This little family has certainly been in front of my camera quite a bit this past couple of months! Beginning in 2018 I began my transition from studio newborn to in-home lifestyle newborn sessions. I have also added video storytelling, and birth photography. Not only is this family incredibly beautiful inside and out, but they have also trusted me with their growing family these last few years and I appreciate it tremendously. When I suggested Fresh 48, in-home, and video for documenting Luke’s arrival they pretty much just jumped on board, and I am so so glad they did!

What I especially love about in-home newborn sessions is that they are so great for families with young children. I can tell you that coming into my studio with toddlers can really be a hit or miss. They are coming into a strange environment on top of the changes that go along with welcoming a new addition to the family, and getting them to hold still and pose with their new baby brother or sister is often times really difficult and I have had many occasions where it was just impossible without really pushing them beyond their comfort zones. But place them in their own environment where they feel safe, where they can sit comfortably, and with a much more relaxed vibe and boy, that is a set up for success!

Here is their video story from all three sessions:




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