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Family Session Client Guide

There was a period of time when I quit doing family sessions, and let me tell you why. Often times I left sessions defeated after photographing families with dads that looked like they didn’t want to be there, moms frustrated because their children wouldn’t sit still and look at the camera, and children that were grumpy and wanted nothing to do with me, and it carried over into my images. Then, as I grew more confident in my ability to capture personality and story within each family, I found my passion re-ignited.

It was once I quit posing families, and transitioned into the lifestyle approach of directing families into real connections and interactions with each other that I started creating images that not only spoke to my heart, but also left families with images that they loved, images full of emotion, character, and real connection. Dads became active in their sessions and left telling me how much fun they had, I got to capture them being dads! Moms ended up with images of them holding their children close and intimately, images that they would cherish and cling to as years pass by and this season of life moves on. And lastly, I captured images of children full of personality, and fun, and just as they are at this stage of life. I am always searching for joy, light, connection, and your story during our time together.

I do believe that there is no greater storytelling medium than video, it has a special ability to capture emotions, voices, mannerisms, and the story that truly sings to my heart!

Family Stories In Motion are filmed over a few hours capturing footage of your family doing the things they love to do together. I will focus on capturing the connections and memories that are most important to you. My goal is to leave you with images and video footage that will transport you back in time to this moment, these memories, and those details that mean the most to you!

Before Your Session

Creating a session that you will love does require some work on the front end through communication and trust in me as your photographer and storyteller.

First, be sure to fill out your client questionnaire with as much detail as you can. This helps me understand your wishes, your style, and goal for our session together. I know it does take a few minutes to answer and fill out, but it really does help tremendously in helping me understand you and your family before our time together.

Location choices- there are so many beautiful locations around the Las Vegas valley to choose from and choosing the right location really does add to your session. We will communicate about locations after your questionnaire is filled out as well.

Outfit choices are very important. I am always available for consultations in choosing the right outfits for your session. This year I have added Honeytree Style and Select, it is a great program that helps tailor your outfit choices to your style and setting. I love it! I send all clients who book with me an access code for them to use the website in choosing outfits for their sessions in one easy spot.

Typically, simple and muted tones work best. Long flowing dresses are just beautiful on mamas and simple cotton shirts without stiff button-up collars are best for dads. Your can find my Pinterest board of clothing choices for family sessions here. Most importantly I want you to be comfortable in what you are wearing, and want it to be a choice that fits your true style.

It is best to avoid bold logos or bright neon colored clothing. Heels are beautiful on women, but if you do plan on wearing them be sure to bring a comfortable pair of shoes as well for walking across uneven terrain to get to locations.

The night before your session be sure to get a good night’s sleep and stay well hydrated. It keeps a nice healthy glow to your skin.

Be sure to pack healthy snacks for your children, and bring along their favorite comfort items such as toys and blankets. This will help them feel safe and comfortable between our moments together.

Talk to your children about what we will doing, keeping the mood light and fun. I will be a stranger to them and preparing them with the expectations that it will be fun will help alleviate some of their fears.

If we are are photographing and filming inside your home, it is best to clear as much clutter and distracting elements out of the areas you spend the most time in. We will be using the natural light in your home and I will often direct you to areas where the most light is.

Your balance is due the day of your session, I accept credit cards, cash, and checks.

During Your Session

My outdoor sessions are photographed in the late day, or early sunrise hours, utilizing Golden Hour (this is the hour to hour and a half before sunset when the light is soft, pleasing, and beautiful and the hour following sunrise). It is my favorite light of the day, and adds beautiful soft light to your session.

Indoor sessions are photographed when the light is most pleasing in your home, this is typically mid morning through early afternoon.

My photography sessions typically last 1 hour.  Photography + film sessions are typically around 2-4 hours.

I spend time initially getting comfortable with your little ones, and getting a feel for the overall mood of your family. I will then begin with an image or two of you all looking at me, after all these are nice to hang and to share with friends and family, and then I move into the meat of your family. I direct you to interact with each other and will actually tell you NOT to look at me. I am looking for particular connections, and with direction hope to lead you into those. I review questionnaires before each session to ensure that I am capturing the images that are most important to you and your family.

After Your Session

After your session I will get to work editing your images and/or film. Photography sessions typically take 2-3 weeks to edit, films 3-4 weeks. I do often times post an image or two on my social media sites as I work through them, it makes it fun for the families to see their images as I work on them, and it is how many of my clients find me. If you are not okay with this, be sure to let me know.

Once your gallery is complete, I will send you a link to a private online password protected gallery of your images. You are able to download your full-sized, full-resolution images right from the website. You are also able to mark your favorite images for your album. I include an 8×8 album in my family sessions because I really do love you to leave your experience with beautiful and tangible products. These are a beautiful way to remember your session. Albums typically take a week for turn around.

Once your album is in, you will receive a package of your album and custom USB of the edited images from your gallery.


Family Session Client Guide

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

As long as I can remember I have been drawn to stories and the people, like you, that make them worthwhile.

It’s an honor that you let me capture yours.

let's capture the beginning of it all. 

Big feelings, big changes, and big experiences are on the horizon