As many of you know, I have changed the direction of my business a bit this year.

Newborns and their families have always had my heart, and being a part of bringing new life into this world is truly one of my life’s passions, and what drew me into the field of labor and delivery over 18 years ago. As I near the end of my nursing career, my view on documenting this time has really shifted.

What has always drawn me in over the years working with families is that they each have their own unique story. Their stories fascinate me, because as soon as you dig just a little below the surface you find that each is so rich, deep, and full of so much that is unique and special to them. Relationships that have endured the hardest of times, shared in the deepest of joys, and have clung to each other and to hope even when it was hard.

In my opinion, there are moments and times in your life that just rise above them all in the grand scheme of things. When you look back they are the moments that define you and show you just what you are made of, they shape and mold you and grow your heart in ways that you never thought possible. I believe the birth of your children is right there at the very top.

For this reason I have moved away from studio newborn sessions into clients homes. I believe this is where the story is, the places you spend the most time together in. I know that saying that brings up so many fears for families:

“My home is not pretty enough”… “I don’t want to have to clean up and add more to my plate than I already have after having a baby.”.. “It just feels like so much work!”

I hope to address some of those fears for you here!

This beautiful family found me through a client’s referral and mom already knew that she wanted an in-home session. She had three other children, and wanted more than anything to capture her family just as they are, comfortable in their own home and where siblings would be the most relaxed, and with less time constraints than a studio session as far as the age of her newborn. She knew that this would be her last and documenting it was very important to her.

Yes, her house is beautiful and modern, and clean. But- the really important part is that hopefully in these images you see beyond that. You see the connections, you see them relaxed and in the place where they make the most memories together. The rooms they live in the most, the spaces where they hold each other, laugh, cry, and experience life together in. I tend to shoot close and tight, and use the light available in each room. Everything can be pushed right into a closet, no one will ever know!

The kids were able to run, enjoy, and relax as we worked around the areas of their home. They were free to be themselves, and their little personalities just emerged.

 I didn't have to try and get them to pose with their new baby sister in a strange place, in an area that they weren't comfortable in.

I didn’t have to try and get them to pose with their new baby sister in a strange place, in an area that they weren’t comfortable in.



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