This beautiful mama found me after they moved here to Las Vegas and were in search of a maternity and newborn photographer. She reached out to me early to be sure she was able to schedule time for both, and I so appreciate that. Because of the nature of births and the need to keep my calendar clear around them, and my tendency to book up months in advance, I highly recommend reaching out to schedule either your maternity or birth sessions in your second trimester.

This mom was so great in communicating her wishes, fears, and hopes for both of her sessions and we talked frequently via email in the weeks leading up to her maternity session. She told me early on about the loss of their daughter just weeks after delivery, so understandabIy there were so many emotions.

I try to prepare my clients in what to expect during their session and my hope is that in communicating frequently I can get a feel for your personalities and what types of moments mean the most to you. By talking frequently that first session together feels less awkward and unfolds a little smoother.

I am always nervous before sessions because I truly want to capture the beauty that I see in you, I want you to walk away with images that you will love, hang, and share for years to come. I am documenting time and fleeting moments and I don’t take that lightly at all! On the other side of the camera, I know how nerve racking it can be to try and plan out outfits, hope that the weather is good, worrying about how I will look in my images, and the fear of how children will behave, so I totally get how scary it can be to be on the other side of my camera!

This family had not documented either of their two previous pregnancies with a maternity session, but after a really tough road and devastating loss, every single moment takes on a whole new perspective , and getting to this point had been an especially rough road. Their love for each other was really so beautiful to see and we had a connection right away.

Big sister was so adorable with her parents and at the perfect age to verbalize just how excited she is to meet her new baby brother. Despite the cold and the wind, she hung in their for the whole session and was a real trooper. I mean just look at her!

Outfit choices are always tough too! This mama found her outfit through a styling service I use Style and Select, I have loved this addition to my services and her outfit could not have been more perfect! It is sort of funny because this location was not our originally planned location. This was the day after the crazy snow storm we had here in Vegas. We were nervous that our original location would be muddy, brown, and include more walking in the chilly temperatures and might be especially uncomfortable for their daughter. So, the night before their session I expressed my fears and they were right on board with switching locations, and I am so glad we did! It was still much chillier than it appears but big sister was so cute and patient through it all!

The Valley of Fire is a bit of a drive for my families and so I do love when they make the commitment to drive out there, especially with little ones. I think their sunsets are some of the most beautiful in our area and each time I go I still am able to get variety and incredible beauty. Despite the cold and the snow before, it was so beautifully green and the colors were so vibrant!

After our session together we began talking about other options in documenting this new baby and maybe the possibility of the addition of a Fresh 48 session once they delivered. I sent them over all my information and encouraged them in that, but told them not to feel pressured at all. I know it is a huge investment on top of all the financial responsibilities that come with having a baby, so I really try to honor that.

I was so pleasantly surprised when dad reached out to me and inquired about birth after I posted an image from a recent birth session. I was blown away! Most often it is moms who reach out to me after seeing my birth images, and it is dads that I have to convince. They are often protective of their wives and their space and the idea of someone there documenting something so intimate is a bit hard to imagine. They typically haven’t seen beautiful birth images and birth stories like my moms have and so trying to imagine what that might look like is bit hard. I have had every single dad at the end of a birth tell me how glad they are that they made the choice to document their births. Usually they forget I am even in the room and are able to just be in that space with their spouse and live in those moments without worrying about having to document them. Those dad moments are often times some of my very favorite!

They talked everything through and decided to book me for their birth as well. To say I am excited is a complete understatement! We are just a couple of weeks away from their delivery and although I know those fears creep in and all that anticipation can be overwhelming, I just know they are going to love documenting it all!

So stay tuned for the continuation of this beautiful love story! It’s going to be a good one!



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