I am so excited to share this beautiful session with you for a few reasons!

First of all, I will be documenting this family’s birth and it is coming up soon! I just love sitting down and talking with families about their expectations, previous experiences, and what moments are most important to them in documenting their birth. It helps us all feel so much more comfortable the day of your birth knowing each other a bit better and being more confident that I can capture what is most important to each family. I have known Susan for quite sometime but really only through other connections and in passing, but I have been such a huge fan of her work for quite some time and refer to her often because I know families will just love what she captures. She is truly gifted! As we talked about her birth session and we sat and chatted with her children at her side, it was so evident that her family is everything to her. She is truly a woman that does it all; she runs a successful small business Purest Light Photography, while homeschooling her three children, while her husband is deployed. I really don’t know how she does it all, but her children are the most well rounded and balanced children and it was so beautiful to see. At the time we met, she wasn’t even sure that her husband would be able to be present for delivery, which would make it the second delivery he has missed while deployed.

As we sat and chatted she started talking about shooting self portraits for her maternity session in one of our amazing locations, the Valley of Fire. I told you this woman is extremely talented and she is completely capable of shooting her own maternity session (and she has done so throughout her pregnancy), but as she talked about it, I decided to offer to shoot them for her so that she could really just enjoy being in the images! I was so glad when she agreed!

The day of her session was extremely windy and chilly, and I mean really windy! There weren’t really any other days that we could reschedule to and so we just stuck it out and headed out to the Valley of Fire, determined to continue the session. I am just so glad that we did. Although it did feel like we were literally battling the winds for most of the session, it did add so much movement and beauty and the sunset… oh man, just be sure to look through to the end. It was absolutely stunning.

Susan has a beautiful collection of maternity dresses she has collected for her clients and herself, and each one suited the location so perfectly!



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