patterns that might distract during the session. Greys, creams, and lighter colored solids photograph beautifully.

– Look for the brightest rooms in your home, we will definitely want to use these as well. I do have clients often text me images of the rooms we will use during the time of day we will be using them. Since we will be utilizing your home’s natural light this helps me in planning out how to best utilize the light in your home.

In-home sessions are scheduled around the happiest time of day for your newborn and children, as well as when the light is most beautiful in your home, those two generally coincide with morning through early afternoon. Once I arrive at your session I will spend some time looking at the light in your home and planning the order of your session from there.

-Remove clutter and distractions from the rooms we will be using. No need for deep cleaning, in fact just shoving it all in a closet works for me! We don’t want any distractions taking away from images of you and your newborn .

-Have your younger children’s favorite toys and comfort items available for them to keep them comfortable and relaxed. My sessions are very low-key, fun, not rushed,  and interactive, and I will never push a child beyond his or her comfort level.

– Try to keep normal nap schedules for your older children and plan your session around that if possible, allow time for everyone to eat a nice healthy meal or snack before I arrive.

-Talk to your children about what we will be doing and be sure to keep the tone light and fun!

During Your Session

First, I totally get it. I know the postpartum period is not the most glamorous or attractive time in your life, you are running on very little sleep, and your body often feels like it belongs to somebody else between the water weight, baby weight, and that transition between the pregnancy and the pre-pregnancy you. I can tell you that in working with families and women both during their pregnancies and postpartum periods, it is all about the angles and positioning. I have worked hard over the years in learning how to photograph women of all body types in the most pleasing ways. So let that go, and think about those moments that are the ones you want to remember…  just how small your newborn was in your arms, those tiny toes, fingers, and how it felt to hold those. The newborn smells, those little wisps of hair, those sweet little newborn expressions and noises, and just how dependent this new little person is on you, how wonderful that feels, and how it brings out a part of you that you never knew existed. That is what I am there to capture. I am all about the connection and the story and I work hard to dig deep into that relationship.

-Newborn sessions typically last 2-3 hours, 1-2 hours for the basic newborn session. This allows time for feedings and settling your baby during the session. These are also great moments to capture. I will follow your client questionnaire in directing many of the things I photograph and film, as well as by following the personality of your family. If you are not okay with me photographing or filming breastfeeding moments, that is totally okay as well!

-The mood during your session will remain light and relaxed and playful, especially if siblings are involved.

After Your Session

After your session I will get to work editing your gallery, and your family film if you have chosen that option. Photography only sessions are typically done in 2-3 weeks following your session, and films typically 3-4 weeks as they do take more time to assemble and edit. I typically post sneak peeks along the way, it is a fun way to share images, and it is how most of my clients find me! If you are uncomfortable with having images posted online, please let me know.

Sessions typically average 35+ hand edited images,  basic sessions include 20 digital images, film options include video footage of all the beautiful moments and sounds you want to remember assembled into a beautiful approx 2 minute film.

Your gallery will be delivered via email in a private, password protected gallery that you are welcome to share with friends and family. The images in your gallery will be full-sized, full-resolution images and are available for download right from the website.

If you have chosen the full package with an 8×8 album and 2 min film you will have the option to mark your favorite images for your 8×8 photo album that is included in your session. They are a beautiful way to document your session and make such a beautiful keepsake. Albums typically take an additional week for turn around and once it is in, you will receive a beautiful package of your album a USB with images.

Thanks again for choosing me as your newborn photographer! I can’t wait to document you.




Newborn Client Guide

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

As long as I can remember I have been drawn to stories and the people, like you, that make them worthwhile.

It’s an honor that you let me capture yours.

let's capture the beginning of it all. 

Big feelings, big changes, and big experiences are on the horizon