I have been photographing one of these mamas and her family for the past few years. I met Nicole when she was searching for a newborn photographer with her oldest son, and I just fell in love with her and her little family right away. She is so great at documenting her family each year and is always up for whatever I throw her way, which I so appreciate! She has been so supportive of me and my business and has followed me even through changes in pricing and genres, and to me that is just so huge!

When she approached me about a session for her extended family I was immediately on board. She is so close with her sisters, and family is really the core of everything she does. What I really love is that they made this session just about the mamas and their children, and it just touched me so deeply. Upon the loss of a friend just a month before, the importance of documenting those moments and those connections although I have always valued deeply, really just hit home.

I think documenting your family is so important because life just flies by a little faster each year, and we forget. We forget just how little they were, we forget those silly little laughs and mannerisms. What we capture in images and film footage are true memories that live on, that help us remember, and flood our lives with those emotions that just come bubbling right up just by looking at them.

We chose Gilcrease Orchards because it was the perfect time of year with blooming fruit trees and green grass, and it could not have been more perfect.

There was a lot of kid wrangling and a few tears and stumbles with kids running in different directions for some of the session, but you know what, I just love it. This is kids at this age, this is why I just love them. So full of life and personality! I don’t really spend too much time posing as I really focus on lifestyle images where I direct family members into connecting with each other, and to me this is the type of image that really shows off those personalities.

I mean what a great gift for grandmas right? I would love to have images like this of my own kids and grandkids!



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