This beautiful mama found me after she saw images of my beautiful friend Jess and her family. She loved the connections that I had captured between her and her family members and really wanted that in her session as well. Well, right there she spoke my language! My style is definitely  lifestyle in nature, which means I really don’t spend time posing families. I will always start with a general posed image of your family together looking at the camera,  and then spend the large majority of your session prompting you to interact and play with each other. I am drawing out those connections between you and your family members, and the love you have for each other. We are constantly moving and I am always seeking ways to draw out personalities. I want my sessions to be fun! When you look at images from our session together, I want you to remember how you felt, to remember your life during this season, and hopefully see those things in each other and your children that you never want to forget!

Cheri owns The Watering Mouth, a website committed to nutrition, wellness, and living a healthy lifestyle. She is so full of life, and has incredible tips on healthy recipes, and how to incorporate them into your daily life. I just love her video tips that she frequently puts out on her Facebook page and IG account. Go check her out, you won’t be disappointed!

For our location we chose the mountains since her session was in July (yep, perpetually behind on blogging) and it definitely was worth it for those cooler temps! Her outfit choices were just perfect.

We also captured video for a mini film of them playing together, and the connection between her and her husband was just so beautiful. As they told me that they had met salsa dancing, my heart just about burst. I asked if they would dance a little for me and they obliged me, it was just amazing.

You can see their video as well as my favorite images from their session below!




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