This beautiful mama found me while searching for a family photographer here in Las Vegas. They are a military family, so like many Las Vegas families are transplants here. Courtney has a background in running her own photography business so knew exactly what she wanted. She took advantage of my Black Friday deal this past fall and I am so glad because I book up so quickly. She was so great in communicating with me about what was most important to her and her family, locations, and outfit choices. It all makes your day so much smoother and helps everyone feel so much more at ease.

I often have moms give me a heads up about the different personalities their families, and where they think there might be some struggles. I always read through all my questionnaires and try to communicate about and come prepared for it all, especially where children are involved. Often times it is the dads that they are worried about, and I totally get it! I would say the majority of dads are not extremely thrilled about standing in front of a camera for any length of time. I feel the same way! The stress of outfits, everyone’s moods, and not really knowing exactly what to expect can be tough.

This is why I try and keep my sessions fun and super relaxed! I love to keep everyone moving, and everyone focused on each other. When you are interacting with each other it is so much easier to forget about me, and so much personality comes out. I don’t spend a ton of time posing and that is what drew Courtney to my work, so we were such a great fit!

Valley of Fire State Park just outside of Las Vegas is definitely one of my favorite locations and one that I am sure to apply for an annual commercial photography permit for each year. This allows us to use the designated areas in the park and clients are always so in love with it’s beauty. It it such an incredibly unique and beautiful location.

For dads especially, I find that when I get them interacting with their children I can visually see them start to relax and that just melts my heart every single time.

Golden Hour, the hour before sunset is definitely my favorite time of the day for family sessions and I am mindful to be right where the sun is setting whenever possible during family sessions, this is generally how we finish your session. The light is low and pleasing, and just adds so much beauty and color to your images!

Another thing I really try and make time for during family sessions is time alone with just mom and dad. Sometimes it is tough with kids running everywhere, but it so important to me. Mom and dad are the core of the family and in the midst of the craziness of the session just getting them together and focused on each other just brings out that special connection that they have. It is so worth documenting not only for the entire family, but for the kids. What a gift to leave them!



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