In my previous post I talked about the amazing people that have been placed in my life, and the impact that they have had on me and my outlook on so much of life. This is another one of those beautiful stories, and yep you are right, it seems to happen to me a lot!

If you have had the pleasure of knowing this family, you know that are definitely like no other. They have so many layers, so much personality, so much passion, and so much love. They truly live their life completely transparent and so boldly, and I am so envious of that in them. They truly have been through life’s toughest pains and hurts, and yet they get back up, they brush themselves off, they pull in tighter and stronger and they continue to march forward. They aren’t afraid to share the messier and uglier sides of their journey either, the side that often gets fluffed for fear of appearing weak. I have no doubt that they have touched so many lives as deeply as they have mine.

I feel like they need their own reality show! Oh hey, maybe next year I could talk them into a Day In The Life film and it could be like a reality show….

This family grew up in Las Vegas and have long time family history here with family members helping to build some of the most iconic signs downtown and on the Las Vegas strip, and they truly do love their city. They are also total foodies, so spend lots of time exploring places to eat throughout the city and can tell you all about them. I just love my lunch dates with Laurie, (okay now I am hungry and need to plan another one with her)!

This family has so much fun together, and just aren’t serious people. You will see that in their session, like it is impossible for them to be serious, lol! I just love how much personality it adds to their session.

Elliott is their rainbow baby, meaning that he was born after the loss of their sweet daughter Ellie. Seeing how big he is here, I realize how much time has passed. He is such a fun-loving and affectionate child and just so full of life!

Taylor was most definitely the goofiest during our session. He maintained his sillyness the whole time, and had some seriously awesome moves!

Laurie had already warned me that Lucas hates having his picture taken and does not like to smile. Man, did he make me work it. I tried my best jokes, may have tried a dance more or two, I am not sure. I love it though, because it is who he is right now at this stage in life.

This right here explains why the kids can’t be serious in front of the camera…

And, Sarah. You could not pay me to be this age again. It is a super tough age to navigate and this girl has had a rough couple of years, but she has the most infectious smile and just looking at her just makes you feel all warm and happy on the inside!

Of course, we had to end the evening with tacos at Bomb Taco . I just love this whole series of images because they weren’t worried about me and my camera anymore and just had fun together! This is one of my favorite downtown places!



  1. Iris Nelson says:

    Sounds and it looks like that this was a super fun session. I love urban photography; you did an amazing job.

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