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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why hire a birth photographer/videographer?

   There are moments in our lives that are monumental and life-changing. I think we all consider wedding photographers for this exact reason. In my opinion giving birth to your child is right there at the top of life’s MOST incredible and yet intimate moments.  Ask any mother or father, and they will tell you so!

By hiring a photographer to document your birth, your husband or significant other is able to step back and live in that birth space with you, without worrying about finding the camera, or documenting those first moments instead of being IN them. Working in the field of labor and delivery for years, I am able to anticipate the moments coming that you will want to remember and will focus on capturing those for you forever in beautiful and tasteful images and video footage. I have spent years perfecting my craft and know how to use light in all types of situations.

2.When will you arrive at my birth space, and how long will you stay?

   We will come up with a plan once we talk about your birth history and your personal situation. Typically, I will arrive when you are in active labor (usually 5-6cms). By letting me know when your contractions begin, and by giving me as much notice as you can, I can be prepared to arrive in your birth space when your birth is progressing no matter what time of day or night. If you have a history of fast labors, or have had previous deliveries, I will be arriving on the earlier end.

   I will stay through your delivery and then 1-2 hours after to document first moments such as feedings, baths, weights, first time holding your baby, etc. If I am not able to capture those first moments following birth because of your baby being transferred to the NICU or newborn nursery, I will come back to document those moments when you are ready for me.

3. How many births do you schedule a month?

   I only schedule two to three birth stories a month. When I book a birth, I am ‘on call’ for you from your 38th through your 42nd week gestation and that means I need to be able to leave whatever I am doing when I get that call from you. It is a huge commitment, but one I am happy to make for you!

I also utilize a back-up photographer in the case there is something out of my control that prevents me from attending your birth, or the option of rolling your session into a Fresh 48 or newborn session.

4. What if I have a cesarean section?

   Most hospitals only allow one person in the operating room with you and often times do not allow photographers into the OR. On rare occasions exceptions can be made by the anesthesiologist and/or doctor. I will do my best to be able to be allowed back with you and your support person, but in the case I am not allowed in, I will be waiting in your recovery room as soon as you arrive back from surgery, and there are still so many beautiful moments that we can capture.

5. Will I have images that I am able to share with my friends and family?

    By positioning myself in the most pleasing and modest angles during your delivery, I am able to capture images that are tasteful and beautiful, while still capturing those first emotions. Your birth gallery will include the option for you to mark any of your images as private before sharing with friends or family, so that you have full control over what others see.

6. When is payment due, and do you offer payment plans?

   I require a $300 deposit for photography only birth sessions, and a $400 deposit for photography + video sessions. These are deducted from your balance with the remainder of your balance due by your 37th week, or when I begin call for you. I do offer payment plans and we can talk about what options work best for you during your consultation.

7. Will I receive all the images and footage from my birth?

  You will receive all edited images from your birth (typically 75+). All images are selected by me and RAW files are not available for viewing. I take great care and time in selecting the best images from your birth. Video footage is assembled in a beautiful birth film with an average of 3 – 7 minutes for your final film with 50+ still images in Birth Stories in Motion packages.

8. Should I discuss hiring a birth photographer with my doctor and delivery staff?

  I do suggest discussing your choice of hiring a birth photographer with your doctor, and make sure your facility allows them. Some doctors and staff do not allow video footage of your actual delivery, by discussing options with your team ahead of time, I am able to capture beautiful images while being respectful of the staff and delivery team. Often times by merely having the conversation, staff is appreciative and more welcoming of me. Giving your nurses a heads up that I will be coming is also very helpful.

9. Will you be posting any of my images on the internet?

   Most of my clients do find me through my website and social media sites, and showing beautiful images of what birth photography looks like helps families find and trust me in documenting their births in a beautiful way. I do ask my clients to sign model releases to allow me to do this. All images that I post are always approved by you first, and I would never post an image that you are not comfortable showing. If you are not comfortable with this, please discuss it with me and we will come up with a plan. Your concerns and privacy are always important to me.

10. How long will it take to receive my images and video?

  Photography only sessions are delivered in 3-4 weeks, video footage in 4-6 weeks.

11. What if you don’t make my delivery?

   Birth is very unpredictable and sometimes circumstances occur on your end such as delivery that goes faster than I can arrive or an unexpected emergency causing you to delivery before your 38th week. I will always do my very best to be there when you need me. If for some rare circumstance I am unable to attend your delivery, I will give you the option of a Fresh 48 or lifestyle newborn session and will adjust your pricing accordingly. I do have a back up photographer that I have never had to use, but trust completely as another option.

12. Do I have a choice over which images are included in my album?

   I want your album to be full of images that you love and want to look at and enjoy for years to come. Your client private and password protected gallery gives you the option of sharing your favorite images with me. These are the images I will use to fill your album.








Frequently Asked Questions

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

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