I met Amy and John under the most difficult of circumstances when I was their delivery nurse with their third baby. I am continually blown away and so amazed at just how awesome our God is. He has continually brought people into my life that have changed who I am at my very core and connected with me with people who have gone on to be an important and dear part of my life. This family is an example of that. I will be telling more of their story in the weeks coming up.

I will be telling the story of their third child Landon, as well as documenting the birth of this baby due in just a few weeks. It has been an emotional and difficult journey for this beautiful family, but through the darkest days and most joyous moments this family has clung to each other and overcome more than anyone should have to. I am proud to know them and to have shared just a bit of their journey with them. God is good.

Amy chose the location for this session and I think it was just perfect! We have the most amazing sunsets here in the desert and the beautiful skies arrived right on cue. We did include Landon bear in the session as well, so keep an eye out for him.



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