I had put off blogging this beautiful birth session, because their is such a backstory to this birth and I really wanted the words in describing it. I think that is just so true about birth, and life in general. We all have back stories, ones that change the way we look at life and redirect where our priorities and values lie. They are the stories that make each family so deep and rich and one of the many things I love about births and documenting families.

Each year I choose a single word or phrase that I strive to work towards and focus on in developing and growing me on a deeper level. This year’s is ‘The Story’.  I have been so blessed in my life to meet the most incredible families through some of life’s hardest tragedy’s. You see, it is really the tough times and the pain that tend to bring out what we are really made of, both the good and the bad. You always hope that the good wins out in the end, and that families are able to cling to hope with all that they have. This is one of those very special families. Their story is one that I knew had to be told from the moment I met them. I was blessed enough to tell their story here.

In the months leading up to Natalie’s birth I struggled with how to tell both stories and tell them well, giving each of them their own platform has been exactly what we needed to do! This family prayed for this sweet little girl and the anticipation of her arrival was just so emotional, you can just feel it all in both their birth video and images. She is one loved little girl!

Here is their birth story in motion-

I was able to document their birth in both photographs and video. There truly is nothing like bringing a child into this world, it is the most incredible and miraculous moments we can experience, in my opinion! Here are some of my favorite images from their birth.



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