I am so excited to have added Fresh 48 sessions to my offerings this past year. After being a posed newborn photographer for the past 7 years, I just really felt a tug to really dive into the stories of families and I have really felt that pull into the spaces where families start, and grow, and thrive, and I am just so excited about it!

Fresh 48 sessions have become more and more popular throughout the country over the last few years and seem to really be growing in our area as well. These sessions focus on capturing you and your baby within the first 24 to 48 hours after birth. It really is such a unique time in life, and really like no other one you will ever experience. The emotions and love that you feel as you take in every little newborn detail is just so full of firsts, and moments that are so fleeting.

When my clients book a Fresh 48 session with me, I have them fill out a questionnaire that helps them think about what moments might be most important to them and then we spend time discussing the best way to capture those, whether I come soon after delivery, or a day or two postpartum after you are settled in your room and a bit rested. I block time off of my schedule three weeks around your due date to allow the opportunity for me to be available for you when your little one does arrive. I do my best to stay very flexible as well as the arrival of newborns is so unpredictable!

This beautiful family has been in front of my camera quite a bit these last few months and I have really grown to adore them. Having families trust me with documenting life’s biggest moments really creates such a unique bond and I am always so honored to be able to tell their stories. This family’s is a tough one, (you can find more about their story here on my blog). Feeling the deep emotions of emptiness after losing a child is often times amplified when those memories come flooding in while bonding with another child, it is a tough area to navigate and we talked quite often in the approaching days of their delivery of what they wanted most. Choosing a Fresh 48 session over a newborn in-home session really allowed them to spend those first days in the hospital loving on their new baby girl, and taking in every little detail. The love in their birth space and hospital room was just so deep, raw, and beautiful.



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