I met this beautiful mama when she was searching for a birth photographer for this pregnancy. She had hired a birth photographer for her last delivery, but that photographer had moved away from Las Vegas, and so she was searching for someone new. We communicated quite a bit via email, and then decided to meet over lunch to really get to know each other and be sure we were a good match. She had quite a few fears and trepidation in making her decision, and I had hoped meeting face to face would help her make this big decision. I totally get that it is such a big decision, allowing someone into such an intimate life moment: the birth of your child, should never be taken lightly!

As we sat down together, she poured her heart out. She and her husband have suffered a huge loss with the loss of their son two years ago at 6 months of age. It was such a tragic loss, and is still so raw and so fresh. Being pregnant after the loss of a child brings so many challenges and emotions, as everything in your life is never viewed the same. Those times in life that we often take for granted such as really enjoying the joyful parts of pregnancy, are often replaced with fears of another loss, and feelings of guilt in rejoicing in a new baby. I listened and we talked and I told her to take her time in deciding what was best for their family, she still had another photographer to interview. I was so happy when they made the decision to hire me, I felt honored.  I am always honored when families choose me, because I know there are so many options out there.

We chose their mountain location for a couple of reasons, one to escape the awful Las Vegas heat in the middle of June, and also because it holds a special place in their hearts. This is where their son’s ashes were spread and a tree planted in his memory.

They really wanted to include sentimental items from their sweet little boy into their session, and mama picked out this beautiful rainbow skirt from one of my favorite vendors. I just love how they turned out.



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