Mentoring is a great way to grow your business by learning from others that have walked before you. Hopefully, you can learn from the mistakes or struggles those that have gone before you have faced, and therefore have a firm foundation and start. 

No matter where you are in your journey, there are areas to push yourself and grow. 

Areas you might consider mentoring in might be: 
- Setting your business up for success with proper licensing, contracts, and permits. 
- Getting to know your gear and its capabilities.
- Marketing and growing your business. 
- Working with clients from booking through the delivery of their products. 
- Improving your editing skills and knowledge.


If you are interested in upcoming in-person photography workshops be sure to sign up for my newsletter where I will be announcing dates throughout the year. 

These will be geared towards beginners interested in learning more about photography and their gear. 


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accolades & achievements

I have spent the last 11 years honing my craft and growing as an artist. I believe that growth in art is continual and that there is always something new to learn and new ways to stretch myself. Therefore, I invest in education annually and push myself creatively with passion projects and working within the photography community. 

I have always believed that you cannot keep what you have if you don't give it back. Each of my mentors and instructors has left lasting impacts on me and my art, and I hope that if the fit is right, I can be there for you wherever you are in your journey to inspire, assist, or provide you with some lessons I have learned along the way. 


Mini Mentoring


 Two 2 hour sessions broken into segments that suit both of our schedules.
Perfect for portfolio reviews and topics like rebranding your business, marketing, and portfolio building. 



A full day together (8 hours total broken up in segments that suit both of our schedules)

Topics may include areas such as: starting your business, how to market for and become known in your birth community, portfolio building, gear, editing, and video basics. I am an open book and here to help you succeed! 

Portfolio review (if applicable).

Mentoring is only available to photographers 90 miles or more outside the Las Vegas valley. 


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