I am continually blown away and amazed by the people that God has put in my path all through my life. I have been blessed to walk along side and rub shoulders with some incredibly strong and resilient people in my lifetime. You know these types of people, the ones that leave a mark on people that surround them often times without even knowing it. These are people who inspire me to be better, to live life with more intention and with more passion, and to live in the here and now. 

The Ewell’s are one of those families. I met them in October 2016 when I was their labor nurse for the birth of their third child Landon. I had just come out of delivering a friend of mine when I received my next assignment before I even knew their story. As I learned what their prognosis was and what they were facing as they were coming in to deliver Landon, I can honestly say that my heart just sank. I quietly tucked myself in the supply room and prayed. My heart just ached for them and what I knew they would be facing, and I just wanted to have the right words, to provide the best care for them, and to have the strength to hold it together through their delivery.

Who would have known then what would unfold through Landon’s story. Well, I know that God did. I know He truly has a plan for everything, and I do believe that he does not place heartbreak and pain in our lives, but He will always carry us through. He is always there and He knows exactly where it will lead us. This beautiful family has gone on to be an important part of my life. I have been blessed to have stayed connected to them outside of the hospital and have seen them walk through the darkest of life’s valleys. It has not always been beautiful, and it has been incredibly raw and painful for much of the time.

From the moment I met Landon, I just really wanted to tell his story. I wanted the world to know him and the impact he had on me and the world around him. I knew that their story would inspire others just as it did me. During a recent film-making workshop, our project long assignment was to choose a cause or something we cared deeply about and tell their story.  Immediately I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to tell this family’s story. I prayed that they were ready to share their lives with the world. I am so glad that they were.

I hope that their story inspires you as much as it did me.



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