The Smith Family

I met this adorable family two years ago when they were pretty new to Vegas and looking for a family photographer. Ashley had warned me ahead of time that her husband does not like family picture day, and that it wasn’t his favorite thing AT ALL. I actually totally get it! I get that the idea of getting dressed up and standing in front of a camera feeling all awkward does not sound appealing. There is the build-up of the days leading up to your session where mom is anxious, outfit choices are super tough, and inevitably someone gets sick or injured.

I missed photographing their family last year because my calendar fills up so quickly that come mid-summer my fall spots are pretty much gone. This year I was very proactive and sent my previous clients an email invite before opening up my sessions to the public. I did sell out super fast, and Ashley was sure to grab a spot. I was so excited!

Dad still wasn’t too excited about their session and, just like last time, started pretty much ready for it to be over. My go-to is to keep everybody moving, engaging, and loving on each other, and slowly but surely, those walls start to crumble down, and I get to get peeks of just how much dads love their wives, how much fun they have with their children, and it just makes my job so worth it!

Here are some of my favorites from their session:



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