The Whole Gang

This Las Vegas extended family session is so full of love and connection.

I don’t photograph extended family sessions too often. Still, I sure do love to take them on when I have the opportunity. Although extended family sessions add an additional layer of challenges on session dates, I believe they are worth it! I’ve had families ask multiple times when photographing such large groups if I am sure I’m okay having everyone together because it can feel hectic. My reply is always “absolutely!”. The reason for my response goes back to what drives me in documenting families- the story. Having everyone together is exactly what it’s all about.

I like to imagine these images being passed around and held for generations to come. I hope that these moments are filled with emotions that transport them back to how these moments felt and just how important family is.

I have photographed this family before as an extended family session but from the paternal side of the family. This was a mostly new group of family members included in this session while they were all together in Las Vegas for the Thanksgiving holiday!

What made this session even the sweeter was that dad (Matt) arranged everything from scheduling to answering the client questionnaire (giving me the sweetest most thoughtful glimpses into each of their personalities), to choosing the final location. His answers and views on each of his family members were so sweet and intentional.

Las Vegas fall family session
smiling baby girl on her dads lap during Las Vegas family session
sisters smiling during a family session in las vegas
individual image of child during an extended family session
mom and dad together during a fall family session
beautiful outfit choices fall family session
celebrating marriage
happy baby during a fall family session
lifestyle family session las vegas
dad with his two daughters during a family session
mom and daughter during a fall family session
sweet sister moment
sweet parents during fall family session in Las Vegas
sweet moments during an extended family session
parents with their adult children

A few of the challenges in photographing extended families are; using our time efficiently, keeping everyone happy and engaged, and capturing the moments and groupings most important to families. Because extended family sessions include larger groups of people, less time is spent on individual images and moving around, and more time on groupings that my clients have expressed are the most important to them through their questionnaires. I think we did well and keeping everyone engaged and happy, even at the end when it got pretty chilly!

beautiful Las Vegas fall family session
mom and dad during family session
family with three daughters
three sisters together during a fall family session
sweet sisters during fall family session
shy daughter during a family session
genuine smile during a family session
natural smiles during a family session
grandparents together during extended family session
sweet moment between grandparents
tender moment's between couples
grandparents kissing during extended family session
grandparents alone together during extended family session

Everyone’s outfit choices were spot on and perfect for our location! We were lucky enough to have these gorgeous fall colors!

pandemic family picture
genuine emotions from tweens
silly sisters during a family session
individual images of kids
couple during family session
teenage siblings
genuine connections between siblings
holding hands
kids playing together during family session
Extended fall family session Las Vegas



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