This beautiful little family found me through a referral by another photographer, which is always so flattering and well appreciated. It really means so much to me when people value my work enough to refer their friends and family to me.

Launching into the field of birth photography and films has been such an incredible journey for me and one that I really had to step out in faith in, believing that if I worked hard at really learning and growing in this field, that families would come to see the value in it. To me the value is one that is so near and dear to my heart as the mother of grown children. I truly believe there is no other moment in life like the birth of our children. It is completely life changing and grows your heart in ways you never knew possible.

So many people have a vision in their heads of birth photography being all about that one small moment in the process, the actual birth of your baby. I believe that is truly the climactic moment of it all, but just like any beautiful story, there is so much more story leading up to this moment, and to really grasp the depth of that you have to see the moments that lead up to it, you have to walk some of that journey with the characters, you have to be able to see and feel those emotions. That is why I am all about the story. I really want your images to take you back to this particular day and time and hopefully not just see how it unfolded, but FEEL how it unfolded.

Knowing that this was their last child, really made documenting this birth so important to this mama.

It was so great to see the love and support that this mama had from her mom and children. One of the things that she looked forward to the most was them meeting their new baby brother when he arrived.



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