I just adore this family!

There are people that come into your life that you feel like were placed there for a reason. I have so many friends that I love that I feel this way about. You know them, the type that make you a better person, that inspire you, and change your life for the better. So many of the friends I have made over the years I have met under the saddest of circumstances, but have developed dear friendships from. This family is one of those stories.

I met Becky and Mike after they lost their baby Callie when she was delivered prematurely and emergently. At the time I was serving on our hospital’s bereavement team and moderating our parent support group. I didn’t know it then, but they would go on to become dear friends. Through their loss and the painful journey that began the day they lost their sweet girl, they have gone on to inspire and serve so many families out of a deep desire to help families that have suffered the loss of a child. When you have experienced such a loss, it becomes a driving force in your life in so many different forms, and often times there is comfort found in helping families navigate that dark valley, knowing no one should ever have to walk it.

Becky also went on to become our accountant and has helped me so much in my business by being so patient with me in my bookkeeping, and referring me to friends and family. They are both incredibly intellegent and such hard workers.

The best part of all is that I have had the pleasure of documenting their family for quite a few years now as they have grown and expanded, AND got to be their delivery nurse for the two babies that followed little Callie. They were both beautiful outcomes and I am so thankful to this family for trusting and believing in me with their life’s most beautiful and sacred moments.

This family also loves the city that they live in and love showing that in different ways each year. This year we decided to do something urban to show off their city. I just love how it turned out!

They also decided to invest in a family film and after a small amount of hesitation jumped on board when I pitched it to them. I love their family film so much!




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