Documenting birth is truly my passion, and after almost 19 years of being a part of birth as a labor and delivery nurse here in the Las Vegas valley, I can honestly say that I am just as passionate and continue to be as deeply moved by the power of birth as I was when I first entered this field. As I draw near my retirement from L&D January 2020, I am excited to say that I will still be in this beautiful genre in a whole new capacity and one that I am so excited about. It is a completely different role. My new role is that of the storyteller, present in the birth space only to document and tell the most beautiful of stories that families get to experience in their lifetime. As any new parent can tell you, it is moments that you never forget, moments that are truly life-changing and so full of firsts.

We have long needed birth options in our valley and when I heard that April Clyde, CNM/CPM was opening a birth center here in our city, I just knew I had to meet her and find out more about her beautiful center and program. She has worked hard to bring this option to our city, and is so passionate about the families that she works with. She was kind enough to meet me in her office and give me a tour of her facility; Serenity Birth Center, which as I write this has finally received all the zoning variances and construction has finally begun! This is such exciting news for our community! I am so excited to see the beauty that comes out of this passion of hers and am excited for our families.

We discussed documenting one of her births and I was so excited when a patient of hers agreed to allow me into their birth space and agreed to documenting their birth. Both Jennifer and Greg are EMT/firefighters with Greg currently working locally for one of our fire departments. We were able to meet ahead of time and through my questionnaire was able to gauge which parts of their birth experience were most important to them. Jennifer went a week past her due date and when she finally did go into active labor went hard and fast! I received the call for delivery at 6pm on a Tuesday and was told she was 9cms and had the urge to push. I live 45 min away and was just sure I was going to miss the delivery! I had everything all packed and ready for several weeks and so jumped in my car and got there as fast as I could! Luckily, she was still laboring and we were able to capture the most beautiful and intimate moments.

I was able to document their birth so beautifully in both film and portraits.




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