A Las Vegas In-Home Newborn Session

I am so happy to finally share this sweet Las Vegas newborn ‘Welcome Home’ session.

This beautiful little one was meant to be one of my birth clients for 2021 and was one of the many scheduled clients that had their birth stories derailed a bit with hospital restrictions during the pandemic. Numbers were increasing when this little one made her arrival in February, and so once again families were only allowed one support person while in labor. This has happened quite a bit since Covid restrictions began, and I have just learned that all there is to do is go with the flow. We may not have been able to document her birth story and beautiful arrival into this world, but we did the next best thing and celebrated her at home in the arms of her mama and daddy.

I spend a lot of time communicating with my clients and even more so as their due dates approach. It was becoming quite clear that I wouldn’t be allowed in for their birth as her due date got closer and closer, and this mom just kept a positive attitude even knowing it wasn’t going to work out as planned. So, after talking it over, the next most important thing for her was capturing images of their sweet Kynslee while she was still so little and before her sweet newborn features began to change. Dad lives out of state and so we wanted to be sure to arrange their session while he was here to include him as well.

I just love how sweet these images turned out, and loved seeing how smitten these two with their sweet girl.

One of the biggest challenges as a birth photographer here in Las Vegas has been the uncertainty that seems to be never-ending. Just as things begin to improve and restrictions begin lifting, everything seems to change. What I love to tell my clients is that no matter how things unfold, there will always be beautiful moments to capture. They make look different than planned but are still worth documenting, I would say even more so! These are times to hold these precious blessings and moments all the tighter.



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