One of the really wonderful things about photographing newborns and their families here in Las Vegas is that so often my families come back to me throughout the year to document those first year milestones. I get to see my newborns not only grow and change and develop their unique little personalities, but also get to see their families grow and evolve over time as they settle into the little things that make each family unique and special.

During newborn sessions parents are usually in those first few weeks of just getting to know this new little human and are often times in the fog of sleepless nights, figuring out schedules, and questioning just about everything you do. It is such a fleeting time and that is why I am so passionate about documenting it!

As time goes on and schedules become easier to manage and parents get to know, understand, and anticipate all those little personality traits, and all things that are so unique to their baby. They settle in as a family and are so much more comfortable with their baby, it is a whole different vibe than their newborn session and each session throughout that first year is different and unique in some way!

Some babies look exactly the same when they come back to me and some just change and look so different those first months. Graham is one of those babies that had changed so much! He is such a chubby and happy little guy and I can see why, his parents both just have the most lovely personalities. It was so great to see them interact with him and just love on him. He was equally entranced with him as he was with them, it was adorable!

Graham’s three month session landed in December and their home was so beautifully decorated, we had to take some formal portraits by their beautiful tree!



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