This beautiful family session was just so full of love, personality, and joy. It is one of my favorite family sessions to date because of just how relaxed and joyful these three were together.

small family of three interacting with each other during their family session at Valley of Fire state park

Lisa found me in the fall while searching for a family photographer here in Las Vegas. I was booked up through the holidays when she reached out, and thankfully she was willing to wait until after the New Year for their session. That really meant so much to me! She was drawn to the joy and connection that she had seen in my family portfolio, and really wanted their session to be fun, relaxed, and show their love for each other.

mom interacting with six month old baby during a family session in Las Vegas

I send questionnaires out to the families that book with me to help me gather more information and get a feel for their personalities, love language, and the things about themselves they don’t ever want to forget. I always love reading through their answers because they are so telling of the unique aspects that make up each family. This really helps me to hone in on what is important to them during their sessions.

six month old baby in her father's arms during an outdoor family session in Las Vegas

They wanted to remember everything about this age with their little one, especially her gummy little smiles and laugh. Lisa loved the beautiful red rocks found at Valley of Fire and requested it as their location. This is one of my favorite locations surrounding the Las Vegas valley, and so it is always worth it to me every year to renew my annual photography permit out there. I am blown away by its beauty every single time I shoot out there!

mom and dad kissing their daughter during a family session in Las Vegas

They were just so fun to work with because they loved each other so naturally and easily. It really allowed their personalities to come out, and I was in heaven!

mom holding her six month old baby during their family session in Las Vegas
mom and daughter joyful together during their family session
dad holding his daughter on his shoulders during their family session outside of Las Vegas
family playing on blanket together during their family session
a dad and his six month old daughter interacting during their family session
mom dad and their six month old baby posing during a family session
mom holding baby girl facing her on hips during family session
cute pose ideas during family session with baby
mom and dad interacting with baby on blanket during family session
baby by herself during family session in Las Vegas
dad holding baby on his shoulders while kissing mom
family walking during a session outdoors with their baby
couple together during family session during a tender moment
family demonstrating love during their family session in Las Vegas
mom and dad holding hands walking during a family session in Las Vegas
mom holding baby daughter with blanket during a family photography session



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