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Maternity Session Guide

I truly love documenting the beginning of one of life’s greatest love stories.

I know that you don’t always feel your most beautiful when you are pregnant, especially during those last two months as your belly grows bigger, your ankles swell, and those sleepless nights kick in, but trust me- you are! I mean how amazing and incredible is it that we get to carry our babies for all those months, it is where our connection with our babies truly begins. Our hopes and dreams for our children begin to take shape as we anticipate what they will look like and what kind of parents we will be. It is a joy not all of us get to enjoy, and can look so different for so many families, but no matter how yours looks maternity portraits are such a gift to have for years to come as you will want to remember it. It really is such a gift to pass along to your children as well. I know I certainly wish I had documented my own pregnancies all those years ago now that my own are grown and out of the house.

This guide will hopefully answer any questions that you have about a maternity session with Little Loo, and help prepare you for what to expect. Feel free to email, call, or text me with any questions you might have. I am here to make sure your experience is the best it can be!

My maternity sessions include:

60-90 min. lifestyle session photographed in your own home, or outdoor location in any one of the beautiful locations surrounding the Las Vegas Valley.

-25+ beautifully hand edited images as digital download from your own private password protected gallery, as well as on custom USB.

-Use of any of my maternity gowns for outdoor locations only.

In-home sessions are lifestyle in nature and focus on your connections, favorite spots in your own home, and newborn’s nursery.

-$150 deposit to hold session dates.

My Style

Over the years I have moved away from studio work and posed images because I have really fallen in love with the story behind the families I document. I really feel like each family has such a unique and special story. My goal is to dig deeper and really tell your story in images and video that I shoot. I am drawn to your connections, to your personalities, and to the love you have for each other. I think that is translated so much more beautifully without everyone looking at me and my camera, but is more intimately told when I can direct you into interacting with and loving on each other.

When Should I Have My Maternity Portraits Taken?

I recommend between 28 and 33 weeks gestation for scheduling your maternity session. You have a nice baby bump, you are past those first months of not feeling to hot, and the swelling of those last weeks usually has not begun. Your risk of delivering prematurely are less as well. Be sure to schedule your session in advance as I do tend to book up months in advance and do need to leave room in my schedule for my birth clients.

Sessions are typically schedule the hour before sunset, this is the time of day when the light is most pleasing and adds such a beautiful soft glow to your images. This is dependent on time of year and location as some locations do have earlier sunsets when shooting up against a mountain. In-home maternity sessions are typically shot when natural light is the best in your home which is usually between 10am and 2pm depending on the direction of your windows.

What Should I Wear?

I do believe that outfit selections really add so much beauty and polish to your final images. I am here to help in the styling of your session. Choosing your outfit includes making sure that it fits your style, that you are comfortable wearing it, is appropriate for your session location, and coordinates with your family members.

I love, love, love long dresses on mamas. It adds such beautiful movement and softness to your images and are flattering to most body types.

I do offer help in styling through Style and Select, it is such a great tool for selecting outfits based on style, color preference, and styles the family together. When you book with me, you will receive your own code to utilize this service if you would like.

I do own a small collection of maternity gowns that you are welcome to use if you would like.

You can see my collection of gowns below.

Before Your Session

When you decide to book your maternity session, you will receive a questionnaire that will help us narrow down a location, give me a feel for your style, personality, and what types of images are most important to you.

I do require a $150 deposit to hold session dates and this is deducted from your final balance, due the day of your session.

Many of my clients do have their hair and make up done before their session but this is definitely not a requirement.

Staying well hydrated and having a good night’s sleep the night before your session helps you maintain that healthy glow. Talking to your family about what to expect as well will help everyone feel more comfortable on our day.

You will also receive a contract in your initial paperwork that is due before your session takes place.

Your Session Day

On your session day, we will meet at our designated location. Be sure to bring a comfortable pair of shoes for walking as often times we are in areas that require a bit of walking to our spots.

Your session will last 60-90 minutes depending on whether we are shooting still images only or including video.

Bringing along snacks and comfort items for small children will help them feel more comfortable and at ease during your session.

I will spend our time directing you into interactions with your family members to capture your connections, or in just documenting how beautiful you are.

After Your Session

It typically takes me 14-21 days to edit your gallery. You will receive a link to your own private online gallery where you will receive an average of 25+ final edited images. I choose these images with great care and do hand edit each image. You are able to download your full-sized, full-resolution images right from your online gallery to print as often and as big as you would like, and share with your family members. You will also receive a custom USB with your final edited images.


Maternity Session Info

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

As long as I can remember I have been drawn to stories and the people, like you, that make them worthwhile.

It’s an honor that you let me capture yours.

let's capture the beginning of it all. 

Big feelings, big changes, and big experiences are on the horizon