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Why Birth Stories?

From the moment I held the first of my four children in my arms, I have been fascinated by the miracle of birth. Nothing could have prepared me for the wave of emotions that I felt meeting and holding her for the first time.

I remember those first days, weeks, and years just like they were yesterday. I remember holding my first child in my arms and thinking that there was no greater love this side of heaven. Those are the memories that I cling to and hold, and will always cherish.

Each of my births were different and each one of them unique in their own way. The loss of my third child altered my life path forever. It was because of the nurse that held my hand and wiped my tears that I chose the path of labor and delivery as a career. I hoped to offer the same support and love to families navigating what I believe is life’s greatest moment. I have been in this field for 19 years now, and after helping to deliver thousands of babies, I am still brought to tears, and often just still in awe of what a miracle birth is.

Birth is such an intimate, raw, and beautiful moment, and it is so worth documenting. In the role of your birth photographer and film maker, I take on an entirely different role. I am there to observe and document. My time is spent in your birth space as least obtrusive as possible, I am the quiet observer. My intent is to not interfere with your birth story, but to rather document it. I will never tell you how and where you should birth.

I know often we visualize the uglier side of birth, and you are right it isn’t always pretty, but I do believe that in each birth story there is beauty and my goal is always to capture the moments you want to remember, the moments that are important to you. Those moments when you are being held and encouraged, the moments of connection between you and your support team. Those first moments you finally meet your baby, after months of dreaming of what it will be like. I want to document those first cries, those tiny fingers, toes, eyelashes, and every little newborn feature that you just can’t get enough of. I want to capture your birth space and show you those beautiful moments and just how powerful, strong, and amazing you are. My goal is always to capture all of this in a tasteful and memorable way, and a role I take very seriously.

Documenting your birth is not only a gift to you but also to your children, what an amazing way to show them just what those first moments looked like! I would dare to say that documenting your birth is right up there before your wedding day in importance. Ask just about any parent and they would agree!

Why Birth Stories?

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

As long as I can remember I have been drawn to stories and the people, like you, that make them worthwhile.

It’s an honor that you let me capture yours.

let's capture the beginning of it all. 

Big feelings, big changes, and big experiences are on the horizon