I have been photographing this beautiful family since Jess and Jon moved to Las Vegas when they were just a little family of 3 (I work labor and delivery with Jess) and any of you who know this family just know that they are seriously the kindest and most genuine people.

Jon has neuroendocrine cancer of the pancreas which predisposes him to neuroendocrine tumors. He has faced multiple surgeries and many scares at such a young age. His last major surgery was just after little Ellie was born. This is a disease that he lost his mother to in her mid 40’s. It is a genetic disease, and this past year they had both their children tested. For weeks they awaited the results and sadly, their little Max also has MEN 1, which like his father, predisposes him to the same types of tumors. 

Despite all that this family faces, what I can tell you is that they are so full of joy, and live life to it’s fullest. They live it well, they live it passionately, and they love each other real hard. It truly has been a pleasure documenting them as they grow, I hope that I am able to document them all through their lives.

One of the million things I love about them is that Jess is just really one of my biggest supporters and a great source of encouragement, I actually run so many of my business decisions by her because she always gives it to me real! So, when I suggest something I would love to try, she always just happily jumps on board. With this year’s goal to really dive into the story behind each family I photograph and film, I really wanted to show families what documenting your family in video looks like, and she was just right on board.

We spent time doing the things that they love to do together and spent time where they live together and love on each other the most- their home. We captured it both in images and in a family film! Here is their film and my favorite images from their session.

Hopefully you will follow me along this year of really diving deep into the story behind each session!


And some from our time together in their home:



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