I don’t do a ton of engagement portrait sessions since I don’t shoot weddings, when I do it is most often for people I know; friends, family, and couples who have another photographer selected for their destination wedding. I do absolutely love photographing them! As you know, I am all about the story and I just love this time in life, before starting life together, it is so deep and rich and full of story. The wedding date has been selected, and the busyness is about to begin, and it is just the perfect time to celebrate you!

I work with Hannah (we are both L&D nurses) and when she asked me if I would be willing to hike with them on a trail that held meaning for them to capture their engagement pictures, there was no hesitation.. heck yeah!!  I am an outdoorsy person and I truly felt hers really needed to be epic!

Because of the direction their location faced, we had decided it needed to be a sunrise shoot to capture the dramatic sunrise we were looking for and since the location was a bit out of town we decided to stay up on the mountain the night before to make it easier to get up and get going well before sunrise to get to our location. So, what better way to start then to capture some cozy cabin images (you will see those towards the end of the post and they are awesome!). It was so much fun to just chat with them and catch all the details of how they met, and hear each of their versions in person. Seeing their reactions and just hearing how much they loved each other in their telling of their story was so much fun!  It made shooting the next day so much more relaxed and fun, because I understood them even more.

We got up and started hiking in the dark at 4:15am thinking we had about a mile to hike to get to our spot, well into the hike we all realized that it was definitely further than that. I could see Hannah’s shoulders sink lower and lower as we realized the sun was coming up quickly and we weren’t there yet. I was quite sure I was going to die of a heart attack (I am going to blame the elevation on that, lol) and die and roll off the side of the mountain and ruin their whole session. But, we plugged forward and made it just in time. They stripped down, changed their clothes and we started shooting before anyone could even catch their breath.

All I can say is that it was just as epic as I had hoped it would be! They just rolled right along and fell right into each pose. It was pure magic. Here are some of my favorites from their session.

Hannah and Christian had one of their earliest dates hiking this trail, and Christian kissed her for the first time right at this next location.

The next series is from our cabins the night before. It was so fun to just celebrate them and just document the intimacy between them!

Thank you so much Hannah and Christian for trusting me in documenting this exciting time in your life for you, I so appreciate it! I can’t wait to see your lives together unfold!



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