Not only did I get to document Natalie’s birth story, but also had the privilege of documenting her brother’s life, and her mama’s maternity session. Talk about completing a story!

The story truly does capture my heart every time, people are full of deep and rich stories, and when you dig a little deeper and love a little harder, you get to see a glimpse of who they are and what they are made of. I believe documenting the newborn stage it is such a legacy to leave behind for your children, and they are the moments we as parents cling to as our children grow.

As a new parent, those first few minutes, hours, and weeks are just a blur. You are tired, you are not sleeping and eating like you should, you are adjusting to new schedules, and are falling deeply and madly in love with this little human you have created, and it seems like the outside world just melts away. It is also one of life’s most fleeting moments. I remember just breathing my babies in and just watching them in awe and wonder, hardly believing they came from us!

That is what I love about Fresh 48 sessions. They capture those moments that you might not otherwise document out of lack of sleep and exhaustion. I know, I know…you feel tired, you don’t necessarily feel attractive and ready to be in front of the camera! With Fresh 48 sessions, I will arrive when YOU are ready for me!

Fresh 48 sessions are typically documented 24-48 hours after your birth and once you are settled into your postpartum room. When I book you as a Fresh 48 client, I save room in my calendar to be able to come within that first 24-48 hours of your birth and that means I clear the majority of my calendar around your due date!

Through a detailed questionnaire we plan on documenting the moments that are most important to you!

Here are some of my favorites from Natalie’s Fresh 48 Session-



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