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Fresh 48 Session Guide

I really love documenting these types of sessions for a few reasons! One, because this time in your life is truly so fleeting. You are finally meeting this little human you have been carrying for all of these months and just taking it all in. I remember not being able to take my eyes of my babies in the beginning, just soaking in every little feature and smell.

Secondly, their little details are just so new and fresh; those little toes, fingers, whipsy hair, and tiny features. I also love documenting those emotions that come with all of this newness- breastfeeding (if it is something you want to document), siblings meeting their new baby brother or sister, and just all those new beginning features and feelings. These sessions truly have such a beautiful and organic feel to them and I do really feel like they carry so much emotion that you will love to look back on in images, or video footage if booking a video option.

Although you might not feel your most beautiful or confident during this period and are worried about your baby weight, I encourage you to let that go! You will truly cherish capturing this period of time, I certainly do wish I could have captured mine and just bottled it all up! I am also experienced in the best angles, and in the best use of light to highlight and bring out the best in you and your baby!

This guide is designed to help guide you in what to expect when you book a Fresh 48 session, but feel free to call, email, or text me if you have any questions at all!

What Exactly Is a Fresh 48?

A Fresh 48 session is a great option in lieu of a newborn session if you are really wanting to capture those new little features and connections when they are truly new and fresh.

These sessions are typically photographed and filmed within the first 24-48 hours of you baby’s life. Together we will decide on when you prefer to me to be there. Some families want me to be there as close to delivery as possible to capture those first moments such as the baby’s first bath, skin to skin, breastfeeding, and meeting siblings. Because of the nature of birth, when booking a Fresh 48 session with me, I do free up a big portion of my schedule to be available for you and will be there within 12 hours of notification.

Another option is that first postpartum day after you have been transferred to your postpartum unit or are more settled after a home birth. You have usually been able to shower by then and feel a little more refreshed.

Often times families go home 24 hours after their birth or birth at home and would rather document their Fresh 48 at home. This is another great option. What better to capture memories of where you spend the most time and will create memories with your new baby. We will use the spaces most important and meaningful to you and your family while still capturing those new and tiny little features.

What Happens if My Delivery Doesn’t Go as Planned?

Labor and delivery is very unpredictable, babies have a way of coming in their own time and in their own way, even if you have had a previous delivery. If things did not go as planned and your plans change as far as when you want me to be there, no problem! I am really there to capture the types of images that YOU want, and trust me… images of your new little human are beautiful whenever you capture them. You will cherish those features and moments whether or not it unfolded as you had envisioned!

Cesarean section mamas are most often not out of bed until 6-8 hours post op and so things do get bumped back a bit on the timeline. If you would like me there right after delivery, it is still an option but I would definitely recommend in this instance to wait until you are settled in your postpartum room. Often times post op recovery areas are smaller and more cramped for space and a bit less homey.

If labor was longer or more exhausting than you imagined and you have changed your mind and want to bump back my arrival, that is okay too. I want you to remember our session with beautiful and tender memories, not an additional stress.

If your baby ends up spending time in the NICU, we can bump back your time as well and apply it to when your baby transitions into your postpartum room, or home, depending on how things go. We can also change your Fresh 48 to a Newborn session if you prefer.

With that being all said, filling out your questionnaire as completely as you can, does really help me to be ready and prepared to capture what is most important to you!

Before Your Delivery

To book a Fresh 48 session session with me, it is best to book in the middle to end of your second trimester. My schedule does fill up quite fast and because of the nature of birth, I do only book a select few birth and Fresh 48 a sessions a month to ensure I am able to attend both of these types of sessions.

I do require a $200 deposit to hold dates for clients, with the remainder of your balance due the day of your session.

To ensure that I am readily available for you when you deliver, I recommend calling, email, or texting me (email and text are the fastest way to reach me) as soon as you think you are in labor. Although you might have a few false labor episodes, notifying me does put me in hyper alert making sure that I can plan and prepare for your session having my bags packed and ready. It is a great idea to have your spouse, significant other, or family member contact me for you. That takes an additional stress off your plate as well. Once you are delivered we can talk about timing for it all.

Be sure to fill out your client questionnaire and sign your contract in advance, this really helps me to prepare to capture the types of images that are most important to you!

Packing your bags with clothing you will feel confident in will really add a beautiful element to your session. A comfortable robe or loose fitting stretchy clothing for you looks great, and simple plain t-shirts for dad really photographs the best. Bringing a few of your own swaddles and simple onsies is a great idea as well. Often times newborn clothing that you think is going to look adorable ends up being bigger on your newborn than you anticipated and takes away from those perfect little features, snug fitting onsies show them all off! I really love Posh Peanut for adorable wraps and matching robe sets.

The Day of Your Session

Where ever we end up shooting your Fresh 48 session, it is best to make sure the area is clear of cords, items, and distractions. I am happy to help with that if you don’t have the extra help or time to do this. We want as little distraction as possible from you and your baby in your images and footage.

Making sure that the staff caring for you know that I am coming will help to ensure that hearing test, PKU testing, and the hospital photographer don’t interfere with our session. Fresh 48 sessions typically last 60-90 minutes.

I prefer to utilize the natural light in your room, and will often times ask about the lighting in your room when we communicate but am confident and capable in all types of lighting situations. If the space is dark or doesn’t have much natural light I will utilize my flash. I typically bounce light in this instance and my flash is never directed directly at your baby or you.

After Your Session

I typically post a few images sneak peek within 24 hours of your session specifically intended to help you announce this special time to friends and family. Let me know if you do not prefer this.

The remainder of you hand edited images typically take 2-3 weeks to completely edit and load into your private password protected gallery. You are able to download your full-sized, full-resolution images, as well as web versions right from your client gallery.

Fresh 48 sessions include 35+ hand edited images for the Basic collection, and 35+ images, an 8×8 album built from your favorite images, and a 2 minute beautifully created video for you to share, it is a beautiful way to announce your baby. You will also receive your edited images on USB. I do have a special place in my heart for video. I do think that video really tells the story just as it is, it captures all of those emotions and tender moments forever. Those sweet little newborn cries and noises and those words of affirmation and love directed at your baby are truly captured forever in video.



Fresh 48: What To Expect

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

As long as I can remember I have been drawn to stories and the people, like you, that make them worthwhile.

It’s an honor that you let me capture yours.

let's capture the beginning of it all. 

Big feelings, big changes, and big experiences are on the horizon