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Birth Stories Client Contract

Birth Stories includes:

– On call time from 37- 42 weeks gestation.

-Photography and or video during active labor until 1-2 hours postpartum.

-Photography only sessions include 75+ hand edited images.

-Photography plus video sessions include 50+ hand edited images plus a birth story film (average of 3-5 minutes in length)

-Editing images chosen by photographer- black and white and/or color (up to the discretion of photographer)

-High resolution and web resolution files.

-Online private password protected gallery for viewing and downloading your digital files.

-8×8 album of your favorite images (10 pages, 20 sides)

1. This agreement is between Lisa Weingardt of Little Loo Photography and ____________________________.

Upon signing this contract, a deposit of $_______ is due to the photographer. Dates are not confirmed until deposits are received. This deposit is non-refundable due to the photographer’s inability to take on additional clients during the client’s birth month. Upon receiving payment, the photographer will reserved client’s birth on her calendar.

The remaining balance of $_______ is due at the 37 week gestation (or when photographer goes on call for client). If remaining balance is not paid by 37 weeks, the photographer’s obligation to attend the birth is nullified until payment is received.

2. Due to the unpredictable nature of birth, photographer works with a back-up photographer. In the event the photographer cannot attend client’s birth for any reason, or if she needs to leave after 12 hours of coverage, a back up photographer may be sent to the client’s birth. In the event a back up photographer is unable to attend, client will receive a refund of payments made, or an adjustment in final costs if the client chooses to opt for a Fresh 48 or newborn session.

3. Client is responsible to keep in contact with photographer in the weeks leading up to the client’s birth. Keep photographer updated with appointments and if there are any significant changes in the birth plan.

– In early labor: notify photographer via call or text so that she can prepare to be available. If photographer does not respond by text, please call.

-In active labor: notify photographer once active labor has been established. Photographer needs  30 min- 1.5 hours from active labor to arrive at client’s birth.

4. If client has a precipitous birth and is unable to call photographer with enough notice, this contract is still valid and photographer will come to place of birth to document the moments after delivery. Precipitous births are not the fault of the client of the photographer. Photographer will document client’s birth story-in this case- a fast and unpredictable birth is the client’s story and monies will not be returned. Photographer will deliver the same amount of images as agreed upon in this contract.

5. Photographer is not liable for the dissatisfaction of the final product as long as it represents the photographer’s style and work in her portfolio. Client is responsible for viewing the photographer’s website and portfolio. Upon signing this contract, client agrees that photographer’s style and quality of photographs is acceptable. Photographer cannot guarantee print quality unless printed through photographer’s professional lab. Photographer is not liable for outside lab dissatisfaction.

6. The photographer holds copyright for all images taken during the birth session. Any attempt to claim the photographs as the client’s own will result in lawful action. Photographs are for prints and personal use only. Photographer obtains the irrevocable right to utilize photographs from your birth for advertising or commercial purposes. This includes the posting of certain images on advertising materials that include photographer’s website, Facebook page, social media, and printed media in accordance to model release.

7. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the place of birth (hospital, birth center, or home birth midwife) is aware of the birth photographer and doesn’t have guidelines against birth photography. The birth photographer is not responsible for any missed shots due to medical staff. If the client has a c-section or is in an emergency situation, it is the client’s responsibility to discuss photographers presence in the operating room (OR). If the photographer is not allowed in the OR, contract is still fully enforceable. Photographer will document the client’s story from the vantage point that she’s allowed access to by the hospital staff.

8. Photographer is hired as the sole photographer. Client’s family and friends can also take pictures, but the photographer is not responsible for missed shots due to interference.

9. If photographer is unable to perform this contract due to sickness, emergency, or causes beyond the photographer’s control (traffic, inclement weather, or photographer being on staff at her hospital), the photographer and client will attempt to schedule a replacement session (Fresh 48, newborn, or family session). If an agreement cannot be reached by photographer and client, the photographer will return payments made (minus deposit). The photographer will have no further liability. If the photographer is not able to deliver the agreed upon images due to technical malfunction of her photographer equipment, the photographer’s liability is limited to the price of the birth session.

10. Photographer holds all artistic rights to images she captures during a birth session. Photographer will decide how she wants to edit each photograph. Client agrees to not alter images in any way (which includes filters used on social media). Client agrees to not crop images. If client desires additional editing on any file, photographer reserves the right to charge $25 per file.

11. Photographer will not tolerate any emotional, physical, or verbal abuse. If an abusive situation arises, photographer can leave and keep retainer and balance.

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Client Contract and Model Release

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

As long as I can remember I have been drawn to stories and the people, like you, that make them worthwhile.

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