I am so happy that this mama found me two years ago while looking for a newborn photographer here in Las Vegas. She has remained so loyal, even through my business changes over the last two years as I moved away from posed newborn into birth, with a bit of lifestyle newborn and family. I look forward to each time she and her beautiful family are in front of my camera. It has been so much fun to see their family grow and evolve, and their children both have the cutest little personalities!

Each year she puts a lot of thought into locations and I was so excited when she settled on Valley of Fire. It really is one of my very favorite locations here. It is a bit of a drive out of the city, but is so worth it. It is the annual permit I renew first each year.

Las Vegas family session in Valley of Fire with young children

I have my clients fill out questionnaires before their sessions to really get a good feel for their family’s personality, and how they interact with each other. I believe that each family has their own special love language and connection, and my goal is always to capture that. I want you to look at your images in the years to come and have pleasant and fun memories associated with your session with me. Some families are reserved and serious, and some are silly and affectionate, and there is no right or wrong, it is part of who you are!

I just love that this family came ready to play. They really are such a fun and such a relaxed family, and their love for each other is just so palpable when you are with them.

family session in Valley of Fire during the month of September
parents playing with children during a lifestyle family session in Las Vegas
letting children play and have fun during family sessions
dad playing with his daughter during family session in Las Vegas
fun family session in Las Vegas lifestyle
mom and son interacting during fun family session in Valley of Fire State Park

Both children were so well behaved and just loved the location. It is a child’s paradise between rocks, sticks, and space to run and play. Little Austin actually cried when our session was over, he wanted to keep shooting! How awesome is that?

family session at sunset at the Valley of Fire state park

I am pretty much leading up to sunset at every outdoor family session, because it is my favorite type of light. I just love what beautiful light adds to sessions. The sunsets out at Valley of Fire are just incredible. I am in awe of them every single time.

mom and dad kissing and interacting while children play at their feet during family session
family playing together at sunset in Las Vegas family session
swinging son during family session in Las Vegas
using sun flare during family session in Las Vegas
boy climbing rocks in Valley of Fire during family session
beautiful light surrounding Las Vegas valley during family session.
young siblings holding hands during family session in Las Vegas, NV
Jean Story with her daughter during family session in Las Vegas
beautiful golden hour light in Valley of Fire
siblings together during outdoor family session in Las Vegas, NV
valley of fire state park family session during fall
dad with his toddler daughter interacting tenderly in outdoor family session
las vegas family session fall of 2019 in valley of fire



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