Las Vegas In-Home Newborn Photography

This sweet newborn session took place at this family’s Las Vegas home and is so full of love, joy, and the sweetest little newborn smiles. This guy was the smiliest baby I’ve had in a while!

This mama found me through a loyal client of mine, which is always the best kind of referral! The first time this mom reached out to me to inquire about booking she expressed a few concerns, we ended up chatting on the phone, and she ended up booking. Many of her concerns were ones that I hear often, and so thought it would be the perfect post to address a couple of them!

My home is not perfect enough.

I hear this so often!

I do get it because my images can oftentimes be a bit deceiving in that the areas we use often look so clean and airy, and so well put together. I do get to shoot in some amazing homes, and my heart always skips a beat when I do, but honestly, some of my favorite images are images full of connection, personality, and the spaces that I imagine will be filled with so many memories. Your home is the space where you will make the most memories, and the bonus is you’ll have those images to share with your children as they grow about the details of where they lived those first years.

This mom in particular was concerned because their home at the time was very temporary while they were here in their residency programs as obstetricians and perinatologists. Their life was busy and their living space really was just a space to sleep and have a home base from. She couldn’t imagine their small apartment providing a beautiful background for their images.

I really wish I had taken some pull-back images to demonstrate some of the small spaces we used! For the parent images, we placed them next to a window, closed a door behind them, and look what we got. The most important thing I tell parents is that as long as there is a window, we’ve got it! Proper exposure and lighting add so much beauty.

I don’t feel confident enough to be in the images, I want my newborn to be the focus.

Another one that always makes me a bit sad when I hear it, but another I totally get! Our postpartum bodies are often in a strange in-between phase that doesn’t quite feel like us, and one in which we are oftentimes uncomfortable. The postpartum period is also one that is most often sleep-deprived, which can add to our view of how we look.

My response to this is that these images are ones you look back on and ideally remember how it felt, not how you looked. I tend to shoot tight and at flattering angles, because there is always, every single time, for sure beauty. Not only will you have these images to hold and cherish, but will have them to pass on to your children. What I would give to have some of me with my parents and more of myself with my own children. It really is such a fleeting time in our lives!

The images of parents with their babies are oftentimes my favorites as well. It just reminds me of that period so full of smells, new love, and the sweetest period of getting to know this tiny little human you created!

This sweet newborn session is the perfect example of why you should have an in-home newborn session, and why YOU should also be in your baby’s images.

Thank you so much, Pooja and Bobby for trusting me in your home and with your sweet boy before leaving Las Vegas!



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